Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 133


“It can make you break from the cocoon and reborn.”

Lucius pushed the bottle of liquid to Starla, “Let you turn into the world’s most eye-catching Royal Highness, once again performing on the highly anticipated stage, your soul… is eager, isn’t it?”

The liquid in the bottle has a magic power… magic power that makes people unable to look away.

The touch of red seemed to swallow the soul of the person watching.

To be precise… this bottle of liquid really wants to swallow up all life.

“What…what is this?” Starla had never seen something so attractive to her in her life. Both the elder selves and the younger selves were attracted by the liquid containing the breath of life almost pouring out.

It’s just that the magical liquid does not represent salvation but destruction.

“The name is just a code name, and I can only tell you if I open this glass bottle and let the liquid scatter into the air…”

Lucius paused when her amber eyes were glimmering with a trace of eager curiosity… It seems that she wants to know what this bottle of liquid is.

What will happen?

Lucius smiled slightly, and with a gentle smile, he came to the girl to offer cold words so as not to frighten the young soul of the lady in front of him.

“The whole airship… will become hell, the hell you can’t imagine… “


It seemed that this world also has the reincarnation of life and death. Starla deeply understood the meaning of the word hell. The place where human beings were reincarnated and reborn after suffering.

To rebirth from the cocoon, you must first suffer the pain of being burned by the hellfire.

Turn the airship into hell?

What the hell is this?

“Perhaps it is a dinner for all the demons. Anyone on the airship will become a demon, and human beings who have not become a demon will be in their hell.”

Since Starla knows the meaning of hell, then she must also understand the creature like the devil.

The liquid in Lucius’s hand was not a magical healing potion. It has no therapeutic effect, just destroying…and it is also not suitable for the definition of a potion.

It’s a virus, the Blacklight Virus.

It can transform humans into monsters that only know how to hunt.

The walking dead! A zombie!

It makes their desire for blood rise a hundredfold, but at the same time, it also gives these humans unparalleled power.

The bottle of the Blacklight Virus in front of Lucius was nothing more than a bottle of a virus he offered. But Its content was higher than before… Absolutely pure, without any other ingredients.

As long as a few drops spread in the air, this airship will become a paradise for zombies.

“The existence that tempts humans to become demons must also be demons?”

Starla put away the slight surprise in her eyes and once again brought that kind of leisurely posture to face Lucius.

A bottle is no less dangerous than a nuclear weapon virus, just like a glass of water that you can drink at any time.

Starla didn’t question the authenticity of Lucius’s words because Starla could tell that if Lucius wanted her dead, she would be dead long now, killed by her own subordinate.

Because the mortician no longer obeyed her orders, from the moment he stepped on the airship, the top assassin master was nothing more than a puppet to the man in front of her.

Killing her was nothing more than a finger’s move.

But he didn’t.

He might be the strangest man Starla has ever seen in her life.

Madness and sanity coexist.

The sentence she said to Lucius, ‘I am very satisfied with my last supper.’ was not a joke. After realizing that her subordinates no longer obeyed her command, Starla really enjoyed it with the thoughts of the last dinner. She thought the food was poisoned, or the man would manipulate the dead self in the same way as the mortician.

But he just stood aside like a loyal butler taking care of his lady, waiting silently, while he wiped the corners of her mouth… The young soul in Starla could only use two words to describe Lucius at that time.


A big brother…

Starla has no eldest brother. She had never felt the feeling of an older brother’s love, no matter whether she was older or young, because she was very good at acting, at her old and young self. But at that moment… she did feel a feeling of being loved or being doted on.

It’s a pity that this kind of love was not for her. It’s just a whim for the man in front of her.

How could she believe that the man in front of her was a kind and gentle brother? Not to mention the massacre, just him killing the mortician was enough to make Starla realize that Lucius was no less than the mortician murderer!

It was difficult for Starla to imagine how many people’s blood had stained on his slender white fingers under Lucius’s gentle smile.

During the period when the mortician was a subordinate to Starla, a total of 172 people were assassinated. How about Lucius, who easily killed the mortician? Two hundred? A thousand?

Starla didn’t know, but she could be sure that Lucius’s words were true. As long as he opens the glass bottle in his hand, this airship can instantly become a trembling hell!

