Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 183



That was a familiar name in the place where Greek Mythology was popular.

She was the famous huntress in Greek Mythology. She was famous for her foot. Her agility was A level. No matter how bad the terrain and forest, she could cross it at an amazing speed and will not fall behind anyone.

She was born in the royal family, but she was abandoned by her father on the mountain because she was a woman. Goddess Artemis gave her shelter and raised her herself, and she was finally adopted by the hunters in the mountains.

With the superb talent, the huntress quickly built up her strength and gradually became widely known.

There were three stories about her.

One, she was selected as a member of Argo led by Jason. She traveled with numerous great Greek heroes to the ocean and eventually won the Golden Fleece.

Two, she once defeated Calydonian Boar, saved the motherland when the Prince called all of the heroes of Greek mythology, including her to subjugate the monsters.

Third, she held a race, and the winner could marry her.

Such a Heroine, if someone could summon in her normal form, she would be an unbeatable servant.



In low-pitched voice, Atalanta, the Archer, appeared between the trees, staring with mad eyes, and saw the army camp stationed at the edge of the woods.

They were the enemy that Atalanta has been pursuing for the past two days.

“Kill you all…!” Atalanta madly said.

Because that Heroine will unlikely take the side of the evil-doer, the berserk state on her was stronger than anyone, leaving her with no sense of self.

And there were two other Servants with the same state.

Under heavy footsteps, a girl wearing a saint’s costume and holding a scepter rode a tyrannosaurus from the depths of the woods.

“… caught up?”

Rider looked into the military camp from a distance.

Her compassion was taken away because of berserk-state.


That was Rider‘s real name.

If Jeanne was there, then she will know her.

Because she was a saint in Christianity, and like Jeanne, she was a villager who lived in Bethany with her younger sister and younger brother, then one day, her younger brother died. Later, she witnessed the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection and became a believer.

In the past, in the village of Nerluc in the south of France, there was once a dragon who persecuted the villagers there.

The saint found the dragon and brought it down, not only saving the villagers, but thanks to her influence, all the villagers converted to Christian.

Finally, the dragon was handled by the saint, and their fallen souls stayed near the saint as the Guardian Spirit.

That event allowing Martha to summon the evil dragon Tarasque as her noble phantasm.

And under normal circumstances, she will never submit to the likes of Dragon Witch.

Then, Martha received the same degree of berserk-state as Atalanta, but because she was a saint of purity and faith, she did not completely lose her sense of self.

However, the compassion in her heart disappeared.

Therefore, even with the effort to resist berserk-state power, Martha still closed her eyes.

At the current time, the third Servant also appeared.

“It’s not easy to catch up with you with my legs.”

Wearing a tuxedo-like knight attire, holding a western sword in his hand, wearing a feather hat on his head, he was a man, but also like a woman, he slowly caught up.

“…Saber?” Martha didn’t look back, still staring at the military camp ahead and whispering, “Are you also planning to join this meaningless slaughter?”

“Is there a difference?” Saber expressionlessly said, “Since being summoned, we have been involved in a lot of slaughter.”

Their reasoning was taken away, their intellectuality was sealed, living only cruelty and ruthlessness. That was the current situation of those three Servants.

“We are lucky that we are not as crazy as Archer.” Saber said coldly, “I want to resist this berserk-state deep down in my heart, but I still can’t do it.”

Martha was saved by a bit of her rationality because of the guardian spirit and her belief.

Saber was different.

That Servant was a guardian of a king’s room, a legendary character rumored to be both a man and a woman.

He was from the 18th-19th century. He was a swordsman and a writer.

The reason why he still could speak because he was active as a spy in secret with his many abilities. He also served as a Dragon Cavalry and Captain. Even if he was usually guarding the King, But once he was given the task, see it through no matter what he must do.

The berserk-state imposed on Saber awakened that trait, and it fitted with Saber’s behavior, which led Saber to maintain his rationality.

He ended up like Martha, who was forced to kill people, so the knight had to start the slaughter.

“It is sad.”

Martha whispered such words.

“This kind of meaningless behavior is not what I want, not even what Archer wants. Are you bearing more pain than us?”

The reason was simple.

“This is the country you have been guarding during your lifetime.”


Martha said the real name of knight.


In the 18th century, he served France’s royal family and was very loyal.

D’Eon, who was both a man and a woman, slaughtered his own country because of berserk-state.

“As long as it is an order, even if I have to take in the path full of blood, it should be done.”

Chevalier D’Eon responded with a cold voice.

“Even if the enemy is the royal family I used to protect.”

D’Eon didn’t know that his words eventually became a reality.

The noble of a royal family he once served was in the camp in front of him.

D’Eon, who did not know that, raised his rapier and rushed to the camp.

“Kill!” Atalanta snorted and rushed out.

“…Go for it, Tarasque.”

Martha also gave instructions to her mount.


The dragon named Tarasque roared and headed for the camp.

Those three Servants didn’t find anything…

“Choo Choo Choo…!”

A few birds flew past and chased them.

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