Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 142


Don Quixote, the sharpest sword at the Emperor’s side.

He was standing there, the pitch-black armor looked very conspicuous in the quiet hall, but the real him was like a shadow.

The shadow of the Emperor.

Lucius stepped back a few steps to make room for the battle between the two. Naiya’s battle has never had any tactics, and she relies solely on instinct to fight. Lucius never gave Naiya the art of swordsmanship, only taught Naiya that even a drop of blood on his body can be used as a weapon to fight when facing an enemy.

“Don’t you draw your sword?”

Maybe this is the first time that Naiya has fought with a strong human in a dignified manner.

The battle with the mourners was always her being attacked, and she had to do her best to survive. This and the battle atmosphere of the competition made Naiya feel a little uncomfortable.

Every battle she fights is a fight for her life.

Failure is death.

“No need.” Don Quixote shook his head. The sheath of a knight’s sword was placed on the waist of the pitch-black armor. It looked like a decorative blade, not so sharp.


Again… being underestimated, really underestimated.

Naiya’s age was too young, very young. In the eyes of this older strong man, facing Naiya, he didn’t even have to draw his sword…

“Take a move.” Don Quixote usually only obeyed the Emperor’s orders and rarely communicated with others. He just waved to Naiya, a little careless.

“If you want to use your hands to resist my sword, then please be careful!” 

The purple-black light flashed out of this hall, and the magic sword Arondight suddenly showed up in Naiya’s hands.

Lucius gave Naiya the “scabbard” to house this greatsword so that Her Royal Highness wouldn’t have to carry a giant sword and walk around everywhere every day. This image is too rough.

Naiya’s temperament was not kind at all… even more so, after holding the sword. 

The magic sword of ‘Arondight’ was revealed in the hall. The murderous aura that Naiya had gradually accumulated began to scatter.

Don Quixote finally put away his careless appearance, not because of Naiya’s childish murderous aura, but because of this magic sword! He swore this was the best greatsword he had ever seen in his life! Even the sword he’s currently using was not as good as this magic sword!

The purple-black light illuminated Don Quixote’s serious face.

‘This thin-looking young girl, in this battle, changed from an ordinary person who can’t be found in the crowd into the strongest knight.’

The real sword was alive, and every sword contained its sword intent. The aura transmitted from the blade of the Arondight was also the strongest!

Because the owner who once held it was also known as the strongest knight.

Don Quixote still didn’t draw the sword because the owner who now held it was an adolescent young girl. ꟷUnfortunately, the little girl also had her pride, not to mention that this little girl was a demon who has survived in hell!

Naiya’s scarlet eyes and the purple-black light of the magic sword disappeared in front of Don Quixote at the same time. There was obviously, no blood splattered in the scenery, but Don Quixote smelled a blood scent. 

With the fishy smell coming over, Don Quixote stretched out his hand and blocked it in front of him. The knight’s armor covered by his arm was shattered from this magic sword’s attack! The ground under Don Quixote’s feet was also shattered.

This sword is much sharper than what Don Quixote had imagined!

‘How did she get this sword?’

Don Quixote was a little surprised at the moment. He was stunned.

The blade rubbing against his knight’s armor burst into a flash of sparks. Don Quixote widened his eyes, and the purple-black sword slammed towards his head. There was no mercy. Naiya did not choose anything to retain her hunting instinct, so Naiya chose to stab towards the fragile human brain.

Don Quixote turned his head to avoid Naiya’s death blow, but the big purple-black sword seemed to be alive in Naiya’s hands. After being dodged by the thrust, it slashed towards Don Quixote’s shoulder. 

The blade changed its direction and turned to slash Don Quixote’s neck! 

The Arondight was instantly transformed into a guillotine, and the sword blade slammed down towards Don Quixote’s fragile neck…

The speed was terrific. The strongest knight will fall to the ground in the next second and pay for underestimating his enemy. ꟷIt’s just that the light of the sword blade’s sheath flashed by, and almost at the same time, a sword blade overlapped with the trajectory of the “Indestructible Lake Light” movement, blocking his neck before being cut down by the Guillotine!


No, it was not blocked! 

The light of the Arondight could not be blocked by anythingꟷeven if Don Quixote had drawn his sword, it was in vain. The sharpness of the magic sword cut Don Quixote’s knight sword easily. Even if it caused a pause, it would not be possible!

Once Don Quixote gritted his teeth, a burst of blue energy suddenly burst out of his body, like a storm, with his center repelling everything close to him.

Including Naiya, also including that strange magic sword. 

This is the strongest knight’s real power, the power held by the people in this world. The power from the bloodline flows through their bodies, strengthening their bodies and bursting out when necessary.

