Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 104


Having her face pressed against the cold, filthy mud water, the burnt body and inferno were reflected on the water.

The pressure made her vision blurry. Her vampire blood gradually cooled down. She was weak after the rampage.

She was just a half-vampire and didn’t possess a vampire’s full strength. 

Now, Naiya was paying the price of her inability. 

Unable to fulfill the stupid woman’s last wish, Naiya looked at the body fallen amidst the fire. 

She couldn’t kill him…

And they were all dead. Everyone she knew was dead. There was no point in living alone. 

As she lost her consciousness, the cold rain hit Naiya’s back. The flames seemed to refuse Naiya.

It didn’t burn her. Her body temperature began to drop to the point she was freezing cold and shivered. 

It’s the end…

Naiya’s struggle weakens, and the Knight’s Awakened strength was almost as strong as Naiya.

If it wasn’t for her strong physique, her head would be crushed like a watermelon. 

“It won’t be pretty if your head burst like a watermelon.” 

An illusion? 

In a trance, Naiya suddenly saw a man crouching in front of her, and his scarlet eyes mesmerized her.

But the Knight Commander, who was trying to kill her, didn’t do anything. He was still feeling excited about killing the monster, the pressure on his feet grew stronger. 


“Why don’t you resist?” In place of Naiya’s silence, the shadow with scarlet eyes looked down at Naiya. 

“No more… killing… anyone… anymore.” 

Naiya’s pale lips opened and closed, spitting out the small inaudible sound. 

“Why? You were happy, right? Doesn’t it feel good? To have blood on your hand? The feeling of tearing flesh and blood made you feel ecstasy, right? So why did you stop, halflings?”

The eyes looked with pity at Naiya, whose face half-buried in the muddy water. 

“Don’t want to… become… a monster…”

There was another bone-cracking sound again. But this time, it came from Naiya’s head.

Tears were streaming from her eyes, mingled with the filthy water. 

“Monster?” The shadow snorted coldly. “You think you’re a monster? Or are you just fearing your own power?” 

“…….” Naiya remained silent as she felt the world fade away. 

“There’s a monster living inside of every human.” He pointed at the Knight Commander, who was laughing maniacally. “How do you think he’s different from you? Do you? It’s not!” 

Naiya’s eyes trembled when she heard it. 

The knight just killed Xena.

“It’s the monster inside your heart! Do you know the power inside you? It’s the power called a vampire! Listen, little girl!” 

The scarlet eyes gazed at her closely. 

“Vampires are beings who rule blood, not enslaved by it! You’re the one controlling the blood!”

The mistakes that low-ranked vampires made were they crave blood too much to the point of losing their minds. They couldn’t control themselves once they tasted blood. 

In the vampire hierarchy, those low-born vampires were nothing more than a pawn, enslaved servant. They’re not true vampires at all. 

A true vampire was someone who had complete control of blood.


“Ah.. that’s what halflings can do.” The shadow gazed with disappointment. 

“You’ll be trampled to death like a dog here. Disappear, along with your ‘family’. So those who killed your loved ones can continue to watch over the world from above. After all, it’s the fate of a little worm like you who could only crawl on the ground.” 

After saying everything, the shadow disappeared in front of Naiya. 

But suddenly, the blood around her flowed towards her. The sticky blood scent is powerful. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t even reach the blood. 

The rain had stopped. 

Lucius withdrew all the blood threads from his fingers from the top of the church.

Looking down at the fire that had become more violent and unbridled, the village turned into a sea of flames. 

“Little worm?” Lucius looked at the scar on his fingertips. After a while, his scars disappeared. 

This joke was more boring than he had imagined. Why would he help a vampire he had never met before? 

It was probably because he had felt the same way before. 

Losing everything, he could only hide in a dark corner and shiver. His weak self hates the powerful world. It’s both ridiculous and pathetic. 

He was a clown who could never show a real smile. 

Lucius was lucky, so did the little girl. He gave her a chance to fight the world. But unfortunately, she refused. The price of her refusal was death. 

Lucius had no intention of saving her.

[Human habits of this world have been observed.]

Lucius sat on the roof. A holographic window suspended in front of him, it’s almost time to plan the world in despair. 

“System, what’s the new plan to exterminate the world?” 

[Answer. There is a small sealed Dark Side at the border of this world filled with death and destruction. Inhabited by a creature, the host is called ‘demon’. By allowing them to spread death into the world, the host will be judged to have succeeded in destroying the world.]

The Demon…

Such a nostalgic word. The vampire is also frequently called ‘demon’…

“What about the summoning requirement? Will those demons obey my orders?” 

[Answer. A blood sacrifice required on the Dark Side and cost 10.000 Despair Points to enter the Dark Side, or 2 Billion of Despair Points if you have full control of all creatures on that side.]

Two billion Despair Points to have complete control of all the creatures? 

“How many humans are there in this world?”

[A total of 3.7 billion humanoid creatures found under scanning.]

This wasn’t a world where humans could roam the Earth freely. Humans only occupied a part of the world, where the other part was occupied by all sorts of powerful beasts.

Although the lifeforms in this world were stronger, their population was much smaller. The law of the jungle concept was more prominent in this world. 

He must destroy this world to gain 10 billion Despair Points. Lucius had no time to spare.

He now had 7.1 billion Despair Points. Which means, he needs at least 70% of this world’s population to die in despair. 

What a daunting task.

The Blacklight virus isn’t effective in this world because the population density is too low. It seems like that the so-called Dragon God’s bloodline has antibodies to the Blacklight virus. 

Zerg? He filed this one under consideration. But Lucius prefers to direct over something that needs to be built. 

“Does this world have the Creatures of the Dark bloodline?”

[Answer. Yes, there’s a vampire species the host just came into contact with.]

“That’s a pity. She’s already dead.”

If she can’t even control her own bloodline, what’s the point of surviving in this world?

She must be dead by that knight by now. 

If she didn’t drink the blood. 

Well, it’s time to leave. 

Lucius jumped off the church roof.

Suddenly, a thick blood scent filled the area around Lucius’ body.

Does she drink it? Sure it tastes delicious although she hated it, right? 

Lucius looked at the figure standing in the distance.

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