Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 166


On the clear sky, a giant eagle swept through and was flying straight over the passageway, leaving only the wind behind, and its speed was extremely fast.
“Fou!” Fou stood at the front on the eagle’s back.
Rozen and Jeanne also held tightly on the eagle’s back, trying not to be blown away by the strong wind.
The giant eagle flew across the passage and arrived at the outside hall.
In the hall, the dragon was still dozing, even though Jeanne and Jeanne Alter were fighting fiercely, and even with the huge eagle flying across the hall, the dragon still didn’t show any sign of waking up.
Rozen, who was already mentally prepared for the dragon to wake up, could not help but breathed a sigh of relief, but then he suddenly felt something.
“Although it’s a good thing, it’s weird that dragon still sleeps after all of the ruckuses.”
Although in various legends, the dragon originally had various kinds of sleepiness, love, power, and even wisdom. But if it still didn’t wake up even in such a chaotic situation, then it must be waiting for Dragon Witch.
When Rozen was thinking of the dragon, Jeanne, on his side, said, “It has been hypnotized, and as long as the magic is still active, it won’t wake up.” It was no wonder.
Was Jeanne the one who hypnotized the dragon?
It’s just …
“So, do you learn magic?” Rozen was surprised.
After all, he never heard the Liberator from France was using magic.
Maybe that was something that she learned secretly in the church?
Or could it be …
Just when Rozen had a guess, the eagle flew across the hall and rushed out of the castle.
“Raagh!” At that time, the Dragon roared.
That was not the sound from the dragon in the hall, but the sound of the flying dragon.
He saw the two-footed flying dragon began flew toward his direction.
“What a pest!”
Rozen raised his hand, and before Rozen had a chance to do anything, Jeanne on his side took the lead.
Jeanne raised the holy flag and put it in front, “Luminosité Eternelle.”
Jeanne unleashed her noble phantasm again.
The golden light radiated from the flag that fluttered by the wind, covering the flying eagle and everyone on the eagle’s back.
“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” The two-footed dragon rushed and suddenly hit the hazy golden light wall.
“Um …” Jeanne seemed tried to say something, but she held back.
“Please … please hurry! I won’t be able to hold it for too long.” Jeanne has used her noble phantasm too much.
Rozen channeled his magical power into the eagle without saying anything, so the eagle’s speed was rising, and it could get out of the castle.
In the way, all the flying dragons bombarded Jeanne’s noble phantasm, but they couldn’t touch the eagle.

The eagle flew out of the castle easily all the way and arrived at the city square of the previous battle.
Rozen’s expression changed suddenly when he flew out of the castle.
“Stop!” As Rozen shouted, the eagle stopped suddenly.
Jeanne who maintained the effect of her noble phantasm, was confused, “Why …”
Jeanne, who wanted to ask what was going on, seemed to perceive something, she closed her mouth, turned her head, and looked forward.
Right there, someone she knew was coming closer.
“I didn’t expect it … I didn’t expect it …” Under the sound of laughter, crying, and cursing, above the city square, a servant wearing a loose robe and holding a magic book appeared.
He was not standing on the dragon, nor was he like Jeanne Alter, who led a group of dragons, but he was also not alone.
“Blup … Blup …”
What a disgusting look and voice, a sea monster came out one after another from the sewer and approached that man.
A servant holding the magic book led an army of sea monsters, was standing on a body of the largest sea monster.
“Are you …?” Jeanne’s expression changed when she saw that servant.
Both surprised and sad.
Rozen did not notice that, but he recognized who that servant was.
“Caster …!” Rozen shouted.
Caster didn’t pay any attention to Rozen at all, and his eyes were fixated on Jeanne.
“Ah … Jeanne … My saint …” Caster was like a maniac, trembling, and uttering words.
“You are still shining as before, and as sacred as before. I don’t expect it. I don’t expect that I can meet you in this situation. Is this the curse of God? Really hateful, Ahhhhh!”
That look, it was hard to believe that man was actually a caster because he was more like a mad warrior.
Rozen did not feel much magical power from Caster.
However, Rozen felt amazing magical power from the magic book in Caster’s hands.
It was a book of magic made from human skin, with a human face on the surface.
“Magic book that can summon sea monsters …” Rozen knew that man.
Jeanne looked at Caster without saying anything, and as if looking at her sin, she called out that man’s name in pain, “Gilles …”
Gilles de Rais.
Jeanne’s most trusted friend and subordinate.
Caster was Gilles de Rais.
It was not the same Gilles de Rais, who was still leading France’s army, but the one who has long died and became a heroic spirit.

Like Jeanne, he was summoned to the time and country in which he was alive.

His class was Caster – Gilles de Rais.
“Ooo … ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” Caster shed tears and moved towards Jeanne.

“My Saint … I … if you are willing to call my name … any time … I will …!” Caster was a really crazy guy.

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