Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 285



Rainbow Butterfly’s pleasant cry showed dominance over everyone else in the room.

With Rozen’s excellent instruction, Rainbow Butterfly used Paralyzing Powder and Blindness Powder alternately, causing Ilfang to either fall on the ground and unable to move, or unable to see and attack randomly. Either way, Rozen’s Raid Team could attack it using their Sword Skills without any worry.


Ilfang could only roar in pain as its hp was constantly depleting.

Seeing this scene, the beta testers seemed even more spirited than before, meanwhile, the normal players were dumbfounded.

“Is this… the true power of a tamed monster?!?”

“It’s actually toying with the Floor Boss…?”

“How is this fair…!?”

The normal players made a commotion when they saw this, and they finally remembered what Argo said during the strategy meeting yesterday.

“The one who led the beta testers players all the way to the 10th floor without any casualties thanks to his superb leadership. He was the only player who managed to get a tamed monster during closed beta, which was capable of inflicting negative status such as paralysis, blindness, poisoning, stun, etc. to the Floor Boss, Rozen.”

The normal players finally understood what Argo meant when they saw the scene in front of them.

With a tamed monster that could continuously inflict paralysis and blindness to the Floor Boss, no wonder Rozen could lead the beta testers all the way to the 10th floor, not to mention without a single casualty every single time.

The look on their eyes toward Rozen and Rainbow Butterfly finally changed, this time it was full of awe.

Of course, these players thought Rozen’s job was not that hard at all.

Although Rainbow Butterfly had a variety of special abilities, the real problem was how to command to utilize the Rainbow Butterfly’s skill.

For instance, right now, when Rainbow Butterfly inflicted paralysis and blindness to the Ilfang. Both of these skills had their own cooldowns. They can’t be used all the time. Not to mention Rainbow Butterfly didn’t have that much hp. If something went wrong, it will die in one hit for sure.

The reason why Rozen could constantly keep the Floor Boss under control was obviously because of his Rainbow Butterfly. However, that was not all. It was also because Rozen knew how to give commands that were easy to understand to the Rainbow Butterfly. He also devoted his time to raise the Rainbow Butterfly’s level and skill proficiency.

If Rozen didn’t use the precise and easy-to-understand instruction, the Rainbow Butterfly would ignore him, and if its level and skill level was low, Rainbow Butterfly would be completely useless once it faced a Floor Boss with high resistance, because the duration of its skill became even shorter. Plus, even if the condition above was fulfilled, the Rainbow Butterfly still had to face the risk of flying close toward the Floor Boss.

But these were no problem for Rozen.

Rozen always used the simplest words which were programmed to the Rainbow Butterfly’s AI, allowing the Rainbow Butterfly to fly safely toward Ilfang and used Paralyzing Powder and Blindness Powder alternately after a careful calculation regarding each skill’s cooldown.

In other words, thanks to Rainbow Butterfly that was currently drawing the highest aggro, flying around while dodging Ilfang’s random attack when it was blinded and used its skill again repeatedly, other players could concentrate on attacking Ilfang.

Eventually, Ilfang the Kobold Lord groaned in pain as its hp hit the red zone.

Rozen’s Raid Team became even more fired up. Meanwhile, the normal players could only watch, and Diavel became even more anxious.

(Damn… At this rate…)

Diabel’s hand that was holding his weapon began to sweat.

If this kept up, Rozen’s Raid Team would kill the Floor Boss, and Diavel won’t be able to achieve his goal.

Diabel, who was getting impatient, decided to talk to Rozen.

“Rozen-kun, shouldn’t we switch now and let the beta testers recover their hp?”

Diavel’s tone contained a hint of anxiety that he didn’t even realize.

Rozen noticed this, and he said to Diavel indifferently while still giving instructions to his Rainbow Butterfly

“Saihou can control the boss without problem, plus everyone’s hp is still in a good spot, i don’t think we need to switch here.”

Hearing this, Diabel was even more anxious.

“B…but…! “

Before Diavel could finish his sentence, Rozen immediately said.

“No buts… we will win soon.”

Rozen looked at Diabel and said indifferently.

“Once we defeat the boss, the players who were trapped in this world will finally realize there’s hope. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?”

When Diavel heard Rozen’s words, he became conflicted, facing a dilemma between his ideal and his desire.


Ilfang the Kobold Lord screamed in pain, and it was even louder than before, drawing Diavel’s attention. When Diavel saw Ilfang’s hp, he was shocked since it was already in the red zone, he noticed that Rozen’s Raid Team was relentlessly attacking Ilfang

This scene forced Diabelle to a path of no return.

(No! I can’t hesitate here after coming this far!)

Diabel gritted his teeth, and said silently.

(Sorry everyone!)

Diablo, who has made up his mind, immediately shouted to the players engaging Ilfang.

“Watch out! The boss’s attack pattern is about to change!”

After that, Diavel rushed toward Ilfang, leaving everyone else behind.


The first one to call out Diavel’s name was Kibaou.



Other normal players called out his name out of worry. In their eyes, it was as if Diavel was trying to save everyone from the boss who will change its attack pattern soon. After all, as Argo said, Ilfang’s attack will be much more powerful and troublesome to deal with, and this was the most crucial stage during the whole Boss Raid.

But what they didn’t know was even though Ilfang seemed scarier at this point, dealing damage to Ilfang was also easier since Ilfang got rid of its shield.

(The Floor Boss will use talwar, meaning it’ll use Curved-Sword Sword Skill, and most of its Sword Skills in early level was straightforward with long range, it should be fine as long as I pay attention to the boss’ pre-motion.)

Therefore, Diabel was convinced that he would be able to finish off the Floor Boss without any problem.

Diavel who was blinded by greed, failed to notice the most important part, and Rozen was looking at him with pity.

at the same time…


Ilfang roared, throwing away the bone axe and shield in his hands, and switched to the long sword-like weapon on his back.

However, it was not a talwar, but a nodachi.

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