Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 137


Lissner, the head of the first commercial family of the empire, walked up the steps leading to the palace where the Emperor lived with awe and respect.

On both sides of the road, heavily armed knights stood straight with their spears.

The sunlight reflected the brilliance of the silver-white armor, and the immovable stances might even make people think they were statues.

The atmosphere here is solemn and was not allowed to be violated. But when Lissner stepped on the last step and wandered into the magnificent building, the darkness enveloped the room.

The atmosphere became sluggish. Because no matter how awe-inspiring it looks on the outside, it still can’t conceal the fact that the Emperor’s time was running out.

Age and disease made the legendary Emperor looked very tired.

“Your Royal Highness.”

Lissner stepped into the center of the hall, knelt down on one knee, lowered his forehead, and did not look at the person sitting in front.

“Stand up, Lissner Crowell…”

The tired voice sounded a little weak, and the Emperor showed his true side in front of Lissner without reservation. Different from the majesty in the outside world.

When Lissner was allowed to stand up, he looked at the Emperor sitting on the throne with snow-white hair. He seemed to be no more than thirty years old, but on the slightly lazy face, he looked at him. The courage that makes Lissner not daring to look straight. He is now like a lion waiting quietly for death, squinting his eyes. Still able to do his best to make the last fight.

Once upon a time, the Emperor whose sword’s blade ruled the world now no longer had his original sharpness

When Lissner was looking at Emperor Dodran XXI, a pair of equally sharp eyes also fixed on Lissner. Lissner instantly felt that his whole body was frozen; no matter where he fled, he could not avoid it.

“Long time no see, Lord Don Quixote Knight,” Lissner smiled at the knight stood beside the Emperor.

The young man wearing jet black knight armor and the same jet-black short hair nodded. With the power of the 59th floor of the Tower Top, he has a battle power not weaker than that of a saint.

If Emperor Dodran is the ruler of this country, then this First Knight was the sharpest blade in the hands of the ruler.

A sword that can pierce through anything.

No one knows the origin of the First Knight. He appeared to the Emperor’s side quietly more than ten years ago when the subjects discovered the existence of this knight. He was also the one who had broken through the Tower of Top’s 59th floor in one minute, breaking the super record of his ancestors who were breaking through the Tower of Top in 762 hours.

No one in the world was not shocked. Since then, he has been inseparable from the Emperor.

With this sharpest sword in his hand, no one dares to offend the Emperor’s majesty. He was not a saint, but his presence was beyond the existence of a saint.

Because he was his son’s mentor, Lissner was fairly familiar with him.

After Don Quixote nodded to Lissner, he walked to the Emperor’s side. There was no place for him to speak. As the Emperor’s weapon, all he had to do was to kill the enemy.

“Lissner… How long have I known you?”

It was not an inquiry between a subject and the Emperor, but a discussion between old friends.

Lissner and Dodran XXI were indeed old friends.

“27 years, Your Highness, when you and I were both the chief students of the Imperial Royal Knights Academy, we fought in the arena for Minael, Her Highness the Empress. In the end, you won by a single slash of the sword.”

Heh, you shouldn’t mention the embarrassing thing that I met with you.”

“Yes,” Lissner’s tone remained as flat as ever when he mentioned these old events.

“Do you still hate me?”

“There are grievances, but hate?” Lissner shook his head, “It’s just that I am not as strong as you, and I was defeated. Losing is a stage in my life that I must go through. That fiasco made me grow very fast.”

“As a result, he has grown to be the patriarch of the family who can compete with the Imperial Royal Family?” Dodran continued to say without any scruples.

The character of the Emperor is like this. If he hadn’t been an emperor so as not to affect the majesty of the royal family, he might wander the world and talk badly. As a result, he provoked many enemies when he was young, but Dodran was so talented at convincing those revenge-seekers that he was not suitable for being a star emperor.

Lissner had also heard Dodran’s complain about this. His greatest wish was to become an explorer, mercenary, travel to every corner of the world, and then soak in different styles in every region of the world.

Although Lissner suspects that Dodran’s original purpose was to make a big harem, not a mercenary, however fate did not allow this noble-born Emperor to be such a vulgar profession as a mercenary.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand” Lissner continued to answer indifferently.

“Lissner, don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about! When I got Minael back then, you are still thinking about her, right?! Now your curse is fulfilled! Minael and my heirs all passed away because of the riots of several monsters.”

Lisner was silent for a while. He felt that it was not the time to speak with the Emperor because whatever he said would put him at a disadvantage.

