Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 94 A Figure In Her Heart


Rozen and his team were preparing themselves for the fierce battle between Enenra and Yama.

The battle between those shikigami would be fiercer than the battle in Fuyuki City, even Heracles was nothing in front of Enenra in terms of pure strength.

Judging by its strength, even Domon Kira would find a hard time to tame it. However, no matter how strong the power it had, it won’t affect the spirit-type Shikigami.

Yama’s smokey body was immune against physical attack from the Enenra.

Yama clearly understood that and ignored all Enenra’s attack. Instead, it bombarded Enenra with fierce attacks like wrapping the Enenra like the storm wind, sometimes like a snake. When it wrapped around the Enenra, it burned the huge body of the Enenra as if it was going to be melted away.

Unfortunately, Yama’s attack also didn’t affect Enenra.

If the blow of the Enenra could shatter the huge rocks, its defense could withstand the bomb.

The battle between those two had no effect to each other but destroyed the surrounding environment.

While watching that battle Lin Fan thought if he could summon the servants he could change the situation.

Seeing that, Rozen was even more determined to become more powerful.

Then …

“Someday, I believe I can summon more powerful shikigami and servants.”

A high-class shikigami couldn’t beat a middle-class servant.

And those Shikigami in the present with the overwhelming power still couldn’t beat a high-class servant, so the servant was above them all.

“Well, I can’t even summon the superior shikigami, no point in thinking too much about it.”

While Rozen was lost in his thought, Domon Hinowa pulled his sleeves.

“Narukami-san, Raishin-san is coming.” After hearing Domon Hinowa’s words he looked for Raishin.


On the other side of the mountain road, there was Raishin screamed while running.

He was chased by so many butterflies.

It was the heavenly butterfly that Yuge Mutsura mentioned before.

“I … I’m back! Are you okay!?”

Being chased by a group of monsters that could explode at any time, Raishin was shocked and anxious.

Thanks to the battle of those two Shikigami, they didn’t notice Raishin.

“What took you so long?” Rozen said.

“Come here!”

“Come here!”

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura stood at some magic tools.

“Then, next …” Rozen took a breath and then stood up.

“Wait … wait!”

When Rozen wanted to walk Domon Hinowa suddenly held him.

“What’s wrong?” Rozen was surprised.

Domon Hinowa gathered her courage to speak to him.

“Why do you go so far to get the token?” Domon Hinowa’s face turned red when she asked that question.

Because Rozen had to marry her if he got the token.

Domon Hinowa urged to know the answer.

But what was the real reason for him to take such a big risk?

Domon Hinowa was thinking of such a thing.

So …

“If you want to ask why it’s probably the same as you.” Rozen gave her a simple answer.

“Same as … me?”

Domon Hinowa pondered for a moment.

Rozen explained that he didn’t want Akabane Kuukan to lose his face in front of others.

And she finally understood.

If he and Raishin failed that test Akabane Clan will go home with embarrassment.

“No matter what you say, I place my father above my ego, because he has been raising me for ten years, and I will help him to fight for his reputation.” Rozen said.

“Although, it’s a bit stupid to take risks just for the sake of a reputation.” Rozen smiled slightly.

Izanagi Clan wanted to embarrass Akabane Clan by placing Yama at the shrine.

Looking at Rozen’s childish smile, Domon Hinowa stood still in her place.

Domon Hinowa didn’t say anything until Rozen left.

“Narukami-san …” At this moment, Domon Hinowa’s heart was beating fast.

From that moment, there will always be a figure in the corner of Domon Hinowa’s heart.

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