Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 135


“Does Mr. Devil likes watching girls change clothes so much?”


Starla recovered her former indifferent appearance and sat on the bed.


The room has changed back to the original scenery, and Starla, who was naked, feels that this is not what a lady should behave like.


“No, I am not interested in children’s bodies, and you are no longer human.”


Lucius leaned at the door and watched Starla, who was putting on the white inch shirt slowly. He took out candy from his pocket, opened the package, and bit it in his mouth.


Not human…


Starla stopped with her hands buttoning her clothes.


She has indeed abandoned her human identity now.


“Then… Do you want to continue to monitor me here?”


After Starla put on the shirt, she stepped with her feet on the ground. Once again felt the feeling of standing on her feet; the excited expression on her face flashed…


“Monitoring? Do you think it is necessary?”




Starla was silent for a while, and yet she still dares not to look at Lucius’s scarlet eyes again.


The scenery in the Dead River has left unforgettable traces in Starla’s memory… This made Starla realize what she was dealing with. Not one person. Lucius was simply a collection of the grievances and killing intent of hundreds of millions of dead.

Such horrible things should not exist in the world, but unfortunately, he happened to be right in front of her.


Fortunately, Starla’s self-regulation ability is strong enough. She now has only one emotion towards Lucius, and that was fear. No matter how she died, she did not want to be one of the hundreds of millions of dead people.

Starla is a saint, the most powerful existence in this world. She doesn’t expect anyone to save her. After selling her soul, there was no chance to redeem it again.

“Then what does Mr. Devil want to do?”


Starla’s surface was still very calm. After putting on her clothes neatly, she picked up the big gray scarf on the bed, covered her neck, and sat on the wheelchair again.


Even if your body recovers, you still need a reason to tell others why you recovered, right?


Starla couldn’t tell the truth about what happened tonight. If she told the truth, it would not benefit Lucius and her.


The interests of the demon and the devil are the same.


“What do I want to do?”

Lucius didn’t believe that Starla would become a loyal and obedient girl. She was a ruler, a person in command, and what hides under her childish appearance was her heart that has experienced hardship.


The leader of an assassination organization.


Now, Lucius needed her identity.

“Empress Naiya, I think you know her too well.”




Hearing Lucius mentioning Naiya, Starla’s indifferent expression finally became a little stiff, but it was still suppressed, “Mr. Devil is very interested in the lucky child who suddenly appeared? The Empress, who suddenly appeared in just a few days, is called a hero. It just feels amazing.”

Speaking of Naiya, Starla’s words suddenly increased.


“Really? What do you think of Her Royal Highness?”


“Same as me,” Starla answered truthfully.


“As you?” Lucius looked at the skinny young girl sitting in a wheelchair with long gray hair scattered down.


Naiya doesn’t look so weak, right? After several cycles of life and death, her aura has completely turned into a sharp sword out of the sheath.

“Well… a powerful and beautiful puppet.”



Did she know his relationship with Naiya?


This was also a good guess; it’s just that Starla didn’t seem to notice it.

“I am a puppet controlled by Mr. Devil. And the Empress… She may be controlled by something called kindness or justice. She was an ordinary child, at least before being named the Empress or hero. She has her own life, and not everyone will enjoy the life that thousands of people admire. She doesn’t like this, so it can be seen that she is just a puppet whose actions are controlled by the title of Her Royal Highness.”

If you have something, you must give up something else.


“You seem to understand her very well,” Lucius said with slight sarcasm.


“Please don’t question my human perspective. Everything she does was forced. The real her is just a girl who wants to be with her family and having an ordinary life by herself.”


What Starla said was quite right.

If none of this happens, Naiya will spend her life with that nerdy nun without any regrets because that’s the life she would have liked.

But fate does not allow it.

“Then what the hell does Mr. Devil want to do to the Empress?”


Starla pulled her scarf and tried to conceal the sweat that overflowed from her palms. Her hands began to tremble again.


“Kill her…”


This was Lucius’ last command to Starla.



“What’s the matter with you? Why are you so surprised?”

Lucius saw that Starla remained silent for a long time and stopped speaking, “Aren’t you doing this before I came? Your organization, “Mourners,” was the first to target her—the Empress Naiya Dodran. Offering 10 billion chips to buy her life. As the one planned all of this, your surprised looked was a bit too strange.”


“I established the “Mourners” organization just to find a way to heal my body.”

“So now that your body is healed, this organization is disbanded?”


“No, the ‘Mourners’ will never be disbanded.”

“Then why do you hesitate?” Lucius looked directly at Starla’s eyes as if she was once again forced into desperation by Lucius, “Is it because of your cold heart feels the long-lost warmth from Her Royal Highness?”




“This is also a bargaining chip.” Lucius continued, “After the airship has landed, the ‘Mourners’ will still be effective on Her Royal Highness, even in Central City! You are still a Starla Verner! Don’t forget your identity. Hiding in this corner of the world, the saint thirsty for a cure of your body relies on the money of assassination organizations and underground chambers of commerce to find a way to heal your body. The script is written like this.”

“Is it your script? Mr. Devil?” Starla finally spoke.


“To my script called World Destruction Project.”


Of course, Lucius is not so nasty, just cooperating with the girl’s question.



Starla didn’t know where her hesitation came from. At first, she wanted to kill Naiya, so why was she hesitating just now? Is it because the prey has been taken away by others, and she feels angry? No, that couldn’t be right.


Starla really didn’t dare to show any anger towards Lucius.


“Be a good girl so you can continue to live.” Lucius threw candy at Starla.

Really? Consider me a young girl? Isn’t this just a humiliation?


But Starla found that Lucius seemed to be sincere.

She didn’t pay attention during the conversation just now. But when she looked up, she found that ever since Lucius entered the door, he hadn’t stopped taking candy.



Starla suddenly felt hungry when she saw Lucius ate the candy in his hand.

Didn’t you say that I will only be interested in human flesh and blood?

“Eat it! It will make you feel better.”


Of course, what Lucius gave to Starla was the candy exchanged from the system made of processed human souls. It means the taste is definitely what every monster will like.

“The Empress who cares about you will come to see you soon… You don’t want to treat her as food, right?”




When Starla spoke again, she realized that Lucius had disappeared in front of her.


At the same time, the door was opened.


“Has your housekeeper returned?”


Naiya glanced at the finished food on the table and at the lollipop Starla biting, which was like dessert after a meal.


Kill her…

Starla felt the sweetness coming from the tip of her tongue and Naiya’s words, “Well, she has returned, Sister Naiya.”


The innocent smile bloomed on the young girl’s face again.



A glimpse of moonlight suddenly penetrated the window.


The dark clouds had disappeared unknowingly, and the Farewell Tempest bid farewell to the storm’s invasion and drove towards the central capital at full speed.


The passengers on the airship will also remember the name of Her Royal Highness that rescued them.

Central City isn’t far now.

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