Perhaps God played a joke and accidentally misplaced Lissner and Dodran’s soul during the reincarnation. Compared to this man, Lissner had the qualities of a good monarch.

“What’s the matter with your ‘please allow me to make a sad expression’ look?”

Dodran continues talking with a full mouth. Even when he was sick and older, it did not let him stop this habit.

“I… “

Lissner’s expressionless face changed when he heard this. He was speechless.

“Now it’s a serious question, Lissner!” Dordran looked directly into Lissner’s eyes, “You can choose to remain silent now, but every word of yours will become a testimony! A word of warning for you. People don’t die until they die. During the time you went to Buried Gold City, what did you do?

It’s over…

Lissner should have rushed to meet with Emperor Dodran before the Council of Ministers today. Because in the presence of all the subjects, the Emperor will show the majesty of an Emperor!

He was now at the state of a mouth full. This is what makes the great Emperor terrifying.

“I just went to buy some Buried Gold metallurgical wine,” Lissner replied.

“You are the head of the Crowell family. Why would you personally go to the city to buy a few bottles of wine? Are you lying?”


I won’t speak.


Lisner chose to remain silent again.

Seeing Lisner’s silence, Dodran was powerless and leaned back on the chair.

Does Lissner know?

Dodran calmed down his inner feelings and once again became the calm Emperor, “You are the first friend in my life and the first opponent I face. But I don’t want you to become an enemy.”

“Your Royal Highness, I don’t want to be your enemy at all…”

I just want to kill you.

Lissner doesn’t dare to be an enemy of the royal family, as long as the strongest knight was by his side.

“You don’t want to be an enemy of me?” Dodran couldn’t help it again, “You should know that I have a lovely daughter, right?”

“I heard the news a few days ago, and now she has become your successor, Her Royal Highness.”

“Then tell me what kind of hardship my daughter has encountered on the way to recognize me as her real father! It is no different from 91 hardships, okay? Let’s not mention the Beast attack incident at the Buried Gold City. The key is that the damn ghosts of the ‘Mourners’, the group of assassins like the Dark Brotherhood, has been eyeing my daughter several times in a row.”

Lisner couldn’t understand Dodran’s full mouth and continued to be silent.

The Royal Family’s intelligence network was not much worse than the Crowell Family. When the Crowell Family knew things, the Royal Family must know first!

“The attack on the airship was also a ‘Mourner’. The incident at the Buried Gold City may also be the commotion caused by the mourners…” Dodran stared at Lissner closely.

“I don’t think the price of the life of an Empress’ will be so low. At that time, at that place, you were the only one who could afford the price for assassinating the Empress. So the truth has always been only one, right?”

“Your Majesty, your reasoning has never been right…”

“Damn! Did you mean that I didn’t find the culprit of the ‘Minael’s Underwear Missing Case’? Don’t mention it! This case has not been settled until now. Now that Minael has passed away let it disappear in the long river of history.”

How can it be possible to find the culprit! Because the culprit is you?!

If it had not been for the face of the Royal Family, you would have been guillotined for stealing the underwear of the daughter of the Grand Duke.

Lissner really burst into tears when he was young.

When he was still young, he was taken to the female student’s dormitory to do something unbelievable. Lissner was dragged onto the thief boat, so he didn’t dare say that he was an insider.

“Now talking about the Emperor. We are both old stretchers; stretchers face his own heart, right? Lissner, don’t worry. If you admit it, I will take care of the past in the name of friendship. Just copy your whole family, but not kill your whole family. This is already a very benevolent choice. As a guy who offends my own daughter, there is no way to extinguish the anger of being a father.”

Hearing these words, Lissner thought carefully not to say something wrong in front of the crazy Emperor.

“Your Royal Highness, if you insist on thinking that I am the murderer, please give an order. I won’t make complaints, but please let my children go.” Lisner did not avoid it but chose to accept punishment.

Seeing Lissner’s calm face, Dodran laughed, “I really can’t condemn you to death. But don’t underestimate the anger of the Emperor who was accused by a daughter. Lissner, let me tell you a wise word. ‘Before execution, you must have the consciousness to be killed’. The murderer will be killed before they have the good sense to never, ever try to challenge the lineage of the Dodran Empire, for the empire that this great Emperor did not even overthrow in the first place, you are far from qualified.”

An emperor overthrows his own empire?

Lisner knew that it was that teenager who rebelled against the royal family for his own freedom. But in the end, somehow, this naive and frivolous boy grew up overnight and put on the Emperor’s new costume.

In front of the crowd, in front of the attention of everyone in the world, he ascended to the throne and unified the world.


After Lisner promised, he was allowed to leave.

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