Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 140


Human funerals were always something that Lucius can’t understand… Because the funeral and coffin for humans was a place to sleep forever. For Lucius, it was just a bed to sleep on.

Vampires like to sleep in the coffin because they are already dead, and the coffin will let them feel more sense of belonging than a bed.

However, as a strange one, Lucius did like to sleep in the coffin with his sister when they were children. But when he grew up, he stayed away from sleeping.

To collect Despair Points, he rushed around, forcing Lucius to transform himself from a nocturnal creature into a tall human figure who can attack at any time, 24 hours a day.

Fatigue is useless for Lucius.

To resurrect his sister, Lucius has already forgotten what it means to feel tired.

Once dead, the vampire will die and turn to ash, disappear in the sun, no need for a funeral at all. But standing in this cemetery illuminated by the light of the setting sun, Lucius felt that he hadn’t done that yet.

Organize a funeral for his sister.

It’s just now for him; the funeral was no longer necessary. Because a funeral is for mourning, and mourning is an emotion for people who will never see their beloved ones again.

Soon after, he will be able to meet his sister. There is no need for the funeral; he doesn’t need to mourn. There are only hugs to meet again.

Not far from now!

Lucius stood next to Naiya and lowered his head slightly.

All the people around him wore black and white uniform dresses, and this world also seems to have this tradition.

In this cemetery, a group of men in silvery-white armor carrying a coffin with a golden dragon head roaring mark on their shoulders slowly walked towards the tomb dug by a Priest in front.

The setting sun is the best setting for this scenery. The sky seemed to be echoed with inexplicable sadness for the gallant Commander’s tribute. Kensel’s prestige in the City made almost every nobleman attended his funeral.

These people standing in the cemetery represent the order of the entire central capital. These noblemen maintain the order of the central capital, and a random person may be the identity of the grand duke who is in charge of the country.

They come to the capital to pay respect for Kensel.

But when these nobles stood on both sides of the road and watched, a figure appeared, making them obey.

Almost at the same time, they knelt on one knee on the ground, lowering their heads lower.

Besides the great priest who held the ceremony, the one who came was His Royal Highness.

From Lucius’s point of view, he may seem majestic and dignified, but the exhausted soul in his old body can’t be hidden.

Lucius did not kneel, nor did Naiya.

After Naiya followed Lucius as a vampire, she would not abide by the rules of this country even if the Emperor appeared.

As Naiya’s butler, Lucius had to cooperate.

The Emperor only glanced at Lucius and Naiya slightly.

After nodding to his daughter, who he hadn’t seen for a long time, he walked to the tomb. He knew exactly what he was doing now.

“Everyone, please.”

The Emperor’s voice was calm, and an inexplicable majesty spread from it.

The jet-black figures stood up neatly. As the patriarchs of the Empire’s famous families, of course, they were bothered by their majesty.

As the only young girl standing in the group of people seems out of place, even if Naiya keeps her face cold, she still feels that everyone’s eyes are staring at her.

Hush. His Royal Highness is about to speak.”

Lucius whispered in Naiya’s ear. His scarlet eyes responded to those rude gazes. For some reason, feeling Lucius was behind her made Naiya feel a lot more confident.

Her Royal Highness should maintain her due majesty.

Emperor Dodran did not mention his daughter. After the priest held a funeral ceremony and Kensel’s coffin was put on the ground, The Emperor finally picked up the eulogy that no one knew who written in and spoke slowly.

“First of all, I felt deep grief for the bravery of Commander Kensel Dodran. He was an excellent Commander. Under his leadership, the Knight’s Order led the Empire into a long peace. When he passed away, it made me understand that I lost an uncle, the Empire lost the best knight, the people lost a great hero, but I didn’t know why…”

When Emperor Dodran read this, he suddenly stopped reading.

If you look closely, you can see that Emperor Dodran’s hand was holding the text tightly, and the death of his uncle has made the Emperor’s heart uneasy…

Lissner was in a black and white suit among the crowd, seeing Dodran’s appearance, secretly said a bad thing.


Emperor Dodran put away the speech and glanced over the nobles’ presence with outstanding empire status and power.

“How many years has this formulaic speech been said? This text was also read at the Empress’ funeral, right?”

“But…this is the rule.” The great priest cautiously reminded Emperor Dodran from the side.

“I am the Emperor!” Emperor Dodran threw this speech to the great priest.

