Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 141


The news of the imminent change of the throne spread throughout the entire central capital in just a few moments

This time the change of the throne is too inconsistent with the previous situation. The successor to the throne was not His Royal Highness known to citizens, but rather it was someone the citizen had never seen before.

Her Royal Highness who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Although there are voices of doubt, it was not loud because the rumors about the Emperor had long portrayed her as a better hero than a wasted Empire.

When the Golden Burial City incident and airship crashed, as well as the frightening term of mourners, were all connected with the Empress. The citizens were looking forward to seeing the rumored Her Royal Highness as powerful as the Valkyrie.

And the title with a little girl who came out from nowhere has gradually subsided.

The citizens of the central capital were waiting for the Empress to challenge the Tower of Top, which will be announced by the Emperor tomorrow.

Because this world’s standard to measure how strong a person’s blood is through the Tower of Top!

Only by breaking through the 30th floor of the Tower of Top one can qualify for further training in the Knights. In the future, they will have the opportunity to be among the nobles and become a master.

His Royal Highness, known to citizens, reached the 40th floor Tower of Top at only twenty. Although the Crowell genius was only 19 years old and broke through the 50th floor, he had an incredible performance. He proved his strength. He proved that the blood of the Emperor flowing in his body.

Ordinary people may stay on the 40th floor in their entire life, and hover around the 30th floor in their whole life.

So if Her Royal Highness were as powerful as the Valkyrie rumor, or just a lucky wild girl, everything would be proven in the challenge of the Tower of Top tomorrow.

First of all, one must have the power to be able to have a position in this world.

People in this world often only recognize bloodlines, not people.

It’s just that the news department of the central capital of the outside world is busy and exhausted because of the arrival of the Emperor’s Royal Highness…

The inner city seemed very quiet.

The Patriarchs who ruled the central capital and even the various forces around the world have already returned.

The afterglow of the setting sun had already quietly fallen. The moonlight illuminated the world, and the cemetery was quietly empty.

The night is always the best refuge for vampires.

Every night, the power of vampires will rise to various degrees.

Lucius was bathed in the moonlight, and Naiya walked in front of him without speaking.

At the same time, there was the Emperor who seemed to be tired of the speech. He dragged his weary body at the front. His soul was fragile. Lucius could kill this man only with a slight movement of his five fingers.

The Emperor, who reigns over the world, doesn’t know what kind of disease he has. In short, his life span is not long.

The only thing that made Lucius feel a bit troublesome was probably the black knight who had been with the Emperor, as the shadow of the Emperor.

If the power of the saint is compared to that of the Earth’s S-rank Esper, then the black knight in front of him can almost barely be called S.

For Super rank.

Excluding the saints in the Garden of the Gods, he can say that Lucius has met the strongest human being.

Following Naiya as a butler now, even if these two stood at the top of this world, the two who admired the world did not find anything wrong.

Lucius has integrated into this world. Of course, it is more appropriate to take advantage of others’ identities or depriving them of their identities.

In this way, the Emperor and his black knight led Lucius and Naiya quickly towards the inner courtyard of the inner city.

The architectural style of the inner city is much more solemn than the outer city. The cultural deposits accumulated over the past thousand years have a different style. It’s just a pity that it will soon be destroyed.

After walking into a solemn hall, the empty hall was illuminated by the light composed of fluorite. Naiya did not continue to follow the Emperor’s footsteps but stood in the middle of the hall.

Lucius stood behind Naiya, making Naiya feel a little confident about what will happen to her.

Emperor Dodran took a few steps toward the halls, and when he saw Naiya standing there, he stopped.

The two of them looked at each other like that, in silence.

Both Lucius and the black knight, who were both attendants, stood behind them in silence… The long-awaited father-daughter meeting began in such a strange atmosphere.

“You look a lot like your mother…” Emperor Dodran said.

His first words were within Lucius’s guess. This should have been a touching meeting, isn’t it? But Naiya’s character has long been decided, and this reunion is destined not to show family affection and things.

“I haven’t seen my mother…” Naiya answered him, without a trace of emotion in her cold words, “At the beginning of my memory, I was curled up in the cold alley, and I was alone.​​”

Not only this irresponsible father but Naiya’s mother also abandoned Naiya. No one knows how this young vampire survived, how she survived before meeting Muccia.

