Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 136


The central capital.

The center of the world… the largest city! The city where the Emperor of past generations resides in. It was also the most prosperous city in the world and the center of all cultural exchanges.

The most iconic building in the central capital is the Tower of Top in its center. The tower that countless people in this world want to conquer! It represents glory and power.

The color of the top tower is white, and anyone has the right to enter here to prove their strength.

There were a lot of people in the central capital, so every day, there is an endless stream of adventurers coming to visit under the Tower of Top.

It’s just that there seem to be more people gathered under the Tower of Top today. And they are mostly women, young women…

This was a rare view at the Tower of Top. In most worlds, men are more powerful than women. Therefore, most of the strong people in the world are men. Except for the existence of those feminists in the ‘Night Ball’.

These girls were not dressed like adventurers and explorers who wander around in danger all day long, nor were like knights stationed in the various parts of the empire… They wear gorgeous dresses and carefully arranged their long hair. Put light makeup on their face by themselves, or the maid who brought their parasol shielded them from the sun in the sky.

A group of noble girls now gathered in a place where a group of warriors should stay.

The season now was in early summer, and the sun was scorching. But these noble girls don’t seem to mind.

The knights nearby who challenged the Tower of Top next to the adventurers sighed when they saw the scenery. There is only one situation where this kind of scenery appears. That is when the heirs of the empire’s first commercial family came to rechallenge the Tower of Top.

There was no window at the bottom of the tower. The giant gate covered by light is safely placed at the bottom of the tower.

This tower has its soul. After each challenge is completed, the challenger can choose to leave the Tower of Top. The next challenge will continue with the previous level. And the number of floors of the challenger will be displayed in front of the glow of the giant gate.


Today, on the fifty-fifth floor, Roman numbers hang high in front of the gate.

Everyone was surprised.

In the past year, there has finally been an existence that has broken through the fiftieth floor!

After the fiftieth floor, it was proof of the strongest person in the world.

It’s just the age of the challenger; he looked no more than nineteen…

“It’s Lord Meyer!”

“Lord Meyer has come out…”

The noble girls below saw the figure walking out of the Glory Gate. No matter what their parents taught them to be a proper lady, they waved their handkerchief at the figure, hoping he could take a look at them.

Meyer Crowell, the black-haired teenager, walked out of this Glory Gate with a long spear that was the same dark as his hair color… He was utterly dark, and even his eyes were pitch black that could not be absorbed by the light.

His eyes scanned the challengers surrounding the door.

All the people who were in sight took a step back and made way for him. No one dared to offend, let alone mentioning him as the heir of the Crowell family.

He broke through the fiftieth floor of the top of the tower at the age of nineteen. In history, only the genius “Soul Controler” Star Crowell, who was also the Crowell family, could be qualified to be his match.

Sure enough, the excellent bloodline will only become better… The Crowell family will have another saint.

Everyone was whispering.

He walked straight down the road that the crowd gave way and slowly stepped down the stairs. Ignoring the crowd’s comments… and left the Tower of Top area.

Everyone unanimously breathed a sigh of relief; the pressure this guy brought was too much.

He turned a few corners and walked to an old man dressed as a butler.

“Master Meyer, Master Lissner is back.”

“Father? Does he have something to do with me?”

“Yes… Master Lissner told you to go over now.”


There was no means of transportation. His figure disappeared in front of the old butler.

He walked towards the family with the largest house in the city. Except for the palace comparable to the inner city, the Crowell family’s residence belongs to the most magnificent place in the entire central capital.

Because they were rich…

As the first business family, they were richer than the Emperor.


In the family chamber, Lissner was the only one standing there.

This chamber is very large, and the pictures drawn on the chamber walls record the rise and fall of the Crowell family.

Lissner looked at these murals, there were still many blank spaces, and the history of the Crowell family needs him to continue writing.


Perceiving the breath of his heir, Lissner didn’t look back.

“What’s the matter, father?”

Meyer walked into the hall, without any weapons in his hand, and fell on one knee. On the ground, he lowered his head. Even if the man was his own father, he is also the patriarch of the family… The rules must not be broken.

“How long have you been practicing with Lord Don Quixote, the First Knight of the Empire?”

“Three years.” Meyer gave a short answer.

“Three years… Three years.”

Lissner turned around, with an uncontrollable surprise on his face. Didn’t his father want his child to get ahead? Now he did it. Lissner couldn’t even imagine what he had achieved.

“In just three years, you have been able to break through the fiftieth floor of the Tower of Top! This is something that even your instructor can’t do! I’m very satisfied. But once cannot be too confident.”

“I am the best…”

Meyer answered his father. He raised his head and looked at his father, “In the Imperial Royal Knights Academy, even the third-year seniors who are older than me, or the fourth-year seniors can’t make three moves with me! I don’t think there is anything wrong with being confident.”

He has the quality to be self-confident. He simply can’t find an opponent at his own age. Even he could defeat several Imperial Captain Knights.

Gives him some more time, and he will surely be able to conquer the top tower completely.

Lissner knows his son’s pride may be a good thing, but it may also be a bad thing. He was too good. He has never been defeated in his life and has not suffered any setbacks… His self-confidence built in this way may be completely collapsed because of a single failure.

In fact, Lissner never thought that his son would be defeated by anyone of his similar age in a long time.

Because when he was at Meyer’s age, he was still troubled by how to break through the 40th floor of the Tower of Top!

His son was a genius… It’s just that the trip to the Buried Gold City made Lissner feel a little uneasy.

The Empress…

“Meyer.. failure and victory coexist. don’t deny yourself completely because of one failure…”

“I never thought about failure.”

Lissner looked at the firm eyes of his son and finally sighed, “Go and do your thing, Meyer. You are the pride of the entire Crowell family, don’t let the Crowell family name be disgraced.”

“Understand, father…”

Meyer left.

“Are you still aware of it?”

Lissner was going to visit the Emperor in person and explain why Her Royal Highness suffered various dangers along the way.

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