Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 107


The cave was filled with a strange blood smell.

Lucius held the Yamato blade. Colorful liquids flowed on the ground. It’s probably the insect’s blood mixed with unknown liquids. Probably acid or something. 

Lucius manipulated the blood and threw the corpse in the corner. The lifeforms in this world were much more violent after being infected with the Blacklight virus. On earth, the zombies wouldn’t attack him.

But it’s different now. They still maintained their own instinct. A hunting instinct higher than a zombie.

It came from the non-human genes in the humans’ blood. A gene that could adapt to all foreign objects. 

In another world, the half-vampire had this bloodline inside her body? 

Lucius disliked the creature’s blood scent, so he eliminated the strong blood scent in the air.

Vampires had a sensitive sense of smell. Right now, Lucius felt like he was smelling a rotten lobster. But the insect did look a bit like lobster. 

After Lucius dealt with the disgusting smell, a subtle, inviting fragrance made Lucius’ nose feel slightly better. 

It was a girl’s body fragrance… who just finished bathing and still smelled fresh. 

Did he just become a werewolf or something? He’s not supposed to have such a keen sense of smell. 

“Are you done with the bath?” Lucius looked at Naiya, who had just stepped out of the darkness, illuminated by the fluorite light. 

“Un…” Naiya covered her chest. Her long black hair extended to the back of her waist, still drenched.

Her small face blushed, probably because she had just taken a bath. She lowered her head, unsure what to do, so Lucius couldn’t see her face clearly. 

They froze for a while. No one made a move. 

Naiya was sure her heart never beat so fast in her life. 

A man and woman in the dark, alone. 

While she bathed, she thought of what would happen after this. She had read stories and novels.

She knew what happens to women when they were captured. Right now, she was ‘captured’ too.

And by any means, her master didn’t seem like a nice person. But he also doesn’t look like the ugly villains in novels.

His appearance was attractive to women, which is why Naiya had fantasized about this. 

Lucius intently gazed at Naiya’s body, wearing the black nun uniform he had given to her.

His gaze explored every inch of her body, which made Naiya feel like a snake was slithering on her body.

The maiden’s shyness made her unable to move. As expected, it had to be done! 

Naiya’s shoulder trembled as she slightly pulled open the buttons at the top of her shirt with both hands. Revealing her alluring collarbone and neck…

“That… um…” Naiya lifted her head, blushing madly. She was waiting for Lucius’s action. But when they locked eyes, she realized she was mistaken.

“What are you doing?” 

‘This… this guy…’

Naiya was speechless. “You don’t… want to…” 

“Sex?” Lucius spat the word Naiya was thinking, and then Naiya budged her head, still flustered. 

‘First, he told me to take a shower. Then, I changed clothes. Isn’t that what this is all about?’

Some of the heroines in the novel she read did that. So, she was doing the same thing. 

“Ah…” Lucius looked up and down at her body and sighed. 


‘Why did he sigh?’ 

Naiya noticed something 

Then Lucius looked at her with a ‘You’re an idiot’ look. 


“Say… what?” 

“Are you going to use your body to conquer the Court of the Gods?”


“If you want to seduce someone, grow your breasts first. Half-breed.”  

By the time Lucius finished speaking, Naiya’s face was flustered with anger. 

From the very start, Lucius wasn’t interested in the young girl’s body. It’s all just her imagination. Once again, Lucius played with a maiden’s pure feelings.

After she found out the truth, Naiya’s sanity disappeared, and anger replaced her shyness. 

“Then you should’ve told me!” Naiya grabbed a huge rock out of nowhere. “Bastard!!” 

The stone flew towards Lucius. Seeing the approaching ‘danger’, Lucius slashed it with the Yamato Blade. And his figure instantly appeared in front of Naiya. 

“I thought you were just a timid black kitten.” Lucius grabbed her hand and cupped her chin with the other hand. “But, I never thought you were a grumpy wild kitten.” 

“You…” Naiya tried to speak. But with Lucius’ face so close to her own face, enchanted by the golden eyes, she was mesmerized. 

She’s like… 

Looking at her pretty face, Lucius let go of his hand, holding her chin, and gently stroked her long black hair.

She’s too much alike… 

At a glance, Naiya, who was wearing a black nun uniform, looked like Lucius’ most cherished person. 

His sister… 

Aside from her violet eyes, her strong personality that always defies Lucius made him realize…

She’s not his sister… 

Lucius let go of her hand. She rubbed her wrist, probably hurt from Lucius’ grip. She was a bit frustrated. Lucius had been playing with her since the very beginning. 

“What exactly do you want me to do?” Naiya questioned her again. 

“I can grant you the power to kill those Saints. But first, you must obey me with absolute obedience. I don’t appreciate a cat that set its claws on its master.”

“I’m not a cat!” Naiya retorted. 

“It’s just a metaphor. But the white cat I have back home is much more obedient than you.” 

With Lucius’ puzzle words, Naiya couldn’t answer. 

“You already made it clear at the beginning. Everything is your subject. Besides, you can easily kill me if you’re tired of me, right?” Naiya looked at the Yamato Blade in his hands. It was so sharp that it definitely could’ve easily killed her.

“It seems you’re already aware. Well, here’s the first thing I want you to do.” Lucius pondered and then spoke. “Take off your clothes.”

“YOU!” As soon as she heard it, she glared at Lucius. 

‘What the hell is wrong with this man? He’s too messed up!’ Naiya felt like she was being played. But she understood that he wouldn’t say it twice, so she gave up resisting. 

Naiya bit her lips, gradually unbuttoned her shirt. Exposing her naked shoulder, the black nun’s uniform slipped down from her body. 

Under the fluorite’s dim light, the maiden’s budding body was exposed. 

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