Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 125


Arthas stood straight, and her tail also raised high as if she changed from a NEET girl to a soldier to be inspected.

… It’s just the clothes on Arthas wasn’t suitable for occasions such as the military parade.

Bear pajamas.

Can’t you be more naive?

Lucius didn’t know that his own Lich King had such a hobby.


Lucius reminded her.


Arthas did not have any impatient expressions on her face. But she quickly ran to the pile of figures, costumes, and all kinds of weird things. In the corner of the wall, she searched for the armor she had thrown away.


The catgirl struggled to find a pile of armor among the pile of groceries she had piled up.

The poor cat girl was completely buried in the groceries pile that collapsed; only the soft tail behind her showed up.


Lucius reminded himself repeatedly that she was a Lich King who plunged the entire Azeroth continent into a disaster.

The leader of the famous Scourge Legion, the Lich King!

But now that Arthas is so clumsy. Lucius can’t imagine her as the Lich King who reigns over the world!

She’s just like his sister.


Thinking of this, Lucius’s face turned gloomy.

After shaking his head to dispel all the thoughts in his mind, he kept watching the poor little white catgirl among the pile of groceries, trying to find the clothes she should wear.


After shaking her tail a few times, Arthas finally emerged from the pile of groceries.

She took a deep breath and held the Lich King’s armor that exuded the icy luster.

She glanced at Lucius cautiously and found that Lucius didn’t show a reproach or angry expression. Then, she cautiously walked out of the grocery pile.

“Put it on.”

Lucius saw Arthas standing in front of him. Just like a kid who made a mistake, not knowing what to do. Lucius spoke again.


Arthas nodded and then just unbuttoned her pajamas with her hands.

Right in front of Lucius.

And Lucius kept watching Arthas doing that.

As a Lich King who looks the same as an underage girl, her figure is not yet bloomed to the stage where she should be putting on a lady’s underwear because Arthas’s chest was still slightly bulging.

The pajamas fell off to the ground. Her fair skin was exposed naked in front of Lucius.

Arthas didn’t seem to mind being naked in front of Lucius. Only when she was wearing some strange clothes, Arthas will show her girly shyness in front of Lucius.

Although Arthas’s body was exposed to the air at this time, for some guys with peculiar taste, it was indeed breathtaking scenery.

But for Lucius… ah, the dead… didn’t feel anything. 

The long silver hair was trembling slightly. Arthas put on the Lich King’s armor in front of Lucius, slowly, parts by parts. This heavy armor fits her petite body highlighting the Lich King’s majesty, who had become inaudible because of her appearance.

After changing her clothes, she looked at Lucius blankly as if waiting for Lucius’s next instructions.

“Gather all the gargoyles under your command. I need them to fight at the area of several kilometers.”

“Got it…”

Arthas responded that the gargoyles of his troops belonged to a relatively large number of mediocre units.

These creatures resembling bats were only one level higher than skeletons and ghouls in the Scourge.

“I’m ready to go…”

Arthas nodded. But standing there again looking at the scenery in the room, looking a little uneasy.

“Ar, as long as you can maintain the majesty of the Lich King at any time and can fight on the battlefield with a sword. I will not interfere with your private life.”

What Lucius needs is a Lich King who can deter the world, not a NEET girl squatting at home.


Arthas’s ears trembled happily, and she ran to the door quickly. Lucius followed, but he was still half a step behind Arthas.

In the territory of the Scourge. She was the king here!


Walking out of the Necropolis, the undead creatures below came and went, revealing a strange sense of prosperity.

After Arthas appeared expressionless and walked on the street, the undead all stopped to pay their respects.

Lucius followed behind Arthas, feeling the prosperity from hell, and there was an indescribable feeling.

Lucius couldn’t figure out communication between the undead, although the legendary vampire excels at black magic, especially necromancy.

It’s because he specializes in the instinct of vampires, the blood control ability. In terms of black magic, it can only be called slight dabbling.

As an Alucard, he only believes in blood.

Swallowing more blood can make them stronger. Therefore, now Lucius, walking in this world, was not weaker than any so-called Saint!

He was a Level Sixth life form, after all.



