Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 144


Vernet family’s residential building structure really resembles the unique courtyard house of the earth’s palaces.

Only, it has a ridiculously large area.

People in butler or servant costumes came and went in the night, and the meeting hall of the Vernet family was brightly lit. Patriarch and important elders in the family gathered here late at night. The matter discussed is probably the throne ascension.

“If this is His Royal Highness’s insistence, we don’t have any other choice.”

The people sitting in this room were old men over 70 years of age. Only the petite figure sitting in a wheelchair watching silently is the only young person. Looking at the figure next to the Patriarch, no one criticized her. She was the heir of the family, and the Patriarch personally appointed her to have the qualifications to discuss with them.

“Now I just want to know what impact the Emperor’s appointment will have on our business.”

“If the Empress dislikes the Vernet family, then it will be troublesome…”

Some people were worried.

“So, as I said before, I have to persuade the Empress! But to be honest, I always feel that the Emperor is not suitable to be an Emperor at all.”

“At least the policies of Emperor Dodran XXI are beneficial to our family. And historically, he is the only Emperor who allows the existence of things that our family secretly manages.”

“His Royal Highness himself often patronizes. Although they have made fake summits. But I have met several times.”

The final conclusion was that Naiya had taken the throne, and there was only a disadvantage to the family.

“What are you guys panicking about?” The head of the family standing at the forefront spoke. The old man named Mars Vernet seemed to be the grandfather of the young girl sitting next to him. He was old but still maintained his majesty as the head.

“Whether it is His Royal Highness Dortland XXI or Her Royal Highness, we are just his subjects. It’s enough to obey the Emperor’s orders. The existence of light and shadow is forever. If this  Empress is smart enough, she will definitely won’t bother on this matter, otherwise, it would be of no benefit to her.”


The people looked at each other and indeed felt that their worries were a bit redundant. The commercial chain of the central capital was formed early. After such a long time, the central capital and even the entire world were locked in it.

“Let’s stop here today, don’t talk about the Emperor’s affairs anymore, all results will be known tomorrow.”

When Mars announced the end, the people in the hall had already left collectively. The Patriarch’s words were absolute to them.

After everyone had left, Mars turned his head and looked at Starla, who was sitting in a wheelchair. This should be the identity between granddaughter and grandfather. But when there was no one, the old man who was very important in the imperial capital fell to the ground on one knee. In front of him, the smiling, seemingly harmless young girl knelt down.

“Master Starla, there has been too much turmoil in the imperial capital recently. The experimental product you requested is a bit tricky. There is currently no new experimental product to take over. I forgive my subordinates for incompetence.”

He buried his forehead deeply. What everyone didn’t expect was that the real identity of this seemingly unpretentious old man in the Vernet family was nothing but a decoy.

In other words, in the entire Vernet family, everyone is a decoy.

In the eyes of the young girl in front of him, those so-called elders and others are no different from the humblest subordinates.

Because she is the master of this family! The master who holds all rights firmly in her own hands.

The Vernet family only listened to her orders, and no one’s decision could sway her.

“Is there no product testing? Why don’t some people always use it when they need him? Mars… I will start the next test in half an hour.”

Starla said softly with a gesture of command to the old man.

“If you can’t find a substitute product testing, then I’ll just use you as the experiment subject. Anyway, I can get another substitute as the Partriarch.”

Mars sweats over his forehead. He doesn’t dare to look directly at this little girl because he understands how terrifying things are hidden under this girl’s young body.

“So, hurry up and look for it, use your decayed brain, and those servants who only know how to eat! If you can’t find it, you will all become my test subjects and be sent to the planer! Understand?!”

After accepting command, Mars immediately stood up, strode to leave this hall.


After staring at the empty hall, Starla’s childish face suddenly twisted together. She bit her lower lip and covered her hand.

The sleeves of the dress fell down, revealing the white skin. But the blood vessels above the skin burst out like a snake twisting under the skin. This reaction disappeared after a while.

Starla panted, exhausted, she took a deep breath. After suppressing the blacklight virus backlash, she leaned back on the chair, somewhat detached.

Without any hesitation, Starla’s wheelchair was pushed by invisible forces, bypassing one building after another in the family, crossing the corridor all the way to her room. Starla twisted the door handle and opened the room.

