Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 219



Mashu was dumbfounded for a moment.

From the eyes of Mashu, Rozen even saw a lot of shakes and complex emotions, so that he was somewhat speechless.

As an experimental subject, at first Mashu was not even allowed to move freely in Chaldea before up until two years ago and that was when she met Rozen.

Since then, Mashu has been relying on Rozen.

So Rozen could imagine how Mashu felt during the three months of his disappearance.

Mashu was the first one to welcome and hugged him when he returned.

And yet Rozen planned to leave once again only a few days after his return, of coure Mashu was shaken when she first heard that.

(I’m really…)

Rozen was about to say something to Mashu, but Mashu beat him to it.

 “Don’t mind me, senpai. You don’t have to change your plan because of me.”

It was as if Mashu saw through Rozen in an instant through his expression and stared at him intently.


Being stared sointently by Mashu, Rozen almost stopped breathing for a second.

Under such circumstances, Mashu opened.

“I know that senpai is just doing everything your best to resolve this, that’s how you’ve always been.” Mashu looked directly at Rozen and said: “So, I don’t want to hold you back.”

“But…” Rozen’s sounded mellow.

Mashu who didn’t want to put Rozen in a spot smiled gently.

Then, Mashu made a confession.

“I have always considered preserving the future of humanity reason as a job and an obligation, because this is my responsibility and the reason i was here.”

Mashu said while looking down.

“I know very well that I am not as generous as doctor who did this for the sake of saving all mankind, nor am i as determined as director who desperately fights for the survival of humanity. I’m just saving humanity out of obligation, nothing more and nothing less.”

In other words, Mashu just did it for others, not for her own sake.

“So, when I saw other servants, it hit me.”

Mashu’s said softly.

“Even after betrayed by France, Jeanne-san still strives to save her motherland.”

“Marie-san still loved everyone equally, even though her people persecuted her.”

“Amadeus-san still supported Marie-san even though his love was one-sided.”

“Even if she knows that the future cannot be changed, Elizabeth-san still tried her best to deny her future self.”

“And although Kiyohime san is somewhat seems like an oddball, she sticks to her love untill the very end.”

“All of them had different beliefs, reasons, and starting points, but I am still deeply touched by their action, and they made me realize that I must have a reason to fight too.”

“Not just out of an obligation, but for my own sake too.”

Mashu said that to Rozen with a smile.

“I believe senpai had your own reason too, right?”

Rozen answered without hesitation.

“Of course.”

If that was not the case, Rozen wouldn’t work his ass of to save mankind.

Only after identifying their desire, people will be able do their best to achieve something

“I also want to determine my own destiny like you, senpai.”

Mashu showed a determined look on her eyes like never before.

“So, even if I still have to rely on senpai in the future, I will do what I can do during your absence, i’ll train harder, i’ll be sure to become stronger when you return, and become a servant worthy enough to be in contract with you”

Mashu said while holding Rozen’s hand gently.

At this moment, Rozen saw Jeanne’s compassion within Mashu.

It was not like Mashu had the exactly same personality with Jeanne, but gradually understood love and compassion like Jeanne was.

“I will work hard for your sake too, senpai.”

Mashu tried to convince herself deep down.

“Please stick to your own beliefs, senpai.”

After hearing those words, Rozen felt like he was free from all weight on his shoulders.

Including the questions that have been weighing his mind ever since he returned from the first singularity.

Recalling when the Fuyuki City singularity first emerged, he was worried whether he should participate in the battle or not. It was also mashu who helped him clearing all his doubt.

“You’ve saved me countless times, Mashu.”

Rozen said spontaneously, with a relaxed expression.

Seeing this scene, Mashu also smiled.

“Because, you’ve also saved me too senpai.”

Both of them believed, they’ll always be there for each other.

The two then looked out the window while holding each other’s hand without a single word spoken out of their mouth.

Even though there was only silence and darkness outside, it was as if both of them were seeing the beautiful blue sky.


Fou suddenly let out a soft cry who fell on the ground as she looked up at the same scene as Rozen and Mashu.

Even if the outside world was dark and cold, they still felt warm inside.


After returning to his room, Rozen quickly changed his clothes into the kimono he brought back from the world of automaton, he then took off his gloves, showing the ring on his hand.

“Which door should I open?”

Just like last time, he needed to maximize the time he got.

That being the case, returning to the world of automaton may also be a good choice.

After all, the time flow rate between the two worlds was very different. Rozen was there for fifteen years, yet only three months passed in Chaldeans. And since Rozen has visited that world once, he won’t return to a baby again if he returned to that world.


“If the portal to that world has been opened at least once, the time flow rate between this world and that world will eventually synchronize.”

In this case, it will not be beneficial for Rozen to return to the world of automatons as there will be no difference in time flow rate

“There’s no other choice, i have to go to a different world this time.”

But if he went to another new world, the same risk as applied once again, there was no way to find out whether the time flow rate in his destination was slower or faster, he might become a baby like last time or, he might becom an old man, or even already dead.

“So, this time i must choose a world with a proper time flow rate.”

To be specific he hoped this time he won’t turn too young to the point that he became baby, and even he also hoped that at least if the time flow rate was not as slow as the world of automatons, it should be faster than Chaldea’s time flow rate.

Thinking of this, Rozen observed the time flow of the world by the power of “miracle” and chose the most suitable one.

“I’ve decided.”

Just at the same time as Rozen decided…


The vortex of light appeared in this room,

taking Rozen away from the Chaldean again.

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