Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 128



Naiya is now in an environment filled with a hypocritical atmosphere.

Since Naiya inherits the emperor title, the attitude of the people around her has made the girl who has been living with Muccia in the small village very uncomfortable!

The civilians at the Buried Gold City saw Naiya with an attitude of respect and worship.

But, here…

Naiya only felt the abject of hypocrisy!

Naiya belonged to the highest-level guest of this airship and was arranged for a separate room.

Now, it’s time for dinner. Naiya has to go to the restaurant to find some food to see if she can suppress the vampire desire in her body.

Just as she walked into the restaurant, a group of nobles surrounded her. As aristocrats, they all want to have a good relationship with the new Her Royal Highness.

Once she arrives at the Capital, the Royal daughter whose identity appears even more noble would be great to have acquaintance with. 

“Your Majesty, I will never forget your gallantry after seeing it.”

It was coming from a nobleman about the same weight as her height with a disgusting smile on his face.

“What is the purpose of your visit here?”

What can I do in the restaurant?

“Ah, your Royal Highness, my daughter admires you very much…”

Behind a group of middle-aged nobles, some younger girls were hiding behind. All of whom are about the same age as Naiya and looked at Naiya’s with a strange look.

In the battle of Buried Gold City, Naiya’s name seems to be a little closer to a hero.

But if they really had witnessed Her Royal Highness slashed the beasts with a magical sword, not one would ever forget it.

Including some aristocratic girls with young hearts.

Your sister! She was also a girl!

Naiya felt the hot gazes of those noble ladies. It makes her uncomfortable. 

Naiya’s appearance was stunning, with her hair was tied up. She was full of indescribable heroism.

Coupled with the jet-black men’s clothing worn by her and the icy cold temperament, she was the object of every man and woman’s envy.

“That… I’m sorry.”

Even so, Naiya was able to maintain her sanity at this time. She stepped back slowly to leave the restaurant. Naiya really can’t bear this kind of atmosphere.

These noble’s faces were full of smiles called profit.

This abrupt way of contact makes her unsure of how to face it.

“Your Royal Highness, please don’t leave so quickly. It’s a rare occasion to come to a restaurant. What do you want to eat? I will treat you.”

“No… I’ll do it!”

Naiya looked at the nobles who had the urge to fight. After shaking her head, she politely refused. Immediately rushed towards the other side of the cabin.

“Wait. Your Royal Highness!”

The nobles who were tossed by drinks and money behind him struggled to keep up with Naiya’s speed.

After turning a few corners, Naiya easily left those people out of sight.


Naiya suddenly realized that the creatures called noble was so terrifying.

When she was poor with no identity, those nobles always looked at her with a pretentious attitude and disdain. But once she became the superior Empress status… now they chase her like hyenas, hoping to tear a piece of meat from her… The meat that can benefit them.

This world is so realistic.

When Naiya felt that she was relieved, the sound of hurried footsteps came again.

Left? Or the right?

Naiya glanced around this luxurious wooden corridor and found that there were sounds on both sides.

And it’s those lingering guys!

There was no other way; Naiya glanced at the door behind her, opened the door, said, ‘Excuse me, ‘ and then walked in.

The door was closed.

Naiya glanced at this normal airship room.

The layout of the rooms in the high-class cabin is similar, just like the rooms in the 5-star hotel.

Naiya just stepped into this room and closed the door gently.

But soon, she was attracted by the subtle humming in this room. It was a very tiny singing voice, so tiny that it was unnoticeable.

But once the singing voice appeared, Naiya’s restless mood was completely calmed down. She did not dare to make any more noises for fear of disturbing the singer.

It’s not an extravagant song; it was a very ordinary song where the singer gently hums an unknown nursery rhyme, just like a mother’s lullaby before bed, soothing her inner restlessness and anxiety together.

This was more beautiful than those grand concerts in the theatre.

Naiya looked up and saw the figure sitting on a chair by the window.

Where was this singing voice came from?

“Ah… is there a guest here?” The chair turned around.

Naiya now realized that it was a wheelchair, a tool for people with physical disabilities.

Sitting on that chair was a petite girl. Maybe she was cold, she wrapped a grey scarf around her neck. The thick scarf covered her chin, only showing her small nose.

The long grey hair of the same color as the scarf scattered down.

Just like a dark elf appeared in front of Naiya.

It was just because of the dim light, Naiya couldn’t see the skin on her eyes clearly.

Only when the lightning flashed, Naiya saw clearly that the skin on the girl’s forehead was covered with wounds. The hideous color was incompatible with her delicate skin.

Maybe she suffered misfortune or something.

Naiya watched her sitting on a chair. Her weak feet were wrapped in black stockings.

“Sorry to disturb you.”

For this girl who looks much younger than herself. Naiya felt it was impolite to break into the room and was about to push the door to leave.

