Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 215


Chaldea, Central Control Room.

When Rozen came to, he realized he was no longer in a run down hall, he was already in some familiar place.

However, this time Rozen found himself inside the Rayshift Capsule unlike back then when he successfully restored the singularity in Fuyuki City.

“Am I finally back?”

Even though he was still in daze, Rozen immediately felt something on his right hand, so he instinctively took a glance at his hand.


The radiant glow surprised him at first.

There lay the wishing artifact, the Holy Grail, meaning what he just went through was not just a dream.

Rozen smiled but looked slightly sad at the same time, and then he opened the Rayshift Capsule.


As he came out, the Rayshift Capsule beside him was also opened.

“We safely made it back, senpai.”

Mashu, who was still in her Demi-Servant form, with the shield in her hand, showed a reassuring smile to Rozen.

“Fou! Fou!”

Almost at the same time, a white creature jumped out from Mashu’s Rayshift Capsule and ran around in a circle.

“So Fou-san slipped into the capsule I was in and Rayshift along with me?”

Rozen laughed the moment Mashu realized how Fou could end up in Orleans Singularity.

Rozen squatted down and stroke Fou gently.

“You help me out big time, little fella.”

Although it was weird that Fou could Rayshift to Orleans. Rozen completely forgot about it when he remembered how much of a help Fou was back there, Fou guided him through the castle after the failure of the first attack, which led to him meeting Jeanne, it was also thanks to Fou that Rozen could lay a trap for Fafnir beforehand.

But Rozen didn’t bring Fou on the second attack since he knew it would be too dangerous for the little guy, he didn’t know where Fou was during their ordeal, but luckily he safely made it back along with Rozen and Mashu.

Frankly speaking, after restoring Orleans Singularity, there were several things that raised questions in his mind, he has thought about various things and had his own idea about it too.

But that’s not something that he had to mention right at that moment, he decided to save it for later.

At least, Rozen just wanted to relax for the moment, he did his best this time too, he deserved it.

And suddenly…

“Congratulations on your success restoring the first singularity.”

Roman said, welcoming them in the command room.

But, he was not alone.

“I have been watching your effort this whole time. Even after all is said and done, you really pulled it off in the end. Very admirable.”

A familiar woman’s voice said.

It was a gorgeous big sister.

She had a voluptuous body, a beautiful face, and seemed like a smart woman, she had a prosthetic arm which was holding a rather extraordinary staff, which looked like something straight out of a fairy tale. Saying she looked like a charming goddess wasn’t an exaggeration at all.

And her face was renowned among humans.


“Mona Lisa…”

Mashu said the name in disbelief.


This self-proclaimed big sister looked exactly like the one in the famous painting Mona Lisa.

Rozen was not surprised at all, as if he has already known from the very beginning, and he sighed.

“So you’re Da Vinci.”

Da Vinci.

The name which rang a bell in probably everyone’s mind

A genius branded as omnipotent. A person of Europe’s 15th~16th Century. A prominent genius who provided a lot of influence on the advancement of civilization and who left his name behind in human history during his lifetime, he was a powerful magus. There was not one thing strange about that. It was something obvious. In addition to science, mathematics, engineering, natural history, music, architecture, sculpture, painting, invention, weapons development, and so forth, he also simply possessed the talent for magecraft.

Of course, if someone who never saw that woman heard Rozen said that this voluptuous big sister was Da Vinci, they probably will think it was a joke.

After all, according to history, Da Vinci was a man.

Although King Arthur, who stood in their way in Fuyuki City, was also a male in the legend, legend depicting him actually was a little blurry, and the real Arthur was a woman. Unlike the King of Knights, Da Vinci was a male to begin with, but he used some sort of means to turn himself into a woman.

Into Mona Lisa to be precise.

When Rozen asked why he did such a thing, he casually answered.

“Because this is the ideal beauty that I’ve been pursuing in my whole life.”

Simply for that reason.

The first thing that crossed Rozen’s mind when he heard Da Vinci’s answer was…

“I gotta stay away from this guy…”

He actually switched gender just because of that?

Rozen thought he had to be careful around Da Vinci.

Da Vinci constructed a duplicate puppet of herself too, she used that puppet as her master to maintain her existence in that era

 Rozen was very grateful.

There are two reasons why Rozen knew this famous person.

One: She was his big brother, Roman’s colleague.

Two: She was the last of the three servants that Chaldea successfully summoned.

The Heroic Spirit Summoning System in Chaldea was gradually perfected after they successfully summoned the true genius.

Rozen was once interested in recruiting Da Vinci into his ranks, but in the end, he gave up.

The reason is that Roman has mentioned that she was an indispensable technician in Chaldea. Immediately after being summoned, she immediately formed a contract with Chaldea that, in exchange for her help, she was allowed to stay there. That was why Rozen couldn’t form a contract with her yet.

But even though she was not in a contract with Rozen, she didn’t mind helping him.

“So, you’re the one that my brother mentioned?”

Rozen said so straightforwardly.

“The one who helped us find a way to deal with Demon God Pillar was also you, right?”

Rozen added, Da Vinci just smiled hearing Rozen’s word.

“Who else can stay calm and provide level headed judgment in that kind of situation other than me?”

Da Vinci answered convincingly.

“None, of course, I am a genius after all, unlike the mortals who are easily flustered.”

Upon hearing this, Rozen and Mashu were dumbfounded, and Roman looked somewhat awkward.

“Uhh… what I’m trying to say is, sorry for troubling you.”

Roman cleared his throat, looking embarrassed.

“Thanks to you, Rozen and Mashu managed to restore the first singularity.”

Chaldea’s staff, who has been watching them, then simultaneously clapped.

Rozen and Mashu looked at each other and smiled.

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