Lucius was very familiar with the properties of these liquids… This means that Lucius must have turned something into what he calls hell.

With just one drop, a city can be destroyed.

This is where the man’s madness comes from…

As long as Lucius wants, any place can become hell!

So he is the devil!

The scariest demon ever!

Starla took a deep breath. She found that she was trading with the devil now.

What does he want?

Soul? Or the body?

He mentioned her chamber of commerce earlier. Is it possible that this demon also lacks money recently?

“It doesn’t matter if you want to call me a demon.” Lucius thought and answered, “Many people know me, and many people have come into contact with me. They call me various names, ‘executioner’, ‘slaughterer’, ‘fallen one’, ‘madman’, ‘demon’, ‘bastard’. But than these names, I prefer the name ‘Vampire’.”

“All of them are slanderous names; it seems that your reputation is not very good, Mr. Devil.”

Starla still chose a familiar name.

“What’s good from reputation? When the guys shouting at you these names are all turned into dust or a bunch of walking corpses without brains, everything becomes meaningless. What can the so-called glorious and stalwart name bring? “

What Lucius was referring to was his own earth, and those who hate him were eating their own kindred, other human beings.

But now they are all dead, desperately dead.

This world… must be the same.

Although Lucius said lightly, it was as indifferent as chatting after taking a sip of tea.

Starla was still aware of the killing intent contained in Lucius’s words and the unwavering emotion. As the leader of an assassination organization, Starla was able to perceive the emotional changes hidden by anyone around her. In front of people who have been wearing masks for a long time, she can easily guess what other people’s expressions look like behind their masks.

This man…

Starla didn’t know who ‘those guys’ referred and how many people they represented. She just faintly felt that Lucius was hiding a terrifying plan.

For this plan, he… found her.

“Mr. Devil is really a person who is indifferent to fame and fortune. Then since Mr. Devil is so indifferent to fame and fortune, what do you want to ask me for in a deal?” Starla continued to ask. She was as calm as Lucius, even though now her life was in the hands of Lucius.

As long as this negotiation breaks down, her life may be like a petite flower, young and beautiful, but Lucius crushed it.

Lucius’s scarlet eyes scanned Starla.

She is beautiful… at least if no one can peek beyond her hideous skin.

Starla definitely a girl who makes people’s minds… of course, those of a young girl.

The perverted uncles were usually those who were attracted to Starla.

If the current Naiya was the kind of sharp blade that makes people worship and shout in front of her, the mighty Empress, long lives the Valkyrie, and so on… Then Starla was probably the delicate beauty that needs to be carefully guarded in the palm of her hand, just as she thought.

The first singer, her appearance is definitely worthy of this title.


After seeing Lucius’s undisguised gaze, Starla pulled her scarf to cover her face. It seems that Lucius was really the kind of uncle who has some perverted habits. Coupled with the previous action when he wiped the corners of her mouth…

Doesn’t he really have this kind of lolicon attribute, right?

The pervert is not terrible; the terrible thing is that this pervert is a little too powerful! You can only be at his mercy.

Unfortunately, Lucius is not that dishonest. He is Lolicon, yes, but only his sister.

“If it’s my body, I don’t think it can arouse your interest.”

Starla still knows herself. Maybe she looks beautiful, but only she knows how horrible she looked under this thin clothing.

“Then what do you want?” Starla suppressed her naive thoughts; the older side took the upper hand and looked at Lucius without fear. “If it is my soul, then it’s almost the same with killing me. What’s the difference? I don’t think I need to do this kind of transaction.”

What she wants from Lucius was the opportunity to stand on the stage and dance again.

As the first singer, not a soulless walking dead.

It’s just that the bottle of potion on the table in front of him can make Starla regain a new life while also turning her into a walking dead.

“Indeed, the soul is a good bargaining chip when dealing with the devil.”

Lucius didn’t want this dying soul that had no use at all, “But unfortunately, the acquisition of the devil is not only as simple as the soul… so your soul is first pledged to your own body.”

Lucius pointed to his forehead and touched the thing hidden behind Starla’s amber eyes…

That was intelligence.

She has been thinking about how to leave safely and how to get the most benefit.

But before Lucius’s powerful force, everything was in vain.