This made the officials below who knew the true face of the Emperor collectively secretly said that it was not good.

This guy is going to do something crazy again!

“It’s rare for you to gather here today. Would you like to listen to me, as a nephew, what you think of my uncle? Not as an Emperor who reads the unchanging text for thousands of years!”

No one dared to speak; they all chose to be silent. It was not right to persuade him, and it was even more wrong if they did not discourage the Emperor. So everyone had to acquiesce to what Emperor Dodran did.

“Very well!”

“Kenser Dodran! My uncle has always been my elder in my heart! He is also a hero! He has fought little monsters, drove airships, served as Chief Commander, fought an apostle, and was at the level of the first Great hero! There is a tripod in the sky and the celestial weave, similar to gods who keep the world’s peace. But my uncle had always been a knight who carried out love and truth to prevent the world from being destroyed; he protected the peace of the world. Commander! It’s such a great soldier of love. Today, he died in such a sudden and heroic death! Heroic death for the Empire! But I don’t think that dying at the hands of Beast and the report will be the final result.”

Dodran’s gaze swept across the representative tables of every power in everyone present, “The Forest of Beast has been silent for too long, and the Beast inside have become an amiable house pet. But it turns out that the housepets cannot change their evil nature! But who was responsible? Is this all a distortion of human nature, or a loss of morality?”

Dodran sees all the people who looked down below cannot look at him. He did not intend to stop and continued, “Gentlemen! I’m sure everyone was clear about the mission that Captain Kensel was performing this time.” Dodran raised his voice, “That is to protect my only daughter, and Her Royal Highness will return to the central capital safely!”

“But what happened? Her Royal Highness was repeatedly attacked by ‘Mourners’ twice during her journey! Does the ‘Mourner’ know? The group of assassins with metal masks who give the gift of death. But who died?”

“Fortunately, my daughter is as powerful as the three hundred Spartan warriors and escaped under this group of ghosts!”

After hearing her Royal Highness’s continuous assassination attempt by ‘Mourners’, the old nobleman was finally a little surprised. Hearing her escapes from the ‘mourners’ twice, the Grand Duke’s expression can only be described as shock.

It can be said that if Kensel died because of a confrontation with the mourner, then this is an extremely normal thing.

The death presented by the mourner has never failed.

“To be able to hire a mourner that has the ability to take the life of an Empress! Maybe you all haven’t realized how important the Empress is.”

Dodran took a deep breath and glanced at the audience again. Then he spoke, “Then I will tell you, now I declare that Naiya Dodran will inherit this Empire! Become Dodran XXII the Great, and she will become an empress!

Hearing the Emperor’s sudden announcement surprised many people.

Lucius, who kept his head down, took a look at the Emperor, who said some strange things.

It’s so direct but stupid.

“Your Highness, I think this is too hasty!”

Sure enough, some nobles think this is too hasty.

“Even if the Empress is your bloodline, but you can’t be sure of the superiority of her bloodline, shouldn’t the Emperor’s heir have the top bloodline?”

This world measures a person’s identity by bloodline.

The royal family is called Emperor because they have the Emperor’s bloodline; just like the geniuses of the Crowell family, the royal family is also genius.

The Empress who has no power will not be recognized by the courtiers who have power.

“Do you think the power of someone who has resisted the invasion of monsters and escapes twice from the hands of the mourners will be weak? Don’t forget, my daughter is only about sixteen this year!”

“But… this is just a rumor, isn’t it? Your Highness, please think twice. Otherwise, the doubts among the civilians will cause turmoil.”

“Please think twice? I know, she had a good card, the trial of Tower of Top, right?”

It seems that the Emperor is not a virtuous ruler because he was not born to be an Emperor.

“Notice to the whole City. Tomorrow, Empress Naiya Dodran will challenge the Tower of Top for the first time in her life and formally become the heir of the Empire after completion! Whoever against the Empress is the enemy of the entire Empire!”

Dodran’s voice spread to everyone’s ears, and it was very clear.

Lucius listened, and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly.

On the side, Naiya’s palms were already overflowing with sweat, and she was the center of attention again. Even though her surface seemed very calm, but the restlessness in her heart won’t go away.

“You… have to be stronger, Naiya,”

Lucius whispered in Naiya’s ear and calmed down Naiya’s anxiety a little bit.

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