Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 134


Time was passing by.

Lucius subconsciously took out a candy, torn open the package, and threw it into his mouth.

The smell of blood filled the air, which aroused Lucius’s desire for killing. As a vampire, Lucius was born for this… So, to suppress his instinct, Lucius had to use sugar to suppress the desire to kill.

Sure enough, sugar is a good thing.

Lucius bit the candy, sat on the bed, put his hand on his chin, and watched the place where the strong smell of blood made people breathless.

Starla’s body disappeared completely, and the disgusting muscle tissue covered the corner of the room. These muscle tissues are alive; they are constantly squirming, giving birth to a new person.

The Blacklight virus was really too destructive, even infected this room. It feels like a Song of Saya. The cocoon’s appearance is so ugly, but the life it breeds was beautiful; the cocoon that breaks into a butterfly.

The scarlet silk thread was connecting Lucius’s five fingers. Blood has surrounded the whole room.

While restraining the blacklight virus from spreading to the outside world, it was also confirming that the creature that appears if the cocoon cracked is a monster, not a beautiful young girl.

The blood will bind the monster’s body for the first time, and Yamato Blade will chop off its head with a single slash.

The dark red muscle tissue was squirming, and it kept squirming, which already covered the room all over with the muscle tissue.

Only one place remains the same, the bed where Lucius was sitting.

“The sad thing…”

Yamato slammed into the blacklight virus infection spreading on the floor.

The muscles flinched.

Taking the blade of Yamato as the dividing line, one side was scarlet like hell, and the other side is still a room familiar to humans.

Lucius continued to stare at the cocoon that gave birth to life.

“It’s almost time.”

Lucius’s hand was on the handle of Yamato Blade and stood up from the bed.

Put the sharp blade of Yamato Blade into the scabbard, and then slightly pulled out a part.


Lucius also doesn’t know what his posture is called now. The moves have no meaning to Lucius, but in order to burst out the stronger power of the blade, he must use the blade and scabbard together.


It begins! The birth of a new life.

A powerful force filled the entire room.

This allowed Lucius to bite the candy in his mouth and swallow it.  Because there was no longer any need to suppress in front of the coming thing, there was no need to suppress his killing intent!

There was a roar heard in the room, and the scarlet mist suddenly erupted centered on the cocoon and swept every corner of the room. All the places where the mist touched were assimilated into infected bodies of the blacklight virus!

This wave of destruction and madness also swept over Lucius. However, an even more terrifying killing intent would wipe out all the unstable factors in the room like a storm!

In the space filled with scarlet mist, the blue luster flashed by.

It seems to divide this space into two.

The mist was cut off by the blade of Yamato, revealing the contents.

“Is it the so-called contrast cuteness?”

Lucius retracted the blade, and the ugly musculature and internal organs were everywhere in the room. But in this terrifying and hideous scenery sits a gray-haired young girl…

Her legs sitting on the ground are still entwined with scarlet muscle tissue, forming an amazing beauty with her delicate skin.

The world filled with blood and filth; she’s the only pure thing.

But no one would have thought that this elf-like girl was the source of the hideous scenery around.

There is no scarlet scar on Starla’s skin anymore.

“There is no doubt that Starla has a new life.”

She, who had just been awoken, still had a slightly confused expression on her face, looking at the ceiling in a daze from the pure amber eyes.

It succeeded…

Sure enough, the willpower of the saint cannot be underestimated.

Or is it that human determination cannot be underestimated?

Lucius didn’t care much about this.

Starla had gradually recovered her consciousness.


Starla looked down at the newly formed skin on her shoulders and body. Any girl would be jealous of it. The dying body was flooded with a force that Starla couldn’t even imagine, ‘The power of life.’

Starla suddenly had the illusion that she can do anything.

Her long-lost power is back again!

Just when Starla was pleasantly surprised, a pale hand appeared in front of Starla. She looked up along this hand and found Lucius looking at her in a congratulatory gesture.

“It feels great to give up the dignity of human beings and soul in exchange for power, isn’t it? Starla Vernet.”

Starla stared at Lucius for a few seconds, and her elder soul forced her to smile, “It’s really great.” She gently took Lucius’s hand and stood up with her feet for the first time.

Starla wasn’t familiar with her new body and couldn’t help falling into Lucius’s arms. Lucius hugged the petite body, and the calm smile unconsciously appeared on Lucius’s face again.

“The power you possess reached the saint? It’s really scary…”

“Well, I am a saint,” Starla raised her head, did not break away from Lucius’s embrace, but took the initiative to reach out and put his arms around Lucius’s neck. Her amber eyes and Lucius’s scarlet eyes stared at each other, “This is the power that could make me do anything I want in this world! No one can compete with me! “

After saying this, Starla’s smile remained the same, but her little face was stained with blood.

Lucius’s blood.

The dark gray power surged in Starla’s hands, and she cut off Lucius’s head in a hug gesture so easily. A large amount of blood spewed out, and the headless corpse fell in a pool of blood.

Starla’s smile became even more cheerful. She looked at the fallen corpse and licked the blood of Lucius on her fingertips with her tongue out, “Even if it is Mr. Devil, there is no way to compete with the saint, right? What a big mistake… Mr. Devil, your blood tastes delicious. “

After being converted by the Blacklight Virus, Starla unintentionally accepted human blood’s taste, which is more delicious than anything.

He was right. People who accept this power will only become demons, man-eating demons.