“It’s okay, but are you the Royal Highness?” The girl’s surprised voice made Naiya’s movements paused.

“It’s really Her Royal Highness!”

Listening to the girl’s voice with surprise. Naiya suddenly had a strange thought.

Was the reason she become like this was because of the Buried Gold City incident? Wouldn’t that mean that she didn’t protect her?

In that incident, Naiya unknowingly pushed the responsibility for civilian injuries to herself.

“Call me… Naiya. I’m really not used to be called the Empress.”

Naiya turned her head and looked at the girl sitting in the chair, slightly apologetically.

“It’s really you, Your Royal Highness!” With a gloomy expression on her face, she put on a smile. “No, Sister… Naiya…”

“Then… Because this is the first time we met, my name is Starla Vernet…”

Seeing Naiya said her name, the girl also spoke her name in an educated way.

“Sorry. I can’t pay my salute to you because of my physical condition, Your Royal Highness…”

It can be seen that she was the daughter of a noble.

“It’s okay.” Naiya shook her head.



Naiya saw Starla’s innocent smile. And for a while, she didn’t know how to face it. The cold expression on her face melted slightly.

“Sister Naiya is really such a gentle person,” Starla murmured.

Gentle? At what point?

Naiya was a little helpless. But she still felt a little concerned about the wound on the girl’s body.

Maybe it was because of Naiya’s thoughts and her worried look; Starla still smiled, “Well, Sister Naiya, don’t worry. These injuries happened to me by accident a few years ago.”


Naiya suddenly felt that the girl in front of her looked familiar.

As if buried deep in her brain, Naiya finally figured out the true identity of the person in front of her.

“The first singer?”

Naiya suddenly remembered the identity of the grey-haired girl in front of her.

This is a very long memory. When Naiya was still wandering alone, she was fortunate enough to have heard the singing of this grand singer once.

For a world without war, the entertainment industry was so popular…

“Actually, I like dancing better than singing.”

Starla smiled, exchanging this sentence for Naiya’s silence.

Because this girl can no longer dance on the stage anymore, her legs… and with her burned skin on the forehead… this was her reason for retiring at the peak of her career.

“Don’t mind this, Sister Naiya. Would you like to sit with me? I really want to take a good look at the hero who saved this city.”

Faced with Starla’s request, Naiya could not refuse.

Naiya sat opposite her… Starla didn’t feel inferior because of her body condition. Instead, she took the initiative to find a cup and teapot to pour a cup of black tea that smelled good for Naiya.

“By the way, Sister Naiya, do you really want to inherit the throne?”


Everything was arranged; it’s not like I can say no.

After Naiya took a sip from the teacup, she nodded.

Her life was no longer under her own control. Now Naiya was just following the orders of a certain person.

What he tells Naiya to do, Naiya will do what she was told to do. Even if she was told to kill the girl with a pure smile on her face. Naiya won’t hesitate.

“This is Sister Naiya’s dream!?”

To become an emperor probably, was everyone’s dream. Everyone wants to be her.

But Naiya was different. All she wanted was revenge. She was relying on the strength that the man gave to herself.

Starla sighed when she saw Naiya shook her head and said nothing.

“Sure enough, Her Royal Highness is gorgeous! Starla feeling charmed by you!”


After hearing these words, Naiya almost choked to death with a mouthful of black tea!

Fuck, how many times do I have to say, I’m a woman!

But listening to Starla’s sincere tone, Naiya didn’t really want to blame her.

So far, after Naiya became an empress. She was the only person she has met that feel real.

Probably because of her young age.

“Sister Naiya. Do you want to hear my dreams?” Starla put her hands together and pressed them to her chin as if admiring Naiya’s profile.

“What is it?”

Naiya suddenly felt like she had returned to her time in the Church. There was a group of children who depended on her.

“I want to stand on the stage and dance again… No matter what I have to exchange it for.”

No matter what… you can exchange it for?

Fate is really tricky.

But she was strong.

“You can stand up again.”

“Ah, really? Thank you, Sister Naiya.” Starla’s eyes narrowed as she answered with a smile.

“Yeah…” When Naiya was about to continue speaking, the airship shook suddenly.

What happened?

After Naiya finished drinking the black tea in her hand, she immediately ran out of the room. She wanted to see the situation but was worried about the helpless girl in the room.

“Sister Naiya, it’s okay. My housekeeper is going out to get my dinner. She should be back soon. You can go out to see the situation!”

Naiya chose to believe in Starla. After Naiya nodded and thanked her, she ran towards the corridor.

The door… closed.

For a while, Starla was left alone in the room.

But suddenly, in the darkened room, a grey figure emerged.

The metal skull mask gradually emerged from the shadows. At the same time, the blood-stained dagger was aimed at the delicate figure sitting on the wheelchair.

The scarlet eyes exude a cold luster.

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