Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 105


I’m dying like a worm…

Those who sit high up in the sky…

They’re the ones who killed Muccia. 

“Want revenge?”

“Do you want revenge?”

Lucius’ voice was like a magic spell that kept echoing in Naiya’s mind. 

Is it really okay to die just like this?

Of course, the answer is no!

I… can control my power!

Naiya struggled to keep her body close to the flowing blood. The blood that would give her strength! 


“You’re not dead yet? Shit!!”

The Knight Commander was pissed off. The worm was too powerful?. He raised his foot and slammed it down again.

Naiya felt her breath stagnate, but the slam brought her closer to the fresh blood. Naiya’s pale lips moved to the fresh blood on the ground. 

Seeing Naiya had no strength left to struggle, the Knight Commander stepped away and picked his sword. Raising his sword high, he walked to the fallen Naiya. 

“Die!” At the moment he raised his sword high, Naiya managed to suck on the fresh blood. 

Her power…is back! 

The taste of blood flowed into her mouth, fueling her boiling power that filled her body. Her violet eyes turned scarlet! 

The moment the Knight Commander’s blade swung down, Naiya slightly moved and made the blade that aimed at her heart pierced her shoulder instead! She didn’t stop even if the blade tore her flesh and blood. She stood up with all the strength she had left, running her hand through the Knight’s heart!

Just because his power wasn’t affected by the Blood Plague doesn’t mean he wasn’t infected with it.

The Blood Plague’s main attributes were to increase the damage taken by the victim. Making the would even more fatal! 

Allowing Naiya to easily pierced through the heart of the stronger Knight! 

She was killing him with her own hands!

The Knight Commander fell to the ground. 

Naiya took a few steps backward. But finally fell into her knees weakly, pulled out the Knight’s sword that pierced her blade, and threw it aside. 

Again… it happened again… 

Naiya gazed at the burning flames. She felt the scorching heat around her body. The smell of charred and roasted flesh filled her nostrils.

Naiya caused all of this…

She killed a lot of people with her own hands.

What… have I done?

Naiya closed her eyes tightly. Not knowing where to go or where the idiot who saved her had disappeared. 

There’s only one person…

“Hah, have you finally come to your senses? Or is it cowardice of death that made you do it?” Lucius stood in front of Naiya, who was sitting on the floor, sobbing. 

In a world filled with flames, two people were staring at each other. 

“Thank you…” Naiya whispered. “You saved me…”

Those blood must be from Lucius’ power. She didn’t know who he was, but it seems he had some sort of connection with the monster inside her. Vampire? 

“I didn’t save you.”

The word ‘save’ does not even exist in his dictionary because Lucius had no concept of mercy.

Do you want to live with your own power?

Good. Show you’re worthy enough to live! To be his own tool.

If you have no value, then life or death, Lucius wasn’t concerned at all. He just saw a trance of his old self in Naiya. 

“You saved yourself. At the last moment, you controlled the power inside you. The power you called ‘monster.’ You killed the innocent villages yourself, and that Knight who tried to kill you. You did it all at your own will. I’m just lending you a killing sword.” 

A killing sword?

Naiya looked at her blood-soaked body. She raised her head. Her violet eyes had returned. Locking gaze with Lucius, as if she had made up her mind. 

“So… can I have a sharper sword?”

“What do you want to do?” Lucius looked at the girl with interest. 

“I…want a sharper sword…” Naiya braced herself and stood. “I want to kill the Saints in the sky above. To become a killing sword!”

“But what can you give me? I’m not a nice guy. There’s a price in making contracts with the devil.” Lucius showed his empty hands. 

“All I have…” Naiya looked at the man, answering the greedy devil. “My name, my virginity, my mind, everything! If it’s not enough-“

“It’s enough.” 

It’s enough. Lucius looked at the girl who was willing to strip everything away for revenge.

With nothing left to lose, she had nothing to hold onto. She lived solely on the purpose of revenge!

“Then, I’ll take everything.” 

She was a vampire. She’s still a vampire even though her blood wasn’t pure. But he could experiment on her body. His own sister wasn’t strong enough. Even if she awakened her bloodline, her powers wouldn’t be as powerful as Lucius’ Dead River. 

With not much time left to resurrect his sister, Lucius had to find a way to make the vampire stronger!

The system gave him an uneasy feeling. He can’t rely on it all the time. 

“What should I call you?” Naiya spoke. Realized she had just sold herself to the man in front of her. In this kind of relationship, it would be hard to call this guy Lord… or Master! 

She was ashamed to call him that. 

“Whatever, I don’t care about this stuff.” 

“So… what should I do?” Naiya couldn’t figure out Lucius’ mind. Sure, he looked like an evil man, a bad guy. But he didn’t force her to do anything against her own will.

Evil people were corrupted for their own selfish desire, but Lucius didn’t. She felt he had no desire. Not on money, power, or… women.

Perhaps he just wants to show his thirst for blood. 

So what was this guy after? Bloodshed? 

Naiya couldn’t figure it out. 

“Do what?” Looking at her tattered clothes and filthy body, “Well, first thing first. Go and take a shower.”

Lucius exchanged a clean dress from the system and tossed it at Naiya. 

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