Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 138


Hindered, but Naiya was now exhausted.

This powerful Empress also has times of exhaustion.

“Is Sister Naiya okay?”

Starla wanted to reach out to help Naiya’s but found that she won’t be able to stand up in front of others.

“I’m just a little tired.” Naiya waved her hand to indicate she was okay.

“Then… you must go to rest.”

Starla looked at Naiya with some concern. This was a good time, but she seized it because it was the Sky Harbor within the airship scope.

“What are you standing there for?” Starla said to some of the First Knight members of the Empire who have been following Naiya.

Naiya glanced at them. Some of them carried the spirit axis on their shoulders. That was the spirit frame of their leader and were plan to go back to resume their duty.

Some people were sent to protect Her Royal Highness.

Starla is also considered a well-known existence in the Empire. The identity of the second lady of the Vernet family is enough to crush them.

After the knight glanced at each other, a female knight finally walked out of the crowd.

After the airship defence’s night, Naiya has already weighed Valkyrie’s image in the heart of this warrior. Everyone doesn’t dare to offend her.

“His Royal Highness has already arranged the residence. So Your Royal Highness can go to rest first, don’t worry.”

The messenger who appeared out of nowhere saw this scene and said a feasible implementation plan. He didn’t come to welcome her because the Emperor was talking to the head of the Crowell Family.

“Of course, Miss Starla can also come.”

The messenger was smart enough, and after knowing that Naiya only believes in Starla, he took Naiya and Starla to her temporary resident.

The building was located in the inner city of Central Capital City, the most important city in the Empire.

This building was large.

In the corridor full of Western European architectural style, she found her room.


The sun shone through the windows.

By Starla’s order, the female knight drew the curtains, and after Naiya undressed and lay on the soft bed, she stood aside and did not leave. She is responsible for protecting Her Royal Highness, even if the young girl in a wheelchair looks so harmless.

If only she knows that this harmless little girl can pinch her to death with a finger.

“Sister Naiya, you look like you haven’t slept in a long time.”

Starla found that the corners of Naiya’s eyes had faint dark circles, which were the enemy of a girl’s beauty.


Naiya lay on the bed and recalled the incredible things she experienced these days. Now she becomes so tired. The vampires mostly sleep during the day and move at night, but after careful calculation, and since meeting Lucius, Naiya had not slept once.

No matter when and where she was in constant danger of the enemy. And also the danger that Lucius brings among them. The excitement makes Naiya restless.

“Well, is it safe here?” Naiya asked. She couldn’t close her eyes when she was in a dangerous situation for a long time.

How could it be safe with me?

Starla laughed, “It’s safe here. It is the inner city of the central capital, where the His Royal Highness the Emperor resides. No one will threaten you. So, Sister Naiya should have a good night’s sleep. Wake up when you’re ready.”

“Then you should go home first, Starla. Your family should be worried about you.”

Naiya was not a spoiled noble lady. She doesn’t need someone to take care of her.

“Then see you tomorrow.” Starla seems to be looking forward to it.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow.” Hearing Starla’s reply, Naiya was relieved.

She glanced at the female knight standing next to the bed, “Send her back…”

“But, Your Royal Highness…”

“This is an order.”


Being ordered by Naiya’s, the female knight did not dare to resist. While pushing Starla’s wheelchair, she walked towards the door and called for someone to take her place.

Finally, the room quieted down.

Naiya only wore a thin shirt. Her consciousness gradually became hazy. She felt the same, just like what happened in the past few days.

Even if she wakes up, it would still be the same nightmare.

Naiya closed her eyes and dozed off until the sunlight on the windowsill gradually turned red when the sun went down.


Naiya’s long eyelashes trembled, she opened her own eyes.

“Are you awake? Your Royal Highness?”

A soft voice rang in Naiya’s ears. Naiya immediately sat up from the bed with reflex and looked at the things in the room with fear.

However, the figure making the voice continued to do his things…

He dressed in a black tuxedo and white silk clothing, walked gracefully to the window, opened the curtains to let the embers of the setting sunshine into the room.

“If you are hungry, we will prepare black tea and some strawberry cake…”

The cup was lifted. The liquid in the teapot flows into it, and the intense fragrance of tea fills the room. The exquisite pastries on the table make the girl stared at this elegant figure and placed the teacup in it.

He walked over behind the table and started to unbutton her shirt that had become wrinkled in sleep. The smooth skin was exposed to the air, leaving Naiya froze.

“Soon, Her Royal Highness will need to attend the Ancestral Prayer Meeting of the leader the Church, so please put on these clothes first. “

After that, the man wearing the white silk suit gently took out a few luxurious clothes, and his skilled hands helped Naiya wear the clothes.

“What’s wrong, Your Royal Highness?”

After putting on the shirt, the figure realized Naiya’s stunned expression.

“You… Who are you?”

Naiya stared blankly at this elegant man with a smile in front of her, wearing a butler uniform.

“Ah, I’m sorry! I forgot to introduce my identity to Her Royal Highness.”

He gave a slight noble salute and stood by the bed. The orange sunlight refracted into Naiya’s eyes through his dark, broken hair; the gesture was enough to make some young noble maiden indulge in it.

“I am the exclusive butler, Lucius Alucard, who will serve you in the future. May I ask if you have any complaints about me?”

Is this guy a split personality?

The first time Naiya saw Lucius’s appearance. The butler’s behaviour was gallant. But after seeing Lucius, Naiya trembled. She suddenly felt that she was unworthy.

Was it he that will serve her in the future, not the way around?

This is a conspiracy, right?

The biggest conspiracy ever…

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