Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 143


If Naiya wanted to make an impression of Lucius now, probably it would be a split personality.

Naiya was sitting by the bed, holding a book about the history of the Emperor Garden, which she was reading. This was borrowed by Lucius while passing by the Royal Library on the way.

In line with Naiya’s cold temperament, she also had the feeling of a literary girl.

So, what about the elegant butler who has been with Her Royal Highness?

Sucking and strange cries echoed in Naiya’s ears from time to time, making her unable to concentrate at all. She finally raised her head and looked at Lucius, who was sitting by the window.

Right now, Lucius was teasing a bird. To be precise, he was teasing a crow.

The original elegant temperament disappeared as if it had never existed. Instead, there was a lollipop in his mouth. And there was a sense of sight with a bored child.

“You don’t play the butler game?” Naiya asked Lucius.

Only on this silent night when two of them were alone did Naiya dare to speak to Lucius like this. Because Lucius in the outside world is too perfect, the characteristic of a sense of oppression that reads as perfect writing.

So Naiya had always felt that Lucius was not a person in this world, and he had wrapped his true heart in layers… Naiya had never seen the real Lucius because she had no way of knowing how many masks this man wears. Maybe, even this childish look was also a disguise.

Can a person really have so many different images?

The problem was Lucius was not a single person but a collective number of people.

“I’m tired of playing.” Lucius moved one of the window sides. The little crows bouncing around, the birds that represent the unknown rested on Lucius’s fingertips, and their dark eyes suddenly changed scarlet.

They’re Lucius’s crows.

“No sister?”

When did Naiya’s motion of turning over the book in her hand stop?

Indeed, Lucius will not do unnecessary things. Things that make him feel boring are also useless. He will not pursue it at all. Such as saving pity people.

Naiya also knew that to him. She was just an interesting thing… Once he gets tired of playing, she will be thrown away, right?

What an irresponsible guy.

Something that she was interested in, Lucius, is not his identity and blood. Naiya subconsciously pulled her long hair that tied up by her hair.

It was probably… 

Lucius suddenly tilted his head and watched Naiya was sitting in a daze by the bed, “You said that you haven’t eaten for three days. If you’re so hungry that you can’t suppress it, this will be a trouble. Oh… the hunger of the vampire. You should know what it represents, right?”

“My stomach… I’m not hungry.” Naiya shook her head resolutely. The thing Lucius fed her was either a living pure girl or that lollipop of unknown origin.

Besides, Naiya can’t accept it, none of them! Naiya really didn’t know how she survived. Maybe her body hadn’t finished digesting after drinking Lucius’s blood.

“Really?” Lucius bit the candy into pieces.

Eating the candy was a way to suppress the thirst for killing someone. The side effect of Dead River brought to Lucius was this. Even if it is contained in a divided soul, the killing intent and resentment of hundreds of millions of people are still subtle. It affects Lucius.

Blood and torn flesh would only make Lucius more excited.

So, the hunt tonight started early… It’s just that the hunters weren’t Lucius, but the little crows staying in Lucius’s hands.

“Then I have to leave for a while. Don’t go for food after I leave or else your image of the Empress will be destroyed! If you are hungry, bear it well until I come back to you.”

Feed like…

How you do to a pet?

Naiya couldn’t refute. Lucius told the truth.

She could only watch Lucius disappear into the window in silence like this, and Naiya went to the window sill and took a look and found that there was no trace.

The man disappeared out of thin air.


Naiya, who stayed by the window, see a crow cried a few times and then flew into the sky. Naiya’s gaze followed the crow towards the sky.

The number of crows in the central capital… seemed… a little bit more than usual?

What happened?


No matter which city, prosperity will always be a substitute for it because it will not usher in the night!

The prosperity in the central capital made the night far away.

Unknown fluorite pillars are on the streets and embedded in the roofs. The people coming and going are venting the charm of the city. 

The central capital is a little bigger, and there were many incredible things. It’s just that no matter which city, there’s a lot of crimes that go unnoticed, isn’t it?

“It’s really uncomfortable.”

Lucius’s figure appeared in the dark side of the city, the darkness not shrouded by light, on the roof of an uninhabited alley. Looking at the alley below. One of them can no longer be called the human body.

Lucius waved his hand, a large number of crows came out of nowhere, swooping towards the mass of failed works, and after biting out their flesh and blood. The scarlet in their eyes became more intense.

They were infected with the Blacklight virus.

As for the source of infection, it was the corpse.

It seemed that the young businesswoman hired by Lucius to take care of the customers very much understands that ordinary people can’t bear such a high concentration of blacklight viruses, so she was trying to humiliate these viruses, and this poor civilian is an experiment.

“Spreading the blacklight virus everywhere. Do you want the central capital to be destroyed overnight? “

She was smart, but sometimes she can be reckless. She didn’t notice the horrible chain infection of the blacklight virus…

“I should have sent a user manual. Now this girl really wants to create a Resident Evil! Or the otherworld version to raise the sales.” Lucius’s figure lightly fell to the ground, walked out of the dark alley, and blended into the light, shining under the light among the crowds.

The population density of the Central Capital was no worse than that of any city on the earth. After all, this is the dream capital of people all over the world.

The shops around the city showed their most luxurious side this evening. This gives Lucius the illusion of the shopping street on the earth. Of course, it was only Lucius’s imagination. As a vampire living in the dark, this beautiful world will only bury him. ꟷVampires can’t see the light unless they were strong enough to resist the power of the light. Moreover, it is impossible for the shopping streets on earth to blatantly sell those weapons that seem dangerous. It provides to eliminates the desire of humans to reproduce.

If the Crowell family of the First Chamber of Commerce in the Empire possesses goods all over the world, it was the glory and light of this central capital.

The Vernet family is the shadow of the central capital, a bit inferior. Calling them a commercial family is a bit inappropriate. Lucius thought it was more appropriate to call them ‘joint family entertainment industry’. 

It was not something that was supposed to be seen on the surface.

But as long as these people had desires, these were all necessary, right? 

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