Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 129


The scene in the airship hall was simply a mess.

A large number of jet-black creatures smashed through the windows and fluttered with their wings. Tearing every human being seen in front of them with their claws.

The guards on the airship also belong to a certain knight order.

It’s just that this knight group can’t play any role in front of these creatures!

Like a falcon hunting rabbits on the ground…

Human beings were defenseless rabbits. They ran, but the results were the black creature’s claws penetrated the back of their neck and fell into a pool of blood.

“Chief! My Lord Chief!”

Because the broken glass rain and hurricane swept into this hall, the guards became a mess…

When these creatures had broken through the window, they were slowly tasting wine and preparing to enjoy the night time.

Who would have thought this would become his last night?

This group of creatures was intelligent. After they wiped out the most threatening human beings, they started hunting and killing humans in the hall. Whether it is the high-class hall where the nobles gather or the room where the civilians are located below. This airship has been surrounded by the monsters hiding in the shadows.

They surround the airship, and together with the thundering lightning, they brought endless fear to mankind.

This night… was long.

It was so long that people tremble all over.

As the leader of everything, Lucius silently hides in the shadows. The dagger in Lucius’s hand has been stained with enough blood. Now, as an assassin, Lucius only needs to wait for the target to appear and then take her head…

Watching human beings scattered and fleeing.

In this silent night, they were like lost hares who need guidance.

The only thing waiting for them, in the end, is death. 

Nobody… wants to die, right?

But someone needs to stand up against the monsters in the sky. It’s just that the guards fell one by one, and the screams of human horror… No one would stay sane.

At least humans will not.

When he came, Lucius smelled his familiar aura. The aura of the same clan with a war intention!

Lead the ignorant hare to escape from the falcon’s talons!

The purple-black sword cut off this chaotic situation in an instant!

A stern cry made everyone who was shrouded in fear stunned.

This was not the painful cry of human death, but those bat-like monsters!

The gargoyle cries of pain.

“They are not strong!”

An icy cold voice sounds very clear in this noisy environment.

Naiya held the Arondight and slashed the flying gargoyle in the hall into two. Against’ her sword, the gargoyle in front of Naiya was easily slain down.

“Her Royal Highness!”

Someone recognized Naiya’s identity.

“What’s with this airship?”

Another gargoyle died under Naiya’s sword, clean and neat. The gargoyle’s body was fragile and vulnerable. After killing these black monsters easily twice in a row, the fear of the crowd was slightly diminished.

This was the sky. Thousands of meters above the sky!

Human beings have a lingering fear of the sky because a human can’t fly!

If this airship was attacked and fell, it was their biggest fear.

“The airship has lost the power to move forward and can only be suspended in the air… There was no response at all when we contacted the bridge!”

A knight of the guards answered Naiya’s question. The knights who had lost their commander instinctively took Naiya, The Empress, as their commander.

Protecting the princess has always been the knight’s most important duty, but no one would see Naiya as a delicate princess in need of protection.

There were two extremely miserable gargoyles on the ground. It is the best example of Naiya’s strength. The one in front of them was the Empress, who will surely rule the world in the future! 


The gargoyle is still invading non-stop, and Naiya swinging her sword to resist. She looks at the people who were scared and looked like they were expecting something.

After thinking about it for a while, Naiya has finally done well on her responsibilities as an Empress. An Imperial Highness who commands soldiers to gallop on the battlefield instead of hiding in the palace, playing with dolls, and waiting for the prince to greet her.

“Where is the windowless room in this airship?”

Another gargoyle fell under Naiya’s sword. There was no blood. After this group of monsters died, they turned into stones and shattered. But more and more gargoyles poured into the airship from the window, and rainwater splashed into the hall.

“It’s the storage room!”

“Take refugee there! Also, is there a guard in the civilian compartment below?”


“Give them the same order! Now, execute it immediately!”

There was a certain sense of decisiveness in Naiya’s voice. With more and more casualties, if she hesitated, the consequences would be disastrous.

The young Empress gave orders. There was no way for these knights to defy, and there was no need to defy, the scene gradually became orderly with the resistance of the knights.

Naiya, she succeeded!

As long as these gargoyles fly into the hall, it will only be a matter of time before they will all be killed.

The human was much stronger than these monsters.

The gargoyle pouring into this hall had no resistance at all in front of the regrouped human knights. They have wings and belong to the open sky, and this small room in the hall was not suitable for them to hunt.

Of course, most of the gargoyles were flying above the airship. The outer structure of the airship was destroyed by storms and thunder, and lightning.


There was a violent explosion on the flanks of the airship, and the sharp teeth of these gargoyles seemed to bite something that shouldn’t be bitten.

The airship shook violently, and Naiya could hear the screams above the airship.

Fortunately, the airship did not fall. In the endless darkness., It’s like a dying giant whale that keeps wailing feebly.

Naiya understood that if the monsters were allowed to continue like this, the airship would fall sooner or later.

It must land safely!

Then the first thing they need to do is let it move again.

Naiya was trying her best to think about how to save those humans from the air crash.

Death has quietly focused on Her Royal Highness…

Lucius hiding in the shadows, a few drops of blood dripped around. The blood slowly formed another person’s body, exactly the same as Lucius’s current appearance.

A member of the frightening assassination organization “Undertaker”, “Mourners”…

He became a member of Lucius’s Dead River… so Lucius can use the method of burning his soul. Let the mortician who gave the deceased the last dignity reappear in this world.

Assassinate Her Royal Highness.

Lucius didn’t plan to do it himself.

