Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 130


It was miserable.


Lucius observed the fear of Naiya’s face in the dark.


What Lucius needs now was not Naiya’s surrender. But to stand against the representation of darkness, the evil mourner… and kill him with a Valkyrie’s might.


To create another legend that will enable future historians to write down in the legend of history for the great Empress of Dodran!


It’s just… as a junior, Naiya was not qualified to swing a sword at Lucius.


She needs courage, so Lucius will give her the courage to kill him!


Even if this courage will make Naiya out of control!



The mortician’s voice was still harsh. The trembling Empress in front of him was nothing more than a cold corpse after she died.


The numb gaze of the mortician met Naiya’s horrified eyes, and he drew out a dagger again. The severed arm was reorganized by blood.

Seeing that, the flash of a dagger gradually approached her. Naiya felt her brain was blank and her body weaken. She didn’t even have the power to hold the sword.


“Die with that little girl!”


But when the mortician said this, Naiya reacted.


Little girl?




Suddenly, the figure of a weak grey-haired girl sitting in a deserted room looking out the window humming an unknown song appeared in Naiya’s mind…


Naiya smelled her scent on this guy’s dagger.

On the dagger stained with dark blood. Yes… it was her blood—the girl named Starla whose dreams were standing on the stage again and dancing.

Naiya even remembered the quiet smile on her face when she made her a cup of black tea.


“What…what did you say?” Naiya’s lips trembled. She was unsure of this fact.


“Killed her.”

In the rough voice of the mortician, the undeniable facts were spat out coldly. But his unpleasant voice carried an inexplicable sense of pleasure.

His hand stroked the blade of the dagger as if recalling the sweet fear of the girl before she died.


“She didn’t need to die.”

The mortician said in a regretful word, but no regretful tone was heard, “But that little girl was naively enough to call you. My existence… Exposing my whereabouts is taboo. So… I killed her.”


It’s my fault…

Naiya’s eye’s widened.

The scene of heavy rain in the village consumed by flames appeared in front of her eyes.


It was a similar scene to now.


The mortician stood in front of Naiya. Keep talking like playing with his prey before killing it.


“But it took me some time to kill that little girl. I originally planned to cover her mouth to keep her silent. Then let her die like that, but she was foolish. That girl bit me! She broke free. The wheelchair she was sitting on fell to the ground.”

The mortician showed his fingers as if he wanted to show Naiya that the girl was struggling before she died, “She fell on the ground and looked pathetic, you know??”


“She can’t move her legs. She crawled towards the door with her hands like a worm on the ground. That dying look and struggling look really great! The feeling of stepping on her is also wonderful. I heard that. When the little girl’s bone broke, did she make a cry of pain? You can’t hear it, right? Because at that time, you went somewhere, leaving her alone.”


“Stop talking…” Naiya whispered.


Guilt lingered her whole life. She couldn’t protect the children Muccia entrusted to her. They were all dead. Now, she failed to protect again…


Naiya felt the speed of her heart beating faster and faster, and her body was hot, just like being thrown into the volcano.


A violent killing intent came to Naiya’s mind.


“Now it’s your turn, insolent Her Royal Majesty! Just like that little girl before she died, after her neck was cut, she watched her blood spill from her body, and died with a desperate expression on her face!”


Blood emerged from the hands of the mortician, and the blood forms a sword.


“Stop talking…” Naiya held the Arondight in her hand tighter and tighter.


“You can’t save anyone!”


This sentence suddenly struck a warning bell deep in Naiya’s heart that was absolutely forbidden to touch!


It appeared again… the scenery in the village, the vampire blood rioted in Naiya’s body.

Her teeth became sharper, and her eyes turned into beast-like golden vertical pupils!


This roar was even higher than the thunder.


Naiya lifted the purple-black sword, and she moved so quickly that the mortician couldn’t catch a glimpse of her.


When he reacted again, the mortician realized that the giant sword had penetrated his abdomen!


Naiya’s words were no longer faintly cold, but a violent roar like a beast was in despair.

The Arondight penetrated the abdomen of the mortician! After thrusting his body into the wall fiercely, Naiya pulled out the sword in her hand again… but the mortician’s body turned into blood and wanted to escape this terrifying beast again in this way.


It’s just all in vain!


Now… the blood in front of Naiya is also her weapon!


Under the gaze of the scarlet vertical pupil, the king’s order was given, and the people must submit to the king.


The blood in front of Naiya once again formed the body of the mortician. Naiya did not hesitate and directly cut off the head of the mortician with a sword, ending the dead person.


The lights suddenly lit up at this moment.


Naiya gasped, and at this moment, her body lost all strength, and she could only use the sword to support her body so she won’t fall.


The feeling of hypoxia in the brain made Naiya’s vision blurry.


Looking at the headless dead body in front of her, Naiya realized just now she had fallen into a violent state again.

It was brief, but it does exist.


Everything in the hall seemed to be safe again, no gargoyles, no thunder.


Only raindrops through the windows and wind blow into the hall.


But the people in the hall hadn’t gone yet. They had witnessed the fighting posture of The Empress…

And after seeing clearly how terrifying the enemy fell at the feet of Her Royal Highness. They even forgot to escape because it seemed that as long as the Empress was in front of them, they were safe!


In fact, it was easy to make someone admire you.


Now Naiya has left the impression of a hero in the hearts of those present.


Lucius has been hiding in the corner. He really wants to applaud…

But it wasn’t for the brave emperor… rather for his descendant who was growing fast and surprised Lucius.


Naiya’s aptitude was excellent, beyond Lucius’s expectations.




However, Naiya ignored the praise from the people around him. The Empress panicked. She ran out of the hall in a panic and ran to the cabin.

Continue to harbor your pitiful kindness…

Lucius closed his eyes and disappeared from the hall completely.


This way, you can become stronger.

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