Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 103


What would happen if you threw a giant dragon into a colony of rabbits and the dragon was hungry to the point it would swallow every living thing up as a whole?

The rabbits bounced away and fled in all directions, but the dragon was able to swallow hundreds of them in one swoop. 

This is what is happening now…

The fire spread throughout the village. Even the falling rain couldn’t extinguish the flames that wanted to burn everything away. Houses collapsed down, and the ground drenched by the rain was tainted in a dark red color…. 

The helpless people fled in all directions. They were trying to escape the monster’s rage that was wreaking havoc on the village.

“Heh…hahahahaha…” The maiden’s cheery voice indicated she was immersed… immersed in dismembering human limbs one after another! 

Every wave of her hand brought a scarlet ripple that added the beauty of the scene against the spreading fire in the background… 

It’s called… The art of blood!

“Run to the forest!” 

The surviving villagers run towards the edge of the village, escaping this hell!

Naiya tossed away the clump of fleshy mess from her hand. Her scarlet gazed at the fleeing people in the distance. 

She began to step away. 

The moment the knights made contact with Naiya, they lost all their power and were dominated by the vampire. Leaving behind only wretched figures that were running around, hoping to survive.

“She’s following us!”

The crowd pushed and shoved around, intentionally or unintentionally knocking over the weak women and children near them, hoping to delay the creature in this way in exchange for their own survival.

They did succeed…..

One by one, the weak ones fell to the ground because they were exhausted, or fell because of the rainwater.

They were dragged by the monster, letting out a loud scream along with sounds of bones breaking. Striking the hearts of the survivors with fear.

They had to hurry and escape. No matter what, they didn’t want to be killed by the monster! 

They almost made it to the forest! 

The stronger adults who saw the forest had hoped to escape hell…

But suddenly, they feel like they’ve hit something! 

Their survival instinct told them to run, but they can’t, not after hitting the walls.

After falling, their heads were dizzy. Perhaps they were hallucinating. Yet nothing was seen, apart from the dark forest in front of them.


“Something’s here.”

“Damn it! Let me out!”

The invisible wall cut off their hope of survival.


As the people struggled, a very pleasant-sounding laugh sounded behind them… a creepy feeling lingers from hearing that joyous laugh. 

Naiya stood behind them, clothes soaked in blood, her fair skin tainted by scarlet hue with some human flesh pieces. 

The dense blood scent permeated the air.

“You all… looked tasty.” She spoke softly, whispering the words that made every human despair!

Naiya approached a man who had fallen to the ground because he was too scared to move. She stretched out her hand. 

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! Lord Dragon God…please…” He begged to his God, but God had no mercy on anyone…

“God… has no mercy on anyone…”


Once again, a human’s painful wail broke through the night. 

Standing on the edge of the roof, Lucius’ fingers moved in a rhythmic direction. From the dark, his scarlet eyes gazed at the burning village below.

“If the Gods of this world really exist.” Between Lucius’ rhythmic fingers, some blood threads loomed in the darkness.

These threads connected the walls bordering the village as he gazed on the gloomy sky. “Then watch as I’ll make the whole world look like this!” 

“Well?” Lucius lowered his head and noticed a young figure running out of the church.

It seemed one of the orphans survived the two knights. What did the young girl want to do?

Lucius watched as the young, frail body drenched in the rain ran towards the flame engulfed village. Lucius didn’t stop her…because there was no point in stopping her!


Naiya felt like her brain was going to break down…

She knew this was wrong, and she had promised that idiot Muccia not to do it. But still…

She couldn’t help it. 

When she snapped a man’s necks, the sound of broken bones was making her feel more and more excited. 

What’s with this feeling? Naiya didn’t know what it was, but she felt like she was getting weirder. 

The smell of blood was the best catalyst for Naiya…

It was sweet and appealing.

The pleasurable touch that stimulated her nerves ……

It was an addictive feeling.

As a vampire, Naiya was completely addicted to fresh blood. It’s been too long since the slumbering monster inside her had tasted fresh blood!

“Is it painful?” Naiya grabbed a man by the neck and lifted him up with tremendous force. Her scarlet eyes are watching the poor wretch, increasing her gripping force… “Answer me.”

Cough!” The poor wretch was unable to speak because his neck was being restrained, and his feet kept kicking in the air.

“You won’t answer? Then die!” Naiya’s grasp tightened as she tried to snap the man’s neck!


A voice filled with fear and anxiety stopped her move. The wretched man fell from her hands and coughed violently before escaping from the monster as soon as he could for dear life. 

Naiya’s body trembled, turning her head stiffly to look at the only familiar figure, standing in the middle of the world burned by flames.


Someone is still alive….

‘Take care of those children for me.’

Muccia’s last wish calmed Naiya’s rage. Her scarlet eyes shifted back to violet.

Apart from the bloodstains over her body, it was as if the monster that went on a full killing spree never existed.

“Xena? Are you still alive? Thank God… come here! It’s too dangerous!” 

Naiya suddenly regained her sense back. She felt exhausted after her vampire bloodline completely dominated over her.

But she had to get the kid out of this dangerous place with her. Because this was the last thing that Muccia had entrusted to her, and her last reason to live.

Xena was her best friend. They were both girls, and their ages were only three years apart. 

But now, the young girl looked at Naiya’s eyes with fear. 

“What’s wrong, Xena? I’m Naiya. Now we had to get out of here.”

“But…but…” She trembled and stretched out her fingers, pointing at Naiya, and finally couldn’t help herself and vomit. 


Naiya silently looked around herself. There were piles of dismembered human limbs, twisted beyond recognizable, as well as charred bones, and a few human heads, their fearful expression frozen on their faces. 

It was… all her doings…

She did it with her own hands. 

“Xena, listen to me!”

Naiya didn’t want to be alone anymore. 

But the girl who just vomited had fallen to her knees. She was just about to get up and was about to say something when suddenly her eyes widened, and her words turned into a scream. 

“Naiya, watch out- aaargh!!!!” 

But a sword suddenly ran through her fragile body, and she fell into a pool of blood. 

Naiya froze. She tried to rush, but a great pain came from her knee. 

“It’s time to pay the price, monster!” 

With a voice of madness and rage, Naiya’s body also fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

She tried to raise her head, but her head was crushed to the ground!

It was the captain of the Order! The silvery-white armor on his body had lost its original luster. There was only madness in his eyes because his men were killed. 

The captain of the knight stepped on Naiya’s head as he kept increasing the pressure. The ground near her head began to crack. This was the Awakened power! He hadn’t been affected by the Blood Plague and had been hiding for the whole time. Waiting for this very moment. 

“Anyone who associates with the Fallen is also fallen ones themselves! A filthy existence deserves to die!”

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