Because even if Lucius suppressed his power, killing his junior is too easy!

Vampires can indeed hide their breath, but the desire for blood may make Lucius so excited to forget what hiding is. Even if it was only a little, Naiya could notice it.

Then, the concept of fighting will not exist. It becomes a punishment.

Even if Lucius wiped Naiya’s neck with a dagger, she would not resist the punishment from the older generation to the younger generation.

This was not controlled by anyone but a decision made by the girl. Her life belongs to Lucius; if Lucius wants it and he can come and get it anytime.

In the next battle, it was almost impossible to hide his killing intent. So, Lucius had to let the real mortician play the role.

The moment the assassin master’s figure appeared in the shadowed corner.

The light on the ceiling that was about to go out exploded at this moment.

This hall was swallowed by darkness, and the flashing lightning outside was a light that humans could not use to see clearly…

Naiya’s scarlet eyes were shining in the darkness because of the blood. She didn’t stop swinging the sword because for the vampire, this darkness has no effect at all!

Only after Naiya killed a gargoyle, she felt the killing intent…

Richer and purer than this group of monsters, just like her own killing intent!

Naiya wanted to resist, but the other party had been preparing for a long time! Culling the prey is just a matter of blinking an eye!

The “Arondight” blade made an ear-piercing sound, sparks splashed in the darkness, and a dagger struck the purple-black sword, pointed at Naiya’s neck.

But under the resistance of the purple-black sword. The dagger stabbed to the side, stabbing Naiya’s shoulder.

The dead’s reaction speed was far less sensitive than the living. This was something that can’t be helped. 

The mortician died, and his body can’t keep up with the speed of the living one. But as a top assassin, he was more than enough to fight the Empress face to face!

In life, he had passed the 53rd floor of the Tower of the Top. 

Naiya, who was given the power of the vampire and coupled with the magic sword’s power, was still inferior to one of the strongest people in this world.

It’s just… everything was not that simple!

Another lightning flashed across the sky.

The metal skull mask of the mortician was illuminated for a short while, and there was a numb silence in the mask’s eyes.

The dead to the dead…

This iconic dress made Naiya understand who she was facing.

The other person’s goal is her…

Naiya didn’t say much. The blood that was dormant in the body belonging to the vampires began to gradually boil, and her heartbeat became faster and faster.

The numbness on her shoulders also began to dissipate.

The dagger was smeared with poison. It’s just that there is no threat to the toxins that work on the vampires’ blood. Unfortunately, these venoms were absolutely fatal to humans, with blood flowing in their bodies!

But Naiya controlled the blood in her body to completely repel the pitch-black toxin inside her body.

The sensation of blood boiling made Naiya’s eyes grew more scarlet, and the instinct of vampire hunting was stimulated. The characteristics of “Arondight” made Naiya’s power and speed grew stronger!

The short dagger waved in the hand of the mortician. His figure suddenly appeared in front of Naiya. The dagger was stained with dark red blood. His goal was to slash Naiya’s neck directly!

There was no killing intent; the dead won’t have any killing intent.

But Naiya has it!

Arondight has powered Naiya’s strength and speed, which was already too strong to be described by ordinary people, to a perverse level.

Naiya directly reached out and grabbed the arm of the mortician, and threw the body to the ground with her tremendous power!

Instinctively, after the mortician got up at the moment he landed, he was greeted by Naiya’s slash. The purple-black great sword was like a light sword in her hand, and the light of the unrelenting light was almost connected all the time.

Naiya hit the mortician several times.

He relied on a small dagger to blocked Naiya’s sword that wanted to divide him in two. The steel ground sank because it couldn’t bear this force and tended to collapse.

Naiya’s power and speed were at the same level as the mortician.

I can win!

Even if the enemy is a mourner, I can win this way…

This is the first time Naiya has defeated a powerful enemy while maintaining her sanity!

It’s just that the reason why the mortician can become a mourner was not only because of his speed and strength. At the same time, he also had that strange blood manipulation ability.

The dagger was overwhelmed and shattered by the sharpness of the purple-black sword, and Naiya cut off the arm of the mortician with her sword!

Naiya did not feel the sound of the blade piercing into the flesh, but the feeling of blood splattering!

Naiya stared at the guy standing in the dark, like a ghost, her eyes widened.

Blood… floating around his severed arm. It seems to have obeyed his orders, floating quietly…


Naiya’s hand holding the sword trembled.

This gesture of using the blood of all things for himself, in Naiya’s mind, a person appeared. 

Naiya stopped her attack, but the other party won’t stop!

The blood hit Naiya’s body like a heavy hammer, and Naiya hit the wall behind.

Why can’t I swing my sword?

Naiya looked at the man surrounded by blood…

When the figure overlapped with him, Naiya couldn’t swing down the sword in her hand.

The mortician is a puppet; yes, he was dead. But behind him, it was Lucius who controls his every move. So he represents Lucius’s will!

Naiya finally realized it, deprived herself of everything, and gave herself the existence of living in this world.

Fear… Naiya instantly saw those playful scarlet eyes in the eyes of the mortician.

Is it him? Is it him?!

The skull mask concealed the entire face of the man in front of him.

It was just an intuition that made Naiya feel that the person in front of him was Lucius.

Naiya, who had sold her life to Lucius, was not qualified to wield a sword at her superior. Naiya was stiff and unable to move for a while.

Even if she is was now called as her Royal Highness by humans. Had a superior identity, Naiya still knows exactly what identity she should have! 

In front of that man…

This was loyalty as a descendant.

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