Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 127


On the bridge of the airship.

The crowds in imperial costumes are busy coming and going… the image projected from the unknown crystal shows a dangerous crimson red.

“What happened?”

Standing on the seat in the center of the bridge, a middle-aged man with white hair and a thick beard, the captain of the “Farewell Tempest” stood up. Frown tightly, looking at the dark clouds outside the window.

The lightning flashes from time to time were particularly infiltrating.

“Commander, didn’t you say that stormy weather is absolutely impossible for this route?”

“This… Master Captain… The weather in the sky is supposed to be less than the sea’s unpredictable weather…”

“Supposed?” The captain glared at the middle-aged men sitting on the front control panel.

“But the weather in this area seems a bit strange. The thunder and lightning clouds were instantly formed out of nowhere…”

One of them wiped the sweat overflowing from his forehead.

“Heh, is it possible that anyone can do anything to the sky?”

As the captain, he spent almost all his life on this airship. From the young and ignorant Sky Harbor handyman, he achieved the current captain position. His experience of sailing in the sky was better than anyone present.

“Raise the height above the thunder and lightning clouds! Don’t let the guests be frightened! Her Royal Highness is among them… If something goes wrong, your whole family will pay for this crime!”

“Yes… Of course…”

The operator below responded repeatedly.

The reason why they were so nervous was probably this… The world originally thought of the girl who inherited the title of Emperor out of sheer luck.

But now, she was like a hero after the incident at the Buried Gold City. The people began to support her as well.

The captain said nothing about this. But the other party was a supreme emperor, second only to the presence of the emperor. If he didn’t entertain her well, he can’t continue living in this world.

“Ship… Master Captain! The airship’s power furnace… seems to be broken?!”

“What?” The captain was shocked.

Sure enough, the moment the voice fell. The airship suddenly stopped in midair. The resulting inertia almost fails to make the captain fall to the ground.

Damn it! Why did I run into any bad luck today!?

The captain glanced at the worsening weather outside the window and made a decisive decision.

“What is the maintenance department doing? They are obliged to repair the power furnace within ten minutes!” The captain shouted.

“No response!” The correspondent replied weakly, “We’re unable to connect to the maintenance department! They have not responded…”

The area of ​​this airship is huge. The people responsible for maintaining the airship live on the lowest level of the airship.

The communication method is also through which special crystals are used to call and give orders.

“No response? Damn…”

The captain’s inner anxiety began to grow stronger and stronger.

What a coincidence, everything was too coincidental! When it was hit by thunder and lightning clouds, the airship’s power furnace happened to malfunction!

Intuition made the captain continue to speak out the command loudly, “Transfer the screen of the monitoring crystal to the restroom of the maintenance department! Now…”

Is it an air pirate? The barbarians who invaded the sky…

The captain remained calm. The voice was so sonorous and powerful.

“Yes… I understand!”

But when the correspondent adjusted the picture to the maintenance room, a strange silence fell on the bridge.


Every corner of the screen was covered with blood where a few dark creatures are squirming. Human limbs fell to the ground…

They were eating human flesh and blood!

Eventually, a monster finally realized that something was peeping at them, and it jumped over.

In the end, the scene ends with the sight of hideous blood-stained faces rushing up.

The dead silence was finally broken by the captain’s order.

“Everyone, get ready to fight! Arm the guards! Protect the passengers… the airship is invaded by unknown creatures! Alert level one! Run! Quick!”

“Ship… Captain… something seems to be dangling over the glass!”

A timid driver pointed at the glass that was struck by rain and lightning. The sky was so gloomy that it made people breathless.

“Boy! I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense now! Get out of this airship if you’re afraid!”

The captain wanted to continue the order, but the cold breath representing death hit his whole body! His body froze, a dagger pressed against his neck.

Trembling, his eyes slowly looked aside…

A pair of scarlet eyes shone in the darkness.

“Ship… Captain! Behind you… there is… a ghost!”

The captain did not answer his men again because his head had fallen to the ground with the bloom of blood.

A figure in a grey robe stood in front of everyone.

“The time to gift death… has arrived…”

The harsh sound echoed in the bridge.

Lightning pierced the sky, illuminating the inside of the bridge… The metal skull mask and the scarlet eyes with deep sarcasm were reflected in everyone’s eyes.

This was the last view they saw in their lives.

The dagger lifted slightly. The bodies of more than 20 people in the bridge were cut, torn… Blood spurted all over the steel ground.

No one survived; they were not even qualified to have the thought of running away.

They were already dead…

Lucius stood on the bridge, smelling the blood in the air. The gloomy sky was the best habitat for Lucius.

Raising the blood-stained dagger in his hand, Lucius walked towards the control panel step by step. His grey trench coat was fluttering along with his steps. The shabby corner was stained with blood.

Lucius picked up a small and exquisite crystal based on the memories of the people who had just been killed.

This crystal can transmit any information to every corner of the airship.

What should I say?

‘You have been kidnapped! Everyone will die!’… or something?


Lucius did not forget the identity he played, a member of the Undertaker. The frightening Assassin organization in this world, a mortician who gave the dead the last dignity.

Assassin, murderer, killer…

These were Lucius’ identity.

And not a butcher! Robber! Executioner!

Kill only one person, give death to the target, and leave! This was what the assassin should do.

Now, the assassin’s target is the life of the Her Imperial Highness, Naiya Dodran.

So the slaughter or something… Let’s talk about it then.

Lucius spoke in a soft voice.

“Good evening, citizens of the empire, please don’t panic about this storm. The airship will survive this storm safely. Our destination is not far from here… Tonight, it’s a wonderful night, so please enjoy this… wonderful night!”

After saying everything, the crystal in Lucius’ hands fell to the ground… shattered…

In this room with only corpses, it should have been silence, but a discordant voice sounded.

The scarlet eyes turned sideways and looked at a human being on the ground who had survived and was about to escape.

“Send… Mourner… No… Don’t kill me!”

He felt fear, not because of the corpses on the ground but because of the existence of standing in front of him!

The ghost that everyone fears.

It’s just fear had no way for him to hold his own life.

The dagger cut through the silent night. And once again added a touch of scarlet to the darkness.

A dagger pierced the brain of the surviving human, nailing his body to the wall behind!

The blood flowed down the wall. The expression of fear was frozen on his face forever.

“What… a wonderful… night.”

There was an inexplicable excitement in the rough voice.

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