No part of the floor of the hall is intact. Standing in the middle of the center, Don Quixote has a cold face, looking down on the ground. Naiya, who supported her body, slowly stood up.

The energy surrounding Don Quixote can easily crush the Royal Highness.

In terms of speed and strength, he actually lost to the young girl. ꟷIn addition to being a little ashamed, he was much more amazed.

With the speed and strength of his body, Don Quixote could not beat the little girl in front of him who was less than eighteen years old.


“Your Royal Highness, you are qualified to win everyone’s approval.”

Don Quixote lowered his head just like in front of the Emperor. The strongest knight recognized the Empress’s existence.


Naiya, who was hit by an invisible force, felt uncomfortable.

Naiya understood what that unknown force was. She squeezed the magic sword in her hand and also understood that if there is no way to break through it with her power, not to mention killing the saints. She can’t even get close to them.

Don Quixote is a saint. If he wants to kill Naiya, she will be dead.

“After all these years I finally saw you lost…” Emperor Dodran seemed to be in a delighted mood, “You can fight the strongest person, which has shown that you have the qualification to convince everyone. Take a good rest. Tomorrow is the day that allows everyone to recognize you.”


Naiya did not speak, but the other party told him to leave. Naiya has no reason to stay here. She doesn’t want to get in touch with any stranger. She just wants to make herself stronger, stronger again, and then kill all the saints.

Standing behind Naiya, Lucius witnessed everything. He didn’t say anything. The loyal butler followed her Royal Highness and left the hall.


Emperor Dodran watched the two leave, and then glanced at Don Quixote, the strongest knight of the Empire, standing below.

“Can your most proud pupil Meyer Crowell force you to draw a sword?”

“It is possible that Meyer’s talent is far better than mine. He is the best existence I have ever seen in my life, but that child…” Don Quixote was suddenly silent when he said this and then asked. “Your Highness, do you know what the sword in her hand is?”

“Yes, of course, I do,” A rare smile emerged in Emperor Dodran’s face. “That sword is called Aarondight. In the middle of a distant land, the sword of the strongest knight with the same identity like you. The man named Lancelot. This sword is also known as the strongest sword, possessing this sword will increase your strength a level higher.”

Don Quixote first listened to this familiar term in a distant country. He suddenly remembered the scene when he first met this guy… who was blabbering nonstop. 

It was in a crisp and dirty alley. Don Quixote was flipping edible things in the trash can to survive until one day, this two-hundred-and-five guy appeared in front of him… Saying something like, ‘According to the setting in the novel, I happened to meet the little beggar whose role was such an extraordinary talent. The future is to be the protagonist’s best fighter. How about it, are you willing to follow me?’

Of course, he doesn’t want to follow this idiotic guy, but this guy gave the first fresh food in his life. So, he followed this idiot… As a result, he kept saying things that Don Quixote could not understand.

‘What’s the name I should give you? Ling Jian? Xiao Yan? Or Fang Han? Let’s just call Long Ao Tian! No, this is a Western world. Ah! Then I’ll just call you Don Quixote. This is the name of the strongest fellow in a very distant country.’

Don Quixote just believed the words of this idiot, he had the name of the strongest guy in an unknown country, and in the end, he really became the strongest guy… Just like a prophecy, he becomes this guy’s number one fighter, inseparable from him, and smoothed out all the enemies on his path… turning into his sword.

In his whisper, a distant country was the magical world and also the world he yearns for… Until he became the Empress, he also mentioned that he wanted to leave here from time to time. This place does not belong to him.

But accepting the Emperor’s fate and the Emperor’s shackles, so his life can only be accompanied by a lonely throne, even if he has the most powerful strength in the world.

“I want to go home…” 

The only person he can talk to was Don Quixote. The Emperor who ruled the universe wasn’t happy.

“Hey, don’t look sad, come on, my number one fighter. Let’s go visit the female dormitory of the Imperial Royal Academy as a celebration.”

Emperor Dodran sorted out his appearance. The look remained the same as before.

Don Quixote watched Dodran’s back and chased after him. He couldn’t understand the Emperor, but he only knew that he was still as idiot as the two hundred and five guys before… the same old man who muttered at himself, talking about things no one understand. With his head full of a girl’s underwear and their nasty old thoughts in his head.

But he no longer had much time. In the last bit of time in his life, what the Emperor wanted to do was not to build a mighty tomb for himself but to spy on those young girls changing clothes.

But this was the real him. Without being shrouded by the glamorous title called the ‘Emperor’, Don Quixote quickly followed Dodran.

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