Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 139


“What… why… you will… become my butler?”

Naiya didn’t think about it. Lucius’s identity could not be as simple as a butler.

“I just took the identity of the butler that the Emperor temporarily asked to take care of you, or more appropriately, I replace his existence.”

Lucius’s scarlet eyes carried stunned feeling while looking at Naiya, “Do you want to know the details of the process?”

Replace… someone’s existence?

Naiya carefully pondered the sentence. She trembled after thinking it through.

This seems to be more terrifying than killing someone.

How did he do it?

In Naiya’s heart, Lucius’s image has always been shrouded in darkness. When Naiya unlocked the first floor, she found that more doubts appeared.

In short, if you want to summarize Lucius’s image in Naiya’s heart, then it was incredible.

The power to give oneself is incredible but also extremely dangerous.

For example, now.

“Yes, do you know the specific process?” Lucius saw that Naiya had been silent and continued to ask.

“No… I think.”

Naiya’s cold expression immediately softened in front of Lucius. Regarding Lucius’s terror, Naiya felt that she had only peeped at the tip of the iceberg.

“Then, your Royal Highness, please wear a formal dress. The funeral of Captain Kenser is your first public event.”

“I… will come by myself.”

He bowed his head and put on her clothes, “Then, please follow me.”

Lucius walked to the door of the room and opened the door for Naiya.

Naiya walked out of bed.

After arranging her messy long hair, she walked carefully. By the door, when she saw Lucius, she was still stunned for a while.

“What’s the matter?” Lucius still had a gentle smile on his face.

“Nothing!” Naiya immediately walked to the front like a frightened cat.

After walking a few steps, she still secretly glanced back at Lucius at this time.

There was no other reason. He was too professional. If she hadn’t seen Lucius’s terror, Naiya might really think he was a professional butler. However, this should be just a roleplay he thoughts was interesting.

Lucius’s attitude towards this world only gave Naiya a feeling.


Possessing such a powerful power, possibly even stronger than a saint. Lucius is unknown to this world and has never been integrated into this world.

It has always been like this.

If you compare this world to a chessboard, the player who plays chess now is Naiya, who entrusts everything to Lucius at the expense of herself. And Lucius was the spectator directing Naiya from the side, telling her what to do next.

Naiya doesn’t know where he came from and when he will step into this world holding the chess pieces. It’s the part Lucius that makes Naiya really scared. She was afraid of what the world will be like when Lucius takes over the chess game.

My purpose was to seek revenge on the saint. So, what does he want to get when he gave me the strength?

Naiya didn’t ask much, and she just played a good role as Her Royal Highness according to Lucius’s script.

Other than that, Naiya had no other choice.

In fact, when Lucius came to Central Capital, he thought for a long time, whether to continue to hide in the shadows or to find a new identity to walk in the world. After careful thinking, Lucius chose the latter.

In the memory of the mortician, the news that there was a strong person behind Her Royal Highness to shelter her has long leaked out.

The patriarch of the Crowell family knew it first, and sooner or later, the Royal family learned about it.

Maybe when walking outside, Naiya only needs to build an image of an undefeated Valkyrie. But Lucius, who has absorbed the memories of hundreds of millions of people, understands it deeply. No matter how powerful she is, she won’t be worshipped if she had no personality charm.

The German Third Reich leader, Adolf Hitler, is the representative of personality charm higher than his own strength.

Ordinary people will always admire people who are stronger than them.

So Lucius needs Naiya to become stronger instead of leaving an impression of a little girl who could do nothing but wield a sword among those nobles with thousands of years of history in the central capital.

It was a great sacrifice as an Empress.

It’s just a pity that Lucius discovered that Naiya was really the same thing.

Killing the enemy with a sword until she kills the saint has become Naiya’s purpose of living.

So just in case, Lucius chose the most suitable identity to stay with the Empress.

Learning is a simple thing for Lucius. For those nobles and their temperament. Lucius will mobilize some of the Dead River whose souls can be possessed. The skill of disguise is an essential course for vampires. It’s a pity that his junior was far from qualified. She can only use a cold expression to disguise her true heart…

Naiya was walking ahead, and Lucius was always half a step behind Naiya.

Lucius could see that Naiya was uncomfortable.

As the Elder, Lucius should’ve walked in front of Naiya. This thing made the young vampire quite nervous.

“Relax,” Lucius said softly.

Naiya just answered with, “Hmm…

The Elder’s majesty was like this. Lucius’s image of controlling everything had taken deep roots in Naiya’s heart. It would take time to change. But Lucius feels that there is no need to change.

Just like that, this should be a very unusual combination of the Empress and the butler, but it reveals a strange atmosphere.

“Your Royal Highness!”

The female knight who sent Starla home was guarding at the end of the corridor in the room where Naiya lived. After seeing Naiya walking, she half kneeled in front of Naiya, lowered her head.

Saluting is essential.


When Naiya met an outsider, she had completely restrained her cowardice in front of Lucius. The girl has become a majestic Her Royal Highness the Empress.

“Yes…, the Emperor told me to send you …and your butler to attend the funeral of Captain Kensel in the cemetery behind the inner city immediately.”

The female knight glanced at Lucius behind Naiya and then continued.

Kensel’s Funeral…

The appearance of the middle-aged knight who looked a bit sloppy appeared in Naiya’s mind.

He had died as a victim.

Human life is so fragile.

Naiya nodded. Following the female knight, she walked toward the royal cemetery.

The sunset scenery is most suitable for a funeral, isn’t it?

This is not just a funeral.

It was also an announcement of the existence of an Empress.

Lucius raised his head and looked at a few dark shadows flying in the sky, “This world’s morning…  also have crows.”

The crows, for Lucius, is the second mascot next to the bat.

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