“I hate it when people point at me.” Starla looked at the expressionless head on the ground, “Since your blood tastes so delicious, what about your body? I’m hungry. Give me another perfect dinner, Mr. Devil…”

Her smile was very innocent. If the bloodstains on her body are excluded, it will really make people think that she was a lost little angel… However, beneath the appearance of an angel, what was hidden was the heart of a devil.

Starla didn’t know how long this and the virus could sustain her life, but she didn’t intend to believe in Lucius from the beginning.

She can fight for everything on her own. Believing in the promise of the devil is foolish! So, Starla killed this guy. No matter how terrifying he was, he was now just a dead body without a head.

“Dinner time.”

Starla walked toward Lucius.


“Yes… Dinner time.”

Suddenly there was a voice that didn’t belong to Starla in the room.

Her pace stopped.

Lucius’ voice!

What happened?

Starla widened her amber eyes and looked at the body that should have fallen to the ground…moved…

The body without his brain moved, struggled to get up.

“How could this be?!”

Starla was sure that she absolutely killed Lucius just now, both the soul and body. The power of the saint absolutely does not allow any mortal to deny it! Unfortunately, the reality in front of her says otherwise, and the body that should have died moved again.

“Leave me alone!”

Dark gray energy burst out in Starla’s hands, twisting the struggling corpse into pieces, including Lucius’s head.

In this case… there shouldn’t be any resurrection, right?

Of course, it will be resurrected again!

“Why do you want to escape?” Lucius’s voice caused Starla to tremble and beg.

He should be dead, right?

Starla was sure that she tore Lucius’s soul first and then shredded Lucius’s body.

How can he survive this way…?

But Lucius’ voice was exceptionally clear, as if whispering in her ears.

No, it’s is in her ears!

Starla stiffened, her heart beating violently, and slowly…slowly looked at her side…


Starla gritted her teeth and almost wanted to scream out; the torn guy appeared unharmed in his body. She subconsciously wanted to stay away from Lucius,

“But why you want to escape?” Lucius grabbed Starla’s neck and slammed her young body against the wall behind him.

“Cough…” Starla gasped in pain, but she couldn’t say anything.

Her neck was firmly grasped by Lucius’s hand and pressed against the wall! Starla struggled feebly but didn’t have any ability to resist Lucius’s powerful force!

Who is he?!

In Starla’s sight, Lucius’s eyes bloomed with terrifying killing intent. Yamato Blade was held in Lucius’s hand, and the blade pointed at the delicate skin of this young girl.

“Dinner, Miss Starla Vernet.”

Lucius looked at Starla, who was still struggling, with a pitiful gaze. Yamato Blade cut Starla’s skin little by little. From the arm to the neck, scarlet bloodshed on her newborn skin, dripping on the ground, blooming one after another.

Flower composed of the blacklight virus,

“But the main dish is you…” Lucius said slowly, “Where should I start eating? Hand? Foot? Neck? Or is it your fast-beating heart? I can’t decide…”

Starla grunted in pain again.

Because the blade of Yamato pierced Starla’s heart, nailing her body to the wall. More blood splashed down, these scarlet liquids, blacklight virus raged in them. Her blood is the virus.

“Who would eat zombies…”

“Because your body is not human anymore! You’re a monster; you don’t even have the qualifications to become food! Do you think that a person who had abandoned human dignity and soul can kill me?”

Lucius continued to look at Starla, who was losing the sparkle in her eyes, with a warm smile.

But what Lucius did was cruel.

“You want to continue struggling?”

Lucius saw Starla’s hand weakly stretched out as if to catch Lucius. The feeling of lacking oxygen made Starla close to collapse… But she doesn’t believe that someone can’t be killed. Eternal life does not exist in this world!

Just invade his soul!

Starla stretched out his hand to grab Lucius’s head.

Just touch his soul and smash it!

The power of the saint broke out. With the help of the blacklight virus, at this moment, Starla’s hand moved fast towards his forehead that Lucius could not even have the speed to react.

Kill your soul!

Starla invaded Lucius’s body.

But when Starla blinked, she found himself standing in a space flooded with blood.

Where is this?

Starla scanned the surrounding scenery.

Shouldn’t I see Lucius’s soul? Why did I come to this empty space?

But, Starla found that her foot was suddenly caught by something, and she lowered her head to take a look.

What Starla stepped on was not blood at all, but one of the humans being contaminated by nosebleeds! Because it is too dense, it is like a river of blood.

What happened? Isn’t this where the soul of that guy should be? Why?

Starla stared blankly at the world made up of scarlet blood.

The soul of desperate death filled the whole world. This is no longer a description of hundreds or thousands… It’s hundreds of millions!

These are his souls?

Starla was torn.

These humans who screamed in a desperate scream were torn by him. No… these were all humans killed by that man!

Hundreds of millions… desperate souls gather here.

Starla saw the real hell today, and the struggle seemed futile as she began to fear Lucius. The fear has taken deep roots in her heart


Lucius threw Starla’s unconscious body on the ground and wiped off the bloodstains on Yamato’s blade.

This girl actually peeped into his Dead River. The despair and massacre of hundreds of millions of people would probably drive this young girl crazy. Fortunately, after Starla woke up, she didn’t go crazy. The willpower of the saint was still quite strong.

However, Starla immediately hid in the corner of the room, looking at Lucius standing there in horror, holding her head and trembling.

“If you don’t want to be one of them, just do what you should do, honestly:”

Seeing Starla’s fear, Lucius felt that there was no need to worry anymore; she wouldn’t betray him.

Fear is something necessary to control a human being, even a monster.

“I know.”

The young girl holding her head and squatting in defense answered Lucius with tears in her eyes.

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