It’s just that Lucius needs her intelligence.

“What I want is your people. There, I said it. What I am most interested in is your identity as a businessman, the person in charge of the underground chamber of commerce. This is a long-term transaction, not just this alone.”

Two more bottles of the same black light virus solvent appeared in Lucius’s hand, but the two bottles were slightly lighter in color and less infectious.

“Do you want these things to flow into the underground chamber of commerce?” Starla was startled, looking at Lucius as if there was still stock.

“Don’t think of them as bad beings.” Lucius pushed the three bottles of blacklight viruses to Starla, “They can evolve your bloodlines and give you more powerful strength! And rebirth! And… if the injection is minimal, you will not lose your mind, and you will continue to live like a normal human… This way of exchanging power is very cheap, isn’t it?”

Starla was silent.

Indeed… if humans in this world want power, they must let the blood of the Dragon God flowing in the body become purer.

The potion in front of her seems to be able to achieve this effect.

It’s just… Lucius said that the person who injects this potion would eventually become a demon… a man-eating demon.

Power will lead to corruption! Becoming stronger will make the desire stronger as well.

After one injection, most of them will choose the second or third time!

Because of this power… is too cheap.

So… what’s the final result?

Maybe getting stronger is a good thing.

What about the result of letting these things flow into this world?

Starla didn’t dare to continue to imagine because these powers had tempted her. She was eager to stand up again. Similarly, these things can give her the strength to stand up.

Even if she ended up becoming a demon…

“Who are you?” Starla was silent for a while and finally asked. She could imagine the scene where the capital was chaotic because of these magical potions.

This man did not seem to do any good, except that more people died in the chaos.

“Didn’t you say that I am a demon?” Lucius answered her with a smile.

“Let humans fall, turn them into the same existence as yourself, and then turn this world into hell, the demon… is that kind of creature.”

Starla was truly moved this time, even if her older soul occupied her body.

“Then Starla Vernet, the person in charge of the underground chamber of commerce, the second lady of the Vernet family, are you willing to accept this deal from me? This will bring huge benefits to your family and revitalize your family; then, you can once again become the number one singer that millions of people strive to watch! A very cost-effective deal, isn’t it?”

“What if I refuse?” Starla suddenly said, she suddenly wanted to see this man who was always smiling calmly, emerging an angered expression on the man’s face, or a stiff smile.

Unfortunately, he did not.

Because as long as humans in this world have desires, whether it be the desire to become stronger or to become rich, or to have a status, Lucius can give it.

There were as many substitutes for people like Starla.

“Then I have to ask Miss Starla to sleep. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, but I will let you forget that you have nightmares tonight. Nothing more.”

The leader of the “Mourners” organization was still useful to Lucius.

“Please don’t say such cold words with such a gentle smile…”

“Aren’t human beings such creatures? A smiling mask, a cold blade in his hand…Use a pious side to conceal the ugliness in your heart.”

In fact, compared to this aspect, the vampires were more honest than humans.

Maybe many people imagine that the vampire was an elegant noble race. But when you watch them crazily eat the blood flowing out of human internal organs, that image will definitely be ruined.

Don’t be surprised; this is the nature of a vampire.

Bloodthirsty nature.


Starla was speechless, and she reached out to the bottle of blacklight virus that exuded a coquettish color at this time, which already represented her inner thoughts.

Lucius was right. There were not a few human beings with beautiful appearance and ugly heart. At least Starla thinks that she is this kind of person… She wants to stand up, stand on the stage again, and dance one last dance under the eyes of the public. No matter what the price she paid…

Even if she personally opens the door to hell and becoming the key to Lucius’ hell or even turning into a demon.

After Starla held the bottle of a cold blacklight virus, her small hand trembled slightly, “How long can I maintain the human body?” Starla asked Lucius.

“It depends on how loyal you are to your gods.”

The blood of the Dragon God flowing in the human body in this world is an absolutely powerful compatibility agent. It can even make the vampire and humans blood coexist in the body of a little girl.

Although the occasional rampage, it’s a miracle compared to those half-vampires who failed to convert before bursting to death!

The same goes for the blacklight virus…

That’s why Lucius didn’t run the blacklight virus in this world.

