Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 106


Humans don’t rule this world. Beasts occupied a large part of the world’s territory.

Walking in this world’s forest, Lucius felt like he was walking into the giants’ world because of the extremely tall trees.

Of course, he didn’t wander the forest alone like a host of a survival TV show. Vampires had been adapting to live in buildings. So, he chose the bat’s favorite place—a cave.

It was a dark cave; Lucius came here with Naiya. He heard she usually came to bathe here.

The cave did have a lot of water pools inside. The cold air emitted from it turned into a white mist.

The light inside the cave was very dim. Although he had a night vision, he instinctively took out a glowing stone called ‘Fluorite.’

The light wasn’t for him but to a poor struggling creature tied on a pillar.

Naiya entered the deep pool water and swam around. Lucius didn’t care. Right now, he had much more important things to do.

“Arghhh!! Help!!!” The survivor wore a scorched knight’s armor. His eyes were filled with terror as he gazed at the man in front of him.

Lucius had brought a survivor here for one purpose only.

“System. What exactly is the source of human power in this world?”

[Answer. Detected the life form possessed a non-human gene. Most of its power came from this non-human gene.]

That Dragon God?

Is it true that the blood of dragons runs in his body?

If it’s true, then Lucius wanted to see it.

“Is there any way to replace the gene replacing his human gene?”

In the end, it’s all about evolution! The reason why he was able to maintain his human form instead of dragon form was that he was interested in the Dragon.

He wanted to find a way to strengthen his bloodline! He just wanted to confirm something!

[Answer. A high concentrated Blacklight virus can accomplish the host’s purpose.]

The Blacklight virus…

At the beginning of its development, it wasn’t intended to be a tool of horror that could turn humans into mindless zombies, but to evolve humans.

The Blacklight virus was initially developed as a genetic modification agent to make humans stronger.

But the virus’ world was like a Pandora’s box. Any humans who opened the box would unleash the monster in it and tear apart the ignorant humans.

The human strengthening program was a failure. But the zombies created by the Virus were indeed far more powerful than humans!

“Virus? How familiar.”

An injection syringe filled with crimson liquid appeared in his hand. When he turned around, the man tied to the stone pillar struggled again.

“I feel your fear flowing out.” Lucius’ eyes turned into radiant gold, glowing in the darkness, which is probably why the man feared him.

The Dragon’s eyes.

Is it because he had the dragon blood in his body and felt fear after seeing a real dragon?

Of course not…

Lucius ignored the man’s scream as he injected the syringe into his skin. The Virus instantly surged into the flesh as soon as it entered his body.

Almost 200 milliliters of Blacklight virus liquid was injected into the human’s body.

Lucius threw the syringe aside, and a glass-shattering sound echoed in the cave.

“Urghhhh!” The man’s scream turned into a violent growl. His eyes filled with a devastating crimson glow.

Just like all humans infected with the Blacklight virus, he wasn’t an exception.

Die… to be reborn!

His body began to crumble as a large number of scarlet tentacles emerged from his body, wrapping around the knight’s armor.

It was like a cocoon! Just like a new creature inside was about to emerge from the cocoon!

“Uh…arhg!!!!” The face split, revealing scarlet flesh inside, long fangs grew out. He had gained power, becoming more powerful.

It was breaking through the blood ropes that bind him to the stone wall.

He fell to the ground; his whole body was twitching with pain. The skin behind his back cracked, emerging a sharp barb one after another.

The skin was gradually covered with a dark, scaly surface and his human’s pained voice turned into a grotesque roar.

After the last roar, the human body was burst entirely apart, and a horrifying creature had been born.

Its mouth was overflowing with corrosive saliva, hands transformed into claws made to hunt.

Looking at the strange creature in front of him, he was certain that the life form had nothing related to a dragon.

It’s not a dragon….

But a worm!

A greedy worm that wanted to devour everything!

The reason why the man feared Lucius wasn’t because he had the Dragon’s blood who met a real dragon.

But a worm’s instinctive fear against a powerful creature such as dragons!

The worm-like creature spat out corrosive liquid towards Lucius. Yuri, the Virus Matrix, wasn’t around to control it.

So the infected life forms would attack any living things in front of it.

An azure light flashed in the dark, slicing the worm into two from the waist. Blood of various colors mixed together flowed on the ground. The split body still wriggled even after death.

But it’s undoubtedly quite powerful…

Lucius held the Yamato Blade and approached the poor creature.

“That’s ridiculous.” Lucius stepped on the struggling worm, pointed the blade towards its head. “So it’s how a ‘dragon’ of this world looks like…”

The Yamato blade sliced through the insect’s brain, killing it. And the worm’s carcass continued to twitch a couple of times before finally stopped.

Lucius pulled his blade and flicked it, and the filthy bloodstain disappeared.

The hideous carcass on the ground taught him one thing.

They thought they were dragons when, in reality. They are just filthy insects that could only crawl on the ground!

But the world was completely unaware of the truth.

So, let’s crush their faith…

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