Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 279


After about five minutes, the beta testers have formed a new party.

There were a total of four parties, and some of them have been changed to some degree.

“The first team consists of me and other agile players who are good at guerilla , Argo will be in charge of this team.”

“Second team consists of One-Handed Sword users, Two-Handed Sword users, One-Handed Axe users and Two-Handed Axe users, Kirito will be in charge of this team.”

“Then the third team is Agil’s party, with him as the leader, the team members remain the same, but i will have you guys equip shields, preferably a rectangular shield with the highest defense.”

“And lastly, the fourth team consists of players who use weapons like spears and hammers.”

Rozen’s instruction has changed the composition of the parties, and the players who were good at this game, understood the logic behind this party composition.

The first party was obviously a guerrilla party, and their task was to provide assistance to the players in the front.

The second party was obviously the damage dealer, they were responsible in dealing damage to the Floor Boss.

The third team was obviously the tank, and their task was to aggro the Floor Boss and fend off its attack.

The fourth teams were players equipped with long reach weapons. Their tasks was to disrupt the Floor Boss, because most of their Sword Skill had could inflict Delay status effect which slowed down the target’s movement, buying some time for other players.

This was the very common party compositions for Floor Boss Raid.

“Are you sure this is all we have to do?”

Diabel was surprised at Rozen’s action, not because how good it was, but because how simple it was.

This composition was indeed simple and effective, Diavel himself would do the same.

However, Diabel thought that Rozen would form some unexpected party compositions, so seeing Rozen’s simple party composition slightly surprised him.


“As Argo said, the information he had was merely the information during the closed beta. After this death game officially started, probably there will be some changes. There’s even a chance that the boss itself was no longer Ilfang the Kobold Lord.” Rozen then added: “Since there are so many uncertainties, there is no point in forming parties specifically according to the Floor Boss’ information. It is better to go with the most effective and simple party composition. A simple party composition will give a room for flexibility, which could be readjusted later on after we confirm the information about the boss.”

“Changing party composition mid-battle?” Diabel said with some hesitation: “Can you do that?”

“Can’t you do that?” Rozen raised his brow and said with a smile: “Improvising is the most basic requirement for a commander. If everything goes according to plan, it’d be just straight out boring.”

For this reason, Rozen constantly learned, and pushed himself to the limit in order to come up with new tactics and countermeasures.

“Okay.” Diavel didn’t have any qualms about Rozen’s statement, instead he laughed and said, “I will try my best then.”

Diavel then also changed the composition and Rozen didn’t say anything and just stared at his back.

Because Diavel’s Raid Team consisted of six parties, he formed a tank party, two damage dealer parties, a disrupting party and two guerilla parties.

Before Diavel could say anything after he was done assembling the parties in his Raid Team, Rozen immediately said.

“We have two tank parties in total to block the enemy’s attack, but we have to coordinate, the same applies to the damage dealer teams. As for the disruption team, i’ll leave it to you guys when you should go forward and do your job. The most important thing is, make sure there’s no more than 2 parties engaging the boss and one of them has to be tank parties.”

There are three reasons why Rozen said that.

One was to maintain tanks’ aggro on boss, if there were too many damage dealers, the boss will no longer target the tanks, which must be avoided at all cost.

Second was to prevent players from getting in each other’s way. Because unlike normal online games, attacking monster with this many people required coordination and timing, otherwise they might end up attacking one another. So, in order to prevent this from happening, the numbers of players engaging the boss must be minimized.

And the third was to maintain cooperation.

After all, it was inevitable that the players’ hp will be reduced, but just like Sword Skill, it had cooldown, and it restored hp overtime, not in an instant, so after tanks’ hp were reduced to a certain extent, the other tank will replace them. If both tank parties engaged the boss, no one will be able to fend off the boss once both tanks’s hp were reduced and had to back away to restore their hp.

This is the so-called <Switch>.

Rozen then said to Diabel.

“The battle will begin with us engaging the Floor Boss, be it tank, damage dealer and disruption team. When our parties had to back off to use potion, it will be your turn, and we’ll do this repetitively. Both disruption teams will standby and engage the Floor Boss if we need to buy time. This way who got the kill will be completely random.”

In SAO, the distribution of Exp, Cor and drop items had their own algorithm.

The party that killed the Floor Boss will get the Exp, as for how much Exp they got will be determined by their “contribution” in battle which will be judged by the system according to their weapons and role in the party.

Cor will be distributed equally among all players participating, and players had a random chance of obtaining drop items.

In other words, no one will know who got the drop items. Therefore, in Raid Boss, sometimes there would be commotion among players. They wanted to distribute the loot evenly, but of course that was only viable if the one who got the drop item was willing to hand the drop item over.

However, the item drop chance will increase for the player who got the last attack, in other words, the player who dealt the finishing blow which was abbreviated “LA” by the players. Even if the player who got LA by chance didn’t get a drop item, they’ll still obtain a special bonus rare drop from the Floor Boss.

“As for guerilla parties, you’ll have to deal with Ruin Kobold Sentinel separately, and standby for the next wave of Ruin Kobold Sentinel once you’ve defeated one.”

Rozen then smiled at Rozen and said.

“Can i leave it to you to make sure your Raid Team won’t compete with each other to get LA? Because once they do, there’ll be casualties for sure”

This sentence made Diavel’s expression slightly changed.

Then, Diabel laughed bitterly.

“I will be sure to keep that in mind.” 

With this, they were all set.

“Alright, let’s go!”

Diabel raised his arms.

The players followed suit and raised the weapon in their hands.

The Floor Boss Raid officially began here.

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