The prosperity of the undead is endless darkness.

Arthas stood still in the graveyard filled with tombstones and the smell of carrion.

No one has died here, but human bones can be vaguely seen in the soil on the ground.

The corpse was the continuous kinetic energy of this race, which was as important as oil to humans.

After this cemetery, several cave-dwelling demons used silk thread to put the collected ore resources into an ominous building and then quickly left.

Arthas stood in front of this building and glanced at Lucius…

After Lucius nodded, the Lich King pulled out his Frostmourne, and the sword representing death and frost pierced the earth full of bones.

Then the cemetery began to tremble, and the soil where a large number of corpses was buried trembled… one after another, strange stone creatures looking like bats emerged from the soil.

These stone statues have a life… Hidden under the rigid exterior is a bloodthirsty heart.

There were about a few hundred gargoyles; each had the power between the Level 3 and Level 4 life form.

Arthas waved Frostmourne, wanting these gargoyles to show their true posture in front of Lucius. But Lucius made a gesture to calm Arthas down.

If it becomes a biological form. It’s not easy to carry.

“Is it okay to give their command to me?” Lucius glanced at these gargoyles.

“Yeah.” Arthas looked like she was thrilled to be able to help Lucius.

After that, soft but gloomy energy was transmitted to Lucius’s body. For a while, Lucius felt a connection with these gargoyles.

The Lich King gave himself control of this group of dark creatures!

“One more thing, Al.”


“Let the undead creatures under your command calm down.” Lucius is now confirming to the system the limit range that the Stargate opened here can transport.


Arthas glanced at the undead under her command. Their appearance was hideous and terrifying, but now they were doing their task in an orderly manner.

The dead do not know what exhaustion is; you can order them to repeat one thing for a lifetime.

“I want to bring the coffin slab to this world. The pure arcane energy in it may cause some intelligent creatures in your legion to feel uneasy.”

In particular, the Crypt Lord who constantly monitoring him from the mound. 

Lucius actually could felt that the huge body of the Crypt Lord was on the soil layer above.

Are all the top leaders of the Scourge Corps Lolicon? I didn’t have any strange thoughts about your king, so what are you looking at?!


Coffin slab?

Arthas thought about who Lucius was referring to.

It seemed that after thinking of it, Arthas hummed.

“Let’s start with this. Xerath’s appearance may cause the Scourge to riot because he’s too flamboyant and never knows how to hide his aura.”

“Husbando…” Arthas suddenly uttered a word that made Lucius feel a little horrified.

This time it was Lucius’s turn to think. After reading the memories of nearly tens of millions of people in the Dead River, he understood the meaning of this sentence.

Sure enough, the Lich King’s power to learn was too strong.

Lucius didn’t know what to say and finally began to communicate with the system.

Xerath is a Level 7 life form.

The strongest existence since Lucius’s contact with the system.

The small Stargate has no energy to let such a powerful creature pass through.

Finally, under Lucius’s several bargains, the system upgraded Stargate once for one million Despair Points.

In the center of the city that Arthas had just named the Necropolis, the only Stargate that seemed extremely holy than the gloomy tones around it finally changed.

The Stargate spreads slowly, and the azure blue luster becomes more and more intense.

After the final upgrade, it had the size that could accommodate an aircraft carrier going out sideways and coming in sideways.

An existence that was also shining with azure blue light suddenly rushed out of this Stargate.

“I have answered your call, summoner! They will die on my hands!”

This strongest mage from the ancient Shurima, after being sublimated into a spirit body. The underground world was flowing with reckless arcane magic.

The strong arcane energy swept away the gloomy air in the ground!

The azure blue light illuminates the entire underground world, and the undead creatures begin to become irritable and restless.


Lucius knew that this would happen. When he turned around again, he found out that the Crypt Lord had emerged out of nowhere, protecting his king behind him.

I said I’m not a lolicon! Don’t look at me with those eyes!

Lucius saw a vigilant look in the eyes of the beetle.

“Who’s that for?” Lucius pointed to the sky that exudes hundreds of millions of watts of brilliance.

“Takedown that electric bulb for me!!”

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