Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 131


Since the moment Naiya was taken care of by Muccia. She has been acting as a sister, taking care of the younger children in the Church.


Naiya failed to fulfill this responsibility, Even when Muccia personally entrusted it to her. In the end, Naiya could only watch them as the sea of ​​flames swallowed them with the Church.

Naiya stumbled towards the room in the memory.

Lord Dragon God… If you really exist, please bless that child!

Naiya prayed in her heart. This was the first time in her life that she prayed to a god.

She has no choice but to pray!

Because of the excessive speed and body injuries, Naiya couldn’t control her body and fell to the ground when she turned the corner.

She immediately supported her body and walked towards the door of the familiar room.

Blood dropped at the door of the room.

Naiya’s heart sank. She wanted to reach out and hold the doorknob, but she was shaking and couldn’t turn it away.

Naiya was scared.

She was scared of opening the door. She was scared if the scene the village reappeared in front of her again.

At that time, she was powerless. She could only watch this happen. But now? After making a deal with that man… How could she still so incompetent?

Naiya pushed open the door.

As soon as the door was pushed open, blood scent permeated her nostril. For the vampire, the taste of blood represents food. But for Naiya, it was a sharp sword, not some kind of delicious food.

A sword that can penetrate the last glimmer of hope in her heart.


Naiya pushed the door open, and the scenery in the room played in her mind.

A small pool of blood piled up on the floor in front of the door, and the petite body fell to the ground weakly, reaching out to the doorway, trying to touch the door. Only to be cut off by a sharp blade.


Naiya can’t accept this reality.

Obviously, she has power… But the reality can’t be changed, no matter what.

This feeling of powerlessness made Naiya almost collapsed.

A soft cry pulled Naiya back from the brink of collapse.

“Sister Naiya?”

Naiya suddenly raised her head and looked at the bedside and found a petite body hiding in the dark, sitting on the bed holding a pillow looking at her with fear.

She was frightened just now, but Naiya didn’t say anything and ran over. She hugged the girl named Starla, a girl so fragile as if she was hugged tightly, her tiny shoulders would shatter.

“Thank god… thank god… You’re okay…”

Naiya kept repeating this sentence, tears falling from her eyes. Naiya didn’t expect that she, the one who didn’t even have the right to control her own life, would be able to get any redemption… the power she gained comes with a price. But she didn’t want the scene in the village to happen again.

Not this time!

Lord Dragon God seemed to have really heard her prayer.

Naiya could feel Starla’s breathing and the speed of her heart beating. Although very tiny and slender, she was still alive.

This was better than anything else.

“Sister Naiya, it’s okay.”

Starla stroked Naiya’s back. After being surprised at Naiya’s aggressive behavior, she revealed a sense of relief. Just like a mother comforting a child.

Obviously, there was a big age difference, but there was no sense of contradiction at all.

“Are you hurt? Somewhere in your body?” Naiya wiped away her tears and grabbed Starla’s hand, still afraid of the cruelty of that terrifying assassin.

“No, I’m fine, Sister Naiya.”

After Starla shook her head, she saw the face of Naiya close at hand. She pulled the scarf around her neck indicated that there was no problem.

Naiya did not propose to inspect her body so recklessly because, in a casual glance, just now. Naiya found that Starla’s skin surrounded by the scarf was also burnt and looking a bit painful…

Not only her forehead, but Starla’s whole body may be covered with this kind of twisted scarlet skin.

For a woman such as herself, she definitely does not want to show that in front of others.

And neither does Starla.

Naiya sat on the bed and saw Starla. Starla shrank her neck like a squirrel and raised the corner of her scarf again, fearing that Naiya would peep into the ugly part of her body.

After Naiya calmed down, she politely leaned back a bit. After getting back her sanity, the young vampire sniffed the smell of blood in the air. It was definitely Starla’s blood.

Then why can this little girl, who seems to have no resistance, escape from the hands of a top assassin master?

Moreover, Starla didn’t have any wounds on her body, yet there was a pool of blood on the ground…

“That… that… Sister Naiya.”

Aware of Naiya’s doubts, Starla weakly raised his hand, “Actually, I… have a special ability…”

Special ability?

Naiya turned her head to look at Starla and found that after the grey light overflowing from Starla’s hand flickered on the wheelchair by the window. There was a girl who looked exactly like Starla.

It’s just that her expression was numb, like a puppet.

But Naiya felt the blood flowing from human beings on this doll?


“It is… yes? It’s kind of like that… I think…” Starla was a little uncertain.

The illusion didn’t last long and disappeared. At this time, Starla’s forehead overflowed with a lot of sweat, and she was gasping for breath.

It seems that using this power was burdening her very much.

A little girl… Can she fool a top assassin with this cheap trick?

Naiya couldn’t be sure, but she would rather believe it was true. Because more than anything else, Starla is still alive.

Just when Naiya was thinking about it, a soft grumbling sound suddenly sounded in the room. Starla’s face turned red. When she heard it, she lowered her head. That was the sound of her stomach. Using the ability required all of her power. Starla hadn’t eaten anything tonight.

“I’ll get you some food right away.”

“But Sister Naiya, those people outside the airship, they still need you to direct them, right?”

As a singer, Starla’s hearing was very sensitive. She can hear that the scenery on the airship has become a mess after the gargoyle attack.

“But your body…”

“It’s okay… I brought some snacks, but.. um, there is actually one more thing.”

When Starla said it, an anxious emotion appeared on her face, “The housekeeper who helped me out to find dinner has not come back since then. I am afraid that something happened to her. Sister Naiya, can you go find her for me?”

“How would I recognize her?” Naiya knew the urgency of the situation now. After finding the housekeeper, she can let the housekeeper take care of her.

“If Sister Naiya met her, you would know.” Starla smiled. The kind of smile Naiya couldn’t understand.

“Okay then,” Naiya once again chose to believe in Starla. Noble born family always had a housekeeper wearing uniforms. It will be easy to spot them in the airship.

“Be careful.”

The gargoyle disappeared after Naiya beheaded the mourner, but there were windows in this room.

Seeing that Naiya was still not at ease, Starla raised her small fist, “I’m also fine, Sister Naiya.”

Grey energy overflowed in Starla’s hand, and her level was definitely not weaker than any gargoyle.

She’s not weak.

In the end, Naiya walked out the door in a panic to help the guards calm the passengers.

Only after Naiya left, the scene of Deja Vu appeared again.

Starla was sitting on the bed… shadows stretched out from Starla’s body, but another figure quietly appeared in the room beside Starla’s figure.

It was a ghost that has come back from the dead, wearing the grey tattered trench coat and the skeleton metal mask.

The blade was shining with silver-white light once again aimed at the girl sitting on the bed.

The mourner arrived.

But what he gave was not death, but…

“So slow, mortician. Not only did you fail the mission this time, but you were also late to bring me dinner.”

The girl changed. Her original weak and innocent appearance faded. The faint amber eyes were shining brightly under the light.

“Obviously, the target is in a poisoned state, but you failed… If you continue like this, then kill yourself in front of me.”

“You can only pay back when you died, right? Die…”

She repeated the sentence, and an innocent smile appeared on her face again.

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