This room, for Starla’s disguise, is absolutely suitable for a young girl. Dolls piled up in every corner of the room. On the bedside photo frame hangs Starla as the most glorious songstress in the Empire. The scenery at the moment of performance in the sacred theater.

Starla walked into this room. These things were just the scenery presented on the surface. Her young soul really liked these, but the real she was over the age to sleep with the dolls.

Starla stood up, and in this empty room, she didn’t need to show her delicate side to the outside world. The next thing Starla wanted to do was contact her own reality.

This is the real her. She walked to the bookshelf beside the bed.

Because of her height, she stood on tiptoes to reach the top of the bookshelf, flushed her face, and pressed a book on the top of the bookshelf with her fingers. This was a very lightweight mechanism.

The bookshelf automatically disappeared in front of Starla, revealing a tunnel leading to the underground that exudes a cold atmosphere. Starla took out fluorite and walked down step by step on some wet steps.

A long time ago, Starla was able to walk freely on his legs until the punishment of escaping from the Court of the Gods came. As the shortcomings by the reincarnation of the soul exchange. Now Starla, who had traded with the devil, once again had a healthy body after a long absence. At the end of the corridor was an empty hall, and the space made of black stones gives people an inexplicable dull feeling.

Starla looked so out of place while standing in it. She lit up the fluorite stored in this space, and all the scenery in it appeared before Starla’s eyes.

A large round table occupies the center of the space, on which are placed a few bottles of liquid that exudes a clear red liquid—the stock solution of the blacklight virus, which has not been diluted. Hundreds of large and small bottles were placed beside it, as well as various alchemy tools.

In addition to this test equipment, There are dark red bloodstains on every corner of the space. No matter which part was the color of the wall of this space, if it is not black, the wall will definitely be dyed scarlet. A lingering smell of blood drifted in this space.

Starla was obviously used to this taste. She walked to the corner blankly, and the place covered by a gray rag was like a bed.

But this is indeed a wind, the bed that binds people to it.

When Starla lifted the rag covering it, she could clearly see what was inside. It was a person, a struggling person, his eyes were full of fear, looking at the girl who looked like an angel in front of him, but he was resisting, and he said some curse and vicious words.

Starla was still expressionless. She picked a bottle of the diluted blacklight virus on the table, took out an unknown tool, opened the guy’s mouth, and forced him to drink it. At the same time, she took out a needle, extracted a part of the blacklight virus, and injected it into his right arm. Starla quietly waited for the next thing to happen.

In the end, she got a disappointing answer. He failed to maintain the human body. Under the action of strong fear, the blacklight virus quickly occupied his body, and every inch of his skin was swallowed! Sharp thorns emerged from the human’s abdomen, tearing his body, his scream of horror turned into a sharp roar. Then flesh and blood on his body rolled over as if a monster was about to tear his real body.

Blood splashed on Starla’s dress, which was a black dress that made the color of blood invisible.

Starla watched the change of this person, and she knew that one day she would become like him. Becoming an ugly monster!

The mutation is finally completed. It can no longer be called ‘him’. Without any human characteristics, but like a snake standing upright with its muscles exposed, the bones are faintly visible. The monster violently opened his bloody mouth to Starla and wanted to tear her fragile body to pieces.

Starla just glanced at it, and its body fell to the ground and lost its vitality. The human souls eroded by the virus will disappear because they are already dead when the virus invades. Starla used her own power to cut off the monster’s weak stop accurately and contact the nerve center of the whole body. Without this, the virus only welcomes necrosis.

She uses the highly corrosive liquid to corrode a pile of rotten meat into gas.

Starla felt that today’s test ended in failure again. She was now more deeply aware of how terrifying the devil has given herself.

Starla even dilutes it to a concentration of less than one-thousandth. It can even erode the human body like this.

These blacklight viruses are alive, and they are constantly reproducing. Even if only one virus survives… it will be disastrous.

Starla’s young soul suddenly became a little scared.

She just sold her soul to the devil. What does she have to be afraid or pity?

She put away the things on the table and walked upstairs to see if her new experiment subjects have come.

“Master Starla, what you want has been captured.”

Suddenly, a strange voice sounded behind the door.

Starla had a lot of subordinates. It is impossible to remember them one by one.

Starla closed the bookshelf, walked to the door in a wheelchair, and opened the room door.

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