Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 132


Killers, assassins.

They are hiding in the darkness, dance with the blade, reaping a life.


Lurking, concealed, and one hit kills, this was their code of action.


As long as the dagger is in hand, in the shadows behind the light, they were there.


The mourners were undoubtedly the top-ranked among the assassins, and none of their targets can survive. No one can refuse the death they presented.  As long as something sharp is held in their hand, everything can be cut off!

In short, the task of the assassin is roughly the above points.

“Now as a terrifying assassination organization of the empire, one of the top members of mourners, the famous mortician is now….”


Holding a small tray, he stood beside a young girl in a wheelchair. The mortician put the tray on the table in front of the girl. After that, the assassin, who should not be able to leave his hand, placed the only small silver spoons and silver knives in his hands that could become his weapons on both sides of the tray.


At this moment, the assassin shed his combat clothes like a loyal old butler. He was standing in front of the lady he served.


“Oh, it looks very good.”

Starla looked at the various delicacies placed on the tray and showed a pleasant smile, “You’re good at this. I give you my compliment, mortician. “

The cold and faint murderous aura on the assassin in front of her seemed nonexistent. She couldn’t wait to pick up the silver spoon and picked up a cup of brightly colored ice cream and ate it heartily.

When every spoonful of ice cream poured into her mouth, the corner of her eyes smiled happily,  like an innocent child.

Although her appearance is like this, her heart shouldn’t be described as ‘innocence’.


It’s doesn’t suit her at all.


The person standing next to her was an assassin, not a housekeeper who really took care of her life. He was an assassin. So, it’s not his place to remind him what should and what should not be done. Because he was not the parent or relative of the girl in front of him who was smiling happily…

The girl in front of him was the immediate boss of the assassination organization “Mourners” that has frightened everyone on the road!


The Master of the mortician!


Even if one said it out loud, no one would believe it.


“Sure enough, this tastes the best.”

Starla licked the corner of her mouth as if she was really sucked in the deliciousness of sweets, and she didn’t care about the assassins standing beside her. Probably because the ice drenched ice melted too fast, a small part of it fell on Starla’s other hand, and the small icy flakes melted on her hand.

While Starla was thinking about what to do, a clean white towel was placed on Starla’s hand and gradually wiped off the dirt on her small hand. Starla followed the hand covered in the grey-white trench coat and looked at the metal skeleton mask.

For some reason, she laughed, squinted, and smiled happily.


Without saying anything, Starla continued to enjoy her dinner. Metallurgical steaks, a specialty of the Buried Gold City, paired with special sauce extracted from the underground rock formations, plus the South Sea Country’s salt. The scent of appetizing aroma slowly diffused in the room.


Starla held a small silver knife to cut it. Her movements were so light and slow.


The mortician waited silently…

One tall and one short, one sitting and the other standing, an assassin and a singer.

The two seemed to have a special tacit understanding, and only the crispness of the cutlery could be heard in the room.



Starla finished eating all of her dinners.

She raised her head, and the corner of her mouth was stained with the unknown sauce and slightly hooked as if waiting for something. The assassin’s body also moved, and his hands that were supposed to be holding a knife to harvest human lives took a white napkin.


Gently, almost to the point of stroking.

He wiped the sauce around Starla’s mouth little by little.


His movements were very skilled… It seems that he had done this many times and was very familiar with taking care of this young girl. Obviously, he has done this kind of thing many times. Very much that it almost turned into an instinctive action.


After wiping the corners of her mouth, he silently took out the teacup, made a pot of hot black tea, and served it in front of Starla.

After eating ice cream, then eat some hot food. If she doesn’t drink some hot water, her stomach will feel uncomfortable. He knew that because he was so familiar with all the little girls. Ice cream’s temptation was more than that of delicious food.

Ice has no taste. Only coldness enters the heart, so all the little girls like it.

All the girls do…

Starla held up the teacup with one hand, and when her fingers touched the cup of black tea, Starla’s naive attitude faded. Her amber eyes shone with brilliance.

She took a sip of the black tea elegantly, placed it on the table, looked at the man with the metal mask, and said lightly, “You… are not the mortician.”

Her smile remained the same, and she continued, “If this is my last supper… I am very satisfied.”


“What a surprise.”


Finally, the man spoke. It was not the harsh and harsh voice of the mortician… but a very smooth and soothing voice. It was Lucius’ calm voice. When Lucius was not excited by blood, he was very calm inside.


“I don’t think there was something wrong with my disguise. Or do you have the ability to see through all of this, Saint Starla Rocklauer?”


Starla heard the different voice from her own subordinates, and she knew that his subordinates might have been really dead. But Starla didn’t show any sign of panic. She just smiled faintly.

“Because the mortician is an assassin. An assassin won’t behave so gently. I think this gentleman must have a girl you loved very much in your home. I can feel it by your hand’s tender caress. The girl that felt that tenderness is such a lucky child.” Starla said… and sighed.


This word was not suitable for a person with blood on his hands.

“Well, this is the end of the boring role-playing game:”


The mortician’s body was surrounded by blood, and Lucius stood in front of her for a moment, “However, if your last dinner could satisfy you… I am truly honored… Your Excellency the Great Saint.”

“How much do you know about me?”




After being exposed, she still did not say anything. She was an excellent pretender, and her inner emotions will never show up on her face. Therefore, with this talent, she can stand on the stage and receive others’ attention.

“Should I call you the genius Saint, Starla Vernet, who shocked the world a hundred years ago? Or should I call you Starla Vernet, a singer-songwriter who this world remembered a year ago? Oh… No, I should probably call you’ soul changer‘, the one who touched the taboo. Or a hundred years old woman, or a 12 years old singing prodigy?”

“You have many identities, don’t you?” Lucius slowly said, “But there is only one identity I am most interested in, and that is the second young lady of the Empire’s Second Commercial Family, the head of the Underground Dark Chamber of Commerce, Starla Vernet.”


In front of Lucius, Starla didn’t have any secrets.

As long as there is blood, no one has a secret in front of Lucius.


Whether it is her past and present, as long as she still remembers, Lucius can turn all her memories into his own.


“Then… what do you want to do, Sir? This dinner of yours is no way to buy the life of a saint.” Starla replied to Lucius, without any trembling.

Lucius smiled, “What I need is your identity as a businesswoman. Being a businessman, then you have to deal with the transaction, right?”


Starla’s amber eyes tended to be yellow rather than light golden, but they still looked very noble.

She looked at Lucius, who was sitting across the round table.

When she was young, she had fantasized about the boy who appeared in her dream countless times, invited her to dinner, and finally healed her legs. She let herself return to that much-anticipated stage again. But Starla knew that this was just an arrogant fantasy… The cost of escaping from the Garden of the Gods was huge. Even if she builds the “Mourner”, a huge money-gathering machine, she cannot acquire enough resources to heal.

The body burden brought by her soul’s conversion.


The body is breaking down day by day, and one day her soul will disappear from this world forever. Just like the saints who flee the Garden of the Gods in the past, pay their due price.

Nothing can heal this dying body.


Starla understood. Lucius’ calm and confident smile gave Starla a sense of inexplicable expectation.


Lucius took out a glass bottle. The liquid in it was pure red. So red that it was impossible to find any other colors.

These sticky reds erupted with great vitality tumbling in the bottle as if it was about to break through the bottle at any time.

Starla was attracted…


She can be sure that the contents of this bottle can definitely bring new changes to her dying body.

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