Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 172


With half of the country being captured by Dragon Witch, there were many hidden places in the wild.

The hiding places one could choose were forests, mountains, trees, etc. Otherwise, no one will survive the dragons’ attack.

The friend that Jeanne made on her journey was a servant, there was no need for her to be afraid of the two-footed flying dragon, she revealed her whereabouts on purpose to be targeted by the forces of Dragon Witch.

Therefore, the rendezvous point agreed in advance by both parties was also in a hidden place, located in a forest not far from Orleans.

“It is there.”

Jeanne, who was squatting on the back of the giant eagle, raised the holy flag in her hand while pointing to a forest below.

“Is it there?”

Rozen almost subconsciously used the command seal when he looked to the forest, and then he found many magical reactions.

Some of those magical reactions were demons, some were magical residues from the Spirit Stone, and the rest were wild beasts that were devouring the corpses of the two-footed flying dragon and then mutated, so Rozen couldn’t help but sigh.

“If it weren’t for the singularity here, will these situations happen?”

Thanks to singularity, human history gradually changed in the wrong direction.

“As long as we can retrieve the Holy Grail, the singularity will be restored, and everything will return to what it should be in this era.” Then, all the anomalies that era will be eliminated.

Everything, including other people’s memories about Rozen and the casualties, will return to their original state.

That was what Roman said to Rozen.

“I have to think of a way as soon as possible.”

Rozen had such a thought, and then he discovered two huge magical reactions with the power of command seal.

That was not a reaction that ordinary beings could have. Its scale was so incredible that it could only be a servant.

Rozen immediately commanded the eagle to fly toward that direction.

At that moment …


A gong-like sound was heard; at the same time, something was shot toward Rozen like an invisible cannonball.

“Watch out!”

Jeanne suddenly stood up, swung the holy flag, and protected Rozen.


The sound that came like an invisible bullet hit Jeanne and immediately shattered like broken glass.

That was because Jeanne possessed Ex Rank Magic Resistance.

Due to the unshakable faith, Jeanne had a very high resistance to magic, and could almost bounce off any magic, which did not apply to the magic of the church.

The sound wave attack was obviously a magic attack.


Rozen seemed to understand something, and so did Jeanne.

“It’s me! Please stop attacking!” As the voice was heard, the sound from the forest suddenly became silent.

“Go on.”

Rozen immediately urged the eagle to fly into the forest.

When those two came down from the back of the giant eagle …

“Welcome back! Jeanne!” A girl flew over.

It was a girl wearing gorgeous and beautiful clothes with long silver-white hair tied into a pair of ponytails and wearing a fluffy and jeweled crown on her head.

The girl’s age seemed to be less than 20 years old, but she gave a ladylike atmosphere around her, and at the same time gave a romantic and natural idol aura.

Facing such a young girl who rushed towards her, Jeanne seemed a bit surprised.

Fortunately, before the girl was about to jump on Jeanne, someone stopped her.

“Calm down, Marie. Jeanne is terrified.” A man said.

It was a frivolous man wearing an elegant black dress, pale skin, long fingers, and two batons in his hands.

The man’s voice was also very nice, and at a glance, he seemed to be well-versed in music, giving a very artistic feeling.

“Although I don’t mind seeing beauties hugging and flirting, it will definitely make people so emotional that they will play a song. In the next generations, maybe … it looks pretty good too?”

That man thought, making the girl whom he called Maria angry.

“Geez, don’t you dare to talk about her like that, Amadeus!”

The man known as Amadeus tapped his head when he heard that.

“Oh, it’s really rude of me. I forgot.”

Amadeus said while smiling.

Rozen thought they were unique.

And when they accidentally revealed their names, Rozen wondered.

“Maria? Amadeus?”

Just when Rozen thought about that, Jeanne stepped forward.

“I’m sorry, Marie and Mr. Amadeus.”

When Jeanne said that those two looked at her.

“Geez, don’t worry about that.”

That girl was also smiling when she said that.

“I hope I won’t make a mistake again.” Amadeus said.

Immediately, those two people noticed Rozen.

“Oh? Who is our new friend here?” The girl’s eyes were glittering, looked very happy.

“So it turns out that giant eagle was your familiar, right?” Amadeus said.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Rider, my real name was Marie Antoinette.”

That was a friendly introduction.

“I’m Caster, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, well, just call me Amadeus.”

That was an easy-going introduction.

Rozen was speechless because of those two.

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