Because the concentration is not enough.

After exchanging a bottle of blacklight virus from the system, he handed it over to the Mother Virus, Yuri, to process it. Now, the bottle sits in Starla’s hand.

But just scattering the blacklight virus in the air won’t be enough to turn people in this world into zombies instantly. The blood of the Dragon God flowing in their bodies was gradually killing the violent blacklight virus.

But how can the thin blood soothe the fragility of the virus?

As long as the amount is sufficient, they will become more terrifying existences than zombies!

It completely exposed whose blood was flowing in their bodies. Just like the knight in the mine who was caught by Lucius for experimentation, he turned into a hideous worm.

The term “breaking cocoon and becoming a butterfly” is really appropriate for Starla.

Maybe after watching the blacklight virus outbreak, she would become a dancing butterfly… of course, it would be the harmful ones.

“Are there any other side effects?”

“Your sense of taste will change.”

Lucius handed the unfinished cup of black tea on the table to Starla, as if he had become the loyal butler again, “You will never taste any deliciousness in human food. Whether it’s ice cream or steak, it tastes like mud in your mouth. You will only feel satisfied with one thing, which is human flesh and blood… Before the injection, enjoy the taste of black tea for the last time.”

“It’s cruel.”

For a young girl who likes to eat sweets, this was indeed a cruel thing.

Starla took the black tea that Lucius handed to herself, drank all of it, and carefully tasted the taste.

After that, she was no longer confused, and instead, she was determined to go for herself.

Do things at all costs.

Just like Naiya.

“Can you… push me to the mirror?” Starla pointed to a floor mirror in the corner of the wall.

“Of course, I can.”

Lucius pushed Starla’s wheelchair, and the figure of the young girl was reflected in the floor-to-ceiling mirror, and Lucius was looking at her behind her.

Facing Lucius’s gaze, Starla didn’t mind anything. She took off the long scarf around her neck, exposing her neck and chest covered by dark red skin to Lucius… and gradually stripped off her clothes.

Exposing her delicate body with a hideous scar.

“The birthmark left by the reincarnation of the soul…isn’t it scary?” Starla said mockingly.

“Don’t you know that there is something called contrarianism?” Lucius uttered a rare complaint.

“What do you mean?”

“Under the angel’s appearance, there’s a devil’s heart hidden.”

“That’s you, Mr. Devil?” Starla looked through the floor mirror and looked at Lucius standing behind her.

“Well, that’s not what contrarianism means.” Lucius shook his head, “If you don’t hurry up, Her Royal Highness will be back.”


Her Royal Highness…

When he mentioned the name, Starla’s hand holding the blacklight virus trembled. She almost dropped the blacklight virus onto the ground.

Lucius saw her struggle.

Do the two little girls already have feelings? Whether it’s friendship or love…this is definitely a nice touch to the drama that will come out afterward.

Setting such as Dragon Quest or Demon King is too boring…

But if the Demon King is the hero’s girlfriend, it will be interesting.

Lucius found the brave man, and now the devil is in front of Lucius.

In the end, Starla’s desire to stand up again defeated her reasoning. She pierced the silver-white needle into her scarlet skin… The black light virus in the bottle found life and became violent. No even needing to push, it rushed into this girl’s body like crazy!

The butterfly transformation began.

Starla began to cry out in pain, fighting against the virus that wanted to erode her soul. It was not a good thing.

Lucius had already taken out Yamato.

In fact, Lucius forgot to say one thing.

How can the destructiveness of the blacklight virus let it dormant in the human body peacefully? This group of liquids represents destruction, and the first step into the body of life is destruction and assimilation!

If she can’t even survive the first wave of erosion, the blacklight virus will immediately turn her into a monster.

If she survives, the blacklight virus will be lurking in her body and looking for a chance to attack again.


Lucius has completely separated this room with blood.

If Starla couldn’t resist the attack of the blacklight virus, then Lucius would have to cut down the head of the demon king personally.

The only thing that happens for a broken toy is being thrown away.

Lucius likes to dismember the broken toys before throwing them away.

Let me see the potential of people in this world and the so-called greatness of the human mind.

The blade of Yamato reflected Starla’s painful face… and the neck, whose skin gradually became delicate.

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