Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 195


Attacking Orleans with France Army, encountering Jeanne Alter and Jeanne in Orleans, and finally escaped from Caster with Jeanne, Rozen has been through a lot.

However, Rozen who was only accompanied by Mashu when he first came to that singularity, currently had five Servants who formed a contract with him, a lot of things happened, and they were assembled as allies.

While looking at the destroyed city, Rozen thought.

“This time, I won’t lose.”

After he said that, he looked back, and everyone was anticipating for the final battle.


Jeanne held the holy flag in her hand firmly and stared meaningfully toward the city that had a long history with her.

Not only Jeanne, but even Gilles looked determined when he stared into the city.

“It’s finally time.”

“The last time we went there, we’re just helping Jeanne to get in, this time we finally had a chance to stand on the frontline.”

Marie and Amadeus said respectively.

“Is that guy there?”

Elizabeth stared toward Orleans, she looked serious for a change.

Even Kiyohime’s little face was tense at that time.

“So many wyverns…”

As Kiyohime said, there were too many wyverns flying over Orleans.

“It’s about five times more than when we attacked before… no, at least ten times.”

Mashu’s tone sounded like she was discouraged.

“There are a lot of life readings and magical power readings in Orleans. The number is far from what it was before, but on the contrary, the nearby life reaction and magic reaction almost disappeared.”

In other words…

“All the threats and anomalies in this Singularity are gathering in that city.”

Roman sounded quite serious.

“As long as we successfully defeat the Dragon Witch, this era will be saved, and this Singularity will be restored.”

On the other hand, if we fail, everything will be finished.

That was the most important part.

“It won’t be interesting if it was too easy.”

Rozen did not waver while saying such words.

After all…

“We will probably only have one chance.”

Rozen looked to someone after he said that.

“Whether we laugh or cry, it depends on you.”

“Let’s do this!”

Gilles pulled out the long sword and pointed it toward Orleans.


“Oooooooooooooooh!” Everyone rallied after Gilles.

Rozen touched the command seal on the back of his right hand.

“It’s about time I get serious.”

Rozen’s right hand flashed.

The second stroke of the command seal in Rozen’s hand slowly faded, turning into tremendous magical power, recharging Rozen’s Magic Circuit.

And so the battle began…


Ten thousand cavalries were closing on Orleans.

All of them were armed with weapons, riding on a horse, screaming, rushing toward Orleans.

That movement immediately caught the wyvern Legion’s attention.



A group of wyvern suddenly flew out of Orleans, covering the sky with their sheer number, and rushed toward the France Army.

At first glance, it seemed to be very similar to the previous attack from two days ago, nothing different.

However, after two days, both Rozen’s side and the Dragon Witch’s side had undergone tremendous changes.

After the first siege on Orleans, France Army has been reduced by more than half of their forces, there were a lot of casualties from their last skirmish.

On the other hand, because all the wyverns in France have been summoned back into Orleans, their number was nothing like two days ago.

At first glance, it seemed just like the last skirmish…

Suddenly, there a loud song was heard, and it turned into an invisible soundwave.



The wyvern legion was caught in it.

“This is a song dedicated to the god of death. Even though those lizards can’t understand how great this melody is, but today is a special show.”

Amadeus stood on the battlefield, holding a baton and laughed while playing his music.

His Noble Phantasm’s effect knocked down the wyvern easily.

The wyverns did not only snarl in pain, but they were greatly weakened.

The France Army took the chance to overrun those wyverns.

“Bang bang bang bang bang bang …!”

They opened fire and blew up the horde of wyverns.

At the same time…

“Wolf Summoning!”

Numerous Magic Circles were appearing throughout the battlefield.

“Auuuuu! ”

“Auuuuu! ”

A huge number of familiar wolves emerged from the Magic Circles on the battlefield.

And their number rivaled the number of wyverns.

Those wolves rushed toward the wyvern.

Those wyverns were in pain and could not move at all due to Amadeus’ attack earlier.

In an instant, the wolves’ sharp claw tore through the dragon scales. Meanwhile, their fangs spilled the wyvern’s blood.



As the wyverns roared painfully, their blood dampened the ground.

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