Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 192


When Rozen came there, Gilles was standing in a bush behind the open space, and his eyes were filled with emotions such as jealousy and sadness.

In the open space, he was watching Jeanne held the holy flag, looked at the night sky, bathed in the moonlight, and looked exceptionally beautiful.

Gilles watched Jeanne silently in the dark.

Until Rozen arrived and surprised to see him, Gilles turned back and came back to his senses.


Gilles was not ashamed of being discovered, but squinted slightly and gave a sign to Rozen.

The surprised look on Rozen’s face slowly disappeared. He glanced at Jeanne, who was staring at the night sky in the open space and then slowly approached Gilles.

Rozen had always felt that this thin and skinny marshal seemed to be meeker than when they first met.

And when he thought about what was the reason behind it.

“How’s it going?” Rozen pretended to be friendly, “You haven’t talked to Jeanne yet?”

Since Jeanne appeared at the camp in the morning and reunited with Gilles, those two were trapped in some awkward conditions.

To be more precise, Jeanne seemed to be deliberately avoiding Gilles. Even in public, Jeanne will even avoid eye contact with Gilles, leaving Gilles looking at Jeanne one-sidedly every time.

It was the same at that time.

Even as they spoke, Jeanne seemed to be still avoiding Gilles.

When Rozen thought about it, that was clear that…

“She must’ve avoided me on purpose because it will affect my prestige in the military.”

Gilles looked to Jeanne again while muttering.

“She is just that kind of person.”

Gilles did not know from Jeanne herself about why she appeared in that world only a few days after being burned on the stake.

That led to Jeanne not only avoiding Gilles but also the soldiers.

And that was also to prevent him from being suspected by the soldiers to have collusion with Dragon Witch.

Of course, that was just one of the reasons.

Rozen also knew that Jeanne must’ve taken other matters into account.

For example, she didn’t want Gilles to bring her back to life or to have any expectations about her coming back to life again.

When everything was over, Jeanne will return to the Throne of Heroes, and that will leave Gilles the pain and despair.

However, from Rozen’s perspective, such consideration did not make sense at all.


“When the Singularity is restored and civilization returned to its proper path, all the anomalies that do not belong to this era will be eliminated, including memory. By then, Marshal Gilles will not remember anything, why bother to worry about him?”

Rozen once said that to Jeanne.

“Even if the memory doesn’t stay, it will definitely leave something behind. I believe so.” Jeanne answered.

That’s why Jeanne deliberately avoided any decent conversation with Gilles.

Perhaps Gilles watched her silently from the shadows to find out about Jeanne’s decision.

Rozen did not interfere too much with that.

Although some couldn’t let go of the past, Rozen didn’t think that highly about himself when it came to life experience, dealing with the complex relationships of others was not something he was good at.

Rozen could formulate tactics for a battle, and could also formulate a strategy for the war, but he was not an expert in that field yet.

That was not the lack of knowledge, but the lack of experience.

“What are you going to do?”

That was the most direct and complicated question.

As predicted…

“…the things I want to do still have not changed.”

Gilles was silent for a sec.

“I will go to Orleans and do what I must do.”

After that, Gilles turned his head and looked toward Rozen.

“See you tomorrow.”

Gilles turned around and quietly left.

Rozen quietly watched Gilles’ departure and then approached Jeanne.

“Did Gilles leave already?”

The Saint still looked at the night sky while uttering that sentence.

Obviously, Jeanne knew Gilles was watching her in secret.

Even if she has been weakened, Jeanne was still a servant, and a hero, hiding from her was basically impossible for a normal human.

Rozen was also aware of that and helplessly nodded.

“He left.”

“Why didn’t you say hi?”

That was obvious.

After all, France’s Army did not welcome Jeanne.

Jeanne seemed to have discovered that, and she was just thinking.

“Maybe there will be wyvern, and there must be some servants.”

That was only a hunch.

Rozen did not say anything more. He stood beside Jeanne and looked at the night sky with her.

There was a kind of silence between those two.


Jeanne suddenly spoke up.

However, before Jeanne could say anything, Rozen interrupted her.

“Tomorrow, we will win.”

Rozen lightly smiled, he said that in an extremely relaxed tone.

“I just want to confirm, is that enough?”

Jeanne was startled at first and then immediately laughed.


“We will win.”

“For sure.”

Jeanne affirmed that, and she no longer hesitated.

Those two looked at the night sky again.

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