Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 97 Win-Win Solution


Fire Mouse Summoning.

That was the technique Rozen mastered in that world.

Domon Hinowa, Kamo Subaru, and Yuge Mutsura didn’t know about that technique.

Fire Mouse was also known as the Fire Beast.

It was a unique mouse who lived in a volcano according to ancient chinese legend, the heat of fire won’t damage that mouse.

But they would die when they came in contact with water.

Many people wanted to get its fur using many possible ways, but that was impossible.

In that eastern island nation, there was a japanese legend about Princess Kaguya.

She held a contest if someone wanted to marry her that man must gather five most precious things in the world.

And Fire Mouse was one of those five.

With the Fire Mouse near him, Rozen wasn’t afraid of fire.

“I used up all my magical power to protect myself with Magic Defense.” Rozen explained.

“Unexpectedly, my lady defeated Yama.”

“If uncle hears this, he will definitely feel so happy.”

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsure said that.

“I hope the fire won’t spread to the entire area.” Domon Hinowa was worried about the fire.

Only Rozen and Raishin who was thinking something else at that time.

“That’s right!” Raishin remembered something and said, “Where is the token?”

With that said, everyone was in silence.

“Do you think the token will be just fine in a sea of fire like that?”

Everyone remained silent.

“Why … what …!?”

“You … you bastard! You didn’t tell us it will end up like this!”

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura grabbed Rozen’s collar.

“Stop … Stop!” Domon Hinowa tried to calm the situation.

Rozen explained that even though the token was gone, they could defeat Yama, so their parents might forgive them.

“If I knew it will end up like this, I will never help you.” Kamo Subaru was extremely upset.

The fact they could defeat Yanyan Luo was enough to maintain Akabane Clan’s reputation, so it was fine for Rozen and Raishin, but for Kamo Subaru…

Kamo Subaru’s purpose was to get the token for himself, so he could marry Domon Hinowa.

But still, for a group of ten years old child to defeat such shikigami would be shocking everyone.

Rozen and Raishin will never be taken lightly anymore, and the same goes for the other three.

That was the best solution Rozen could think of, rather than giving up the test, he ruined the test instead.

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“Aaaaaargh!” Kamo Subaru was so furious.

“Really …” Riuran Yoichi sighed and didn’t know what to say.

“Forget it, since this is how it turns out, there is nothing we can do about it.” Raishin said.

The fact was, Raishin didn’t care about the token, the marriage, and about his family reputation.

On the contrary, for Domon Hinowa, Kamo Subaru, and Yuge Mutsura, there was a sense of defeat.

“It would be great if Narukami-san gets the token …”

Domon Hinowa thought about that, then her cheeks became red, and she didn’t dare to look Rozen in the eyes.

Like she lost a good opportunity.

“That’s satisfying, isn’t it?” Rozen stretched his arms.

Even if Rozen found the token, he will put the token inside Raishin’s pocket, and let Domon Kira chose him as Domon Hinowa’s husband.

But Rozen changed his mind, he ruined the test instead.

“Anyway, with us defeating Yanyan Luo, Izanagi Clan won’t take us lightly again. So it doesn’t matter if we get the token or not.” Rozen thought.

That was right.

That was the win-win solution he could think of.

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