Naiya didn’t intend to recognize this old man, even if he could give him the supreme right, the temple’s endless splendor and wealth.

The real Naiya was already dead, died in the village engulfed by fire.

What is alive now is just a ghost for revenge, a ghost created by Lucius himself. It wanders in this world, obeying all the orders of Lucius, like a perfect but dangerous puppet.

Even now, Naiya still obeyed Lucius’s orders before coming to accept the throne and meeting her father. Otherwise, she might directly slam up to the Tower of Top, conquer the legendary 60th floor, and slash the strongest Saints with her sword.

Naiya used everything to exchange this opportunity for revenge with Lucius. She had nothing left, and the purpose of her life was only for revenge.

But… Doesn’t she have a human heart?

People are fickle animals, and Lucius knows that they will always change their original intentions because of certain things. Lucius didn’t want Naiya to be like this. It’s just a helpless fact. She is a kind-hearted child with vengeance consciousness, which is far from enough.

But at least, Naiya’s performance makes Lucius very satisfied. People feel a little surprised by her talent.

The talent of being a vampire.

“Really? You have indeed reached the rebellious period at this age.”

The Emperor did not have a trace of majesty. Even when he raged before, he also carried the majesty that people could not refute and interrupt like an old man who is already enjoying his old age.

“I don’t recognize my relationship with you. Just like this, you’re going to let me inherit your throne?”

“Of course.”

Hearing Naiya’s words, Emperor Dodran did not get angry, “I just completed the task. A task called ‘throne succession of the royal family’. Before completing this task, I can’t accept death. I am a traveler. I have been wandering in this world that does not belong to me for too long. Maybe this world has given me everything, but the next time, there’s a lot of things that I want to do for myself, so can you please take over my mission?”

He should be calm… Calmly unlike a dying person, let alone an Emperor.

At this moment, Naiya suddenly felt that the Emperor with white hair in front of him had the same qualities as Lucius.

That… is the feeling of being called a spectator.

Indifferent to the world… as if thinking about things outside the world.

Every traveler has a home he wants to go back to, right? No matter how beautiful the scenery is along the way, the home they must return to.

This was the feeling of the experienced old Emperor.

“I accept it, but only for the sake of not letting someone die in vain.”

After Naiya found that Emperor Dodran had not been angry because she refused to admit his father-daughter relationship with him, she felt that the next development would be a lot easier.

“Are you talking about Captain Kenler? Indeed, he died to protect you! If this is the case, you will prove it to him tomorrow.”

Emperor Dodran has finally come to God.

“Are you qualified to inherit the throne?”

It seemed that the Emperor was holding the winning ticket, but he repeatedly looked at Naiya, who looked a little pale after becoming a vampire and was still a little worried, “How many levels do you think you can breakthrough at the Tower of Top?”

Naiya shook her head.

Of course, she didn’t know… Before she met Muccia, she didn’t even know what the Tower of Top was. The only thing she knew was that the smell of blood was delicious, and the feeling of killing was even more delicious.

Lucius suddenly knew how Naiya survived when she was a child. Hunger will transform her into a little devil after Naiya goes through into hell, stepping on the blood to grow up. Now thinking about it, Naiya was indeed a bit similar to himself.


Emperor Dodran’s ‘I have seen through the red world’ face immediately collapsed.

“I thought you had the 75th floor, and the experience of fighting against Kayaba Akihiko will show up with the Knights of Blood. You haven’t even been to the Tower of Top for a long time?”

Dodran began to say some strange things again.

Naiya answered truthfully with a nod.

“It turns out that you’re just a newbie from a beginner village.”

The Great Emperor Dodran thought for a while.

“Then, brave girl, are you willing to accept the challenge and save the world?”

Lucius turned the words of Emperor Dodran over and over. Before going to the Tower of Top, you must first confirm your strength! If it doesn’t work, then there is only cheating.

But Lucius was confident with Naiya’s.

“What challenge? “

“Well, it’s simple.”

The black knight behind Dodran walked forward.

“Fight with the Empire’s number one fighter and resist within three moves.”

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