Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 126


After a while, the crypt lord was blasted back into the mound he was living by Arthas.

This pitiful beetle got out of the ground and then got in again, and the super-light bulb on the sky that Xerath made to illuminate the world finally converged and landed at the cemetery under Lucius’s order.

These poor ghouls and abomination. At the moment Xerath appeared, they were frightened to their bones.

Fortunately, the Lich King was sitting here, and after a short commotion, these undead spirits went to do their own tasks.

Under the look of Arthas’ expectation, Lucius also ordered the Lich King, who had only become a NEET, to return to the Necropolis and continued her fight with the big SS of the Scarlet Monastery.

He didn’t know if the wild party that revived Arthas’s corpse have left or not.

But teaming up with the real Lich King… tsk… tsk… If they knew it, what kind of expressions they would make?

None of this matters to Lucius.

Xerath was floating in front of Lucius. His body was full of arcane energy. The scenery of the underground world had already been incorporated into his mind.

He didn’t ask much. The small electric sparks from time to time on his body represented what he was thinking.

He was thinking about what his master wanted him to do when summoning him.

“Xerath, what’s your fastest flight speed?”

In front of Lucius, a blood map was formed.

The thing simulated by blood was nothing but the airship that took off from the Sky Harbor from the Buried Gold City and headed towards the Capital. The speed of the airship was fast. Now, it has passed through two cities.

The distance between the two cities on this world was like the distance between the two cities on different provinces on earth.


There was a thunderous sound from Xerath’s body. The clear blue luster gleamed in the restrained metal covering his whole body, “The speed will not be slower than any transportation tool built by humans in your world! Summoner…”

Xerath should be referring to the earth.

In other words, this man wasn’t just a walking turret, but can also become a human-shaped rocket when necessary?

Lucius didn’t know how much the seal on Xerath had been broken. But after knows the speed, there was nothing to worry about.

“Do you want to see the scenery of another world?”

A bloody ball floated beside Lucius. This is Lucius’s Dead River, and the transformation of the system comes with the ability to contain inanimate objects.

The blood-colored brilliance flashed. Hundreds of gargoyle statues placed in the cemetery disappeared. All of it was packed into another space in the Dead River.

“As long as this world has the qualifications for me to explore!”

Xerath has a nearly fanatical pursuit of knowledge! As long as all the knowledge related to arcane arts, he will always absorb them…

His fascination with arcane and magic has reached a point where ordinary people cannot understand.

For him, exploring new worlds is to get in touch with new magic…

“I won’t let you down.”

At present, what Lucius knows of the world’s energy was a power similar to magic. Lucius was not clear about the specific structure.

After all, he was not omnipotent. His magic proficiency was far inferior to the ancient spirit in front of him.

“Your command is my track!”

Lucius saw Xerath’s body flashing light and flint everywhere. Suddenly he felt that if he put that light bulb out, he predicted it would illuminate the world.

Lucius hates the light, especially the brilliance that could expose himself from the darkness.

“”But I have a request. You should converge, hide… Without my order, I will not allow anyone in this world to perceive your presence.”

“Why the mortals of flesh and blood should be afraid… But I will follow your instructions.”

Xerath concealed the arcane energy that he radiated all the time. If it wasn’t for Xerath standing in front of Lucius, Lucius would even think he was just a coffin slab…

“Very good.”

Lucius’s figure was flashed by red light and then turned into a small bat. He flapped his wings and stopped on Xerath’s shoulder.

“Fly, ancient witch spirit! See this world right now!”

“As you wish!”

Xerath’s figure suddenly trembled. The arcane energy under his feet began to gush out and finally burst out. Suddenly the surrounding scenery quickly retreated in Lucius’s eyes!

The ancient witch spirit rushed out toward the upper soil layer in a straight line!


On the ground, the Magical Beast Forest.

The forest that had been silent for hundreds of years suddenly began to rage.

The beasts in the forest roared in terror. Birds flew up from their resting trees. A large number of birds gathered to cover the sky.

Then the soil on the ground was suddenly lifted up! The azure luster dazzled in the eyes of all the Beasts!

They haven’t figured out what happened, and the ray of light disappeared.


Lucius, who was a little bat, stood on Xerath’s shoulder. Now Xerath’s body like the shape of his coffin when he was sealed in.

Only the end is powered by terrifying arcane energy gathered here.

Lucius’s body was covered with a faint blood-colored film. His bat’s feet were also the same.

Otherwise, with Lucius’s current body weight, he would be flown off by the winds with Xerath’s current traveling speed.


Xerath traversed the Beast Forest near the Buried Golden City and flew towards the direction Lucius pointed at an astonishing speed.

The clouds gathered in this sky glowed light red under the sunlight.

Xerath passed these clouds through. Continue to fly forward.

Finally, Lucius saw his goal…

The alchemy airship…

The alchemy airship was heading from Buried Gold City to the Capital.

It was like a giant whale made of steel, traveling through the sea of ​​clouds and mist… The tail emits a dark blue light as the driving force. It drove forward quickly.


Lucius, who had become a little bat, jumped on Xerath’s shoulder. Almost blown away by the wind, Xerath reached out and held Lucius, who had turned into a bat, in his hand.

“What’s the matter, summoner?”

Xerath looked at the cute little bat in front of him and continued to speak in a low tone.

“Don’t you think such sunny weather is not suitable for bat activities?”

The sun in the sky was shining on Lucius.

Bats and the sun don’t match each other.

Xerath knew what Lucius wanted to do; he stopped flying fast, just floating quietly in the air.

Lucius flew to Xerath’s shoulder so he could cast the spells.

“Let me show you what real magic looks like, summoner!”

Lightning running through Xerath’s hands!

The clouds, which could have passed through the soft white layer, became unusually dark!

They are rendered grey and become more and more… gathering together!

Within these clouds, destructive lightning filled the sky!

The clear weather has become harsh, and the sky is no longer dominated by humans. Indeed, it has taught humans what power is!

In the thunder and lightning clouds created by Xerath, the airship has no way to breakthrough.

Another beam of lightning flashed in Xerath’s hand.

“Such an old magic…” Xerath let out a sigh, and suddenly the airship stopped slowly in the clouds.

This giant whale wandering in the sea of ​​sky encountered a predator even more terrifying than itself!

The rain was pouring down… the sound of thunder and lightning was piercing.

Lucius looked at the airship shrouded in dark clouds. He left Xerath’s shoulder and flew towards the airship!

The pitch-black little bat looks so small in this dark cloud-shrouded environment. But this bat turned into a human figure at the moment lightning pierced it!

Xerath discovered that it was not Lucius’s appearance. Instead, it’s a figure with a skull mask covered in a grey cloak!

Humans couldn’t fly; the grey cloak was shaken by the wind. The figure fell quickly into the sky!

“Presenting the man of death…”

The eyes of the skull mask flashed with scarlet luster. And after making a salute gesture in front of Xerath, He turned and glided down toward the airship!

At the same time, in the dark night, hundreds of bat-like demons appeared in the air.


The rough sound was masked by the crackling sound of thunder and lightning.

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