Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 145.1


Two men dressed as attendants stood in front of Starla’s door, followed by Lucius, who was looking around.

After seeing Lucius, Starla almost reflexively closed the door!

Just a moment later, the door opened a small slit. Starla’s eyes peeked through the small slit to see the situation outside, just like a kitten.

“Yo.” Lucius squatted in front of the door, smiled, and greeted her.


As a result, the door was slammed hard again.


‘Huh? Did I start it on the wrong foot?’

Lucius glanced at the two men next to him. The two attendants with scarlet hues around their eyesꟷit’s as if they had been struck with gasꟷknocked on the door again.

Through his hearing ability as a vampire, Lucius can hear the sudden appearance of various rummaging sounds inside the room. The young girl inside seemed to be quickly jumping up and down inside her room to pack things. She’s is not trying to escape, right?

Lucius didn’t remember being so scary. Then why is she in such a hurry to pack things for?


Starla’s scream passed by in a flash in the room, presumably because she accidentally fell to the floor while packing, followed by the sound of a large pile of books falling to the ground. Her young body should have been buried by a stack of books.

The soul might be a saint, but the body is still a young girl after all.

After a dozen seconds of back-and-forth, the commotion inside the room finally quieted down.

After the door handle of the room was twisted open, Starla, wearing a thin dress, stood in front of Lucius, “You’re here.”

Starla had a flat face. It was as if she had known that Lucius would come.

Lucius pointed to his forehead and then pointed to Starla’s forehead. She froze, then touched her hair. The original bland expression was instantly destroyed and replaced by panic.

A stubborn dull hair… cocked up on Starla’s forehead completely destroyed this majesty-filled state of hers. The majestic appearance doesn’t exist! With this appearance, she looked absolutely adorable! ꟷNo matter how hard she tried to press the hair on the forehead, it cannot be pressed down. Her usually smooth hair ended up standing up like a firm pine tree!

“This…I…this…that ……”

This majestic family head completely lost the calmness she should have had because of a dull hair.

“Do you want me to cut it off for you?” Lucius took out a pair of scissors from nowhere as fast as flashing light. 

Starla desperately shook her head. After taking a few steps backward away from Lucius, she finally gave up from her resistance and let the dull hair flutter in the wind. In fact, that the stubborn dull hair added a lot of points towards the reason why Starla was so harmless.

Just like the furry tail and ears of Lucius’s little white cat, Arthas. More effective than any disguise.

“Your room is quite empty.”

Lucius did not feel uncomfortable at all when stepping into a lady’s boudoir. He looked around and found that apart from some coffee table and the necessary bed, there was nothing else to decorate.

“I… don’t need anything.”

Starla once again changed into the appearance of being a Saint. Indifferent and incomparable, looking beyond the red world.

“It’s not good to lie, huh. The things inside the room are thrown behind the bookshelf, right?” Lucius pointed to the bookshelf at the side of the bed, which scattered out the smell of blood. Completely unable to conceal it.

There should be a lab below that Starla used to do human anatomy experiments…

“What exactly is the purpose of your visit?”

Starla just wanted to do her best to keep the relationship with Lucius as a trading partner that seemed equal, not a young girl asking a vampire for a candy treat.

‘I am also an adult, a 100 years old woman… I can’t be treated as a child by this guy.’

Lucius went silent for a while, then he answered, “To feed you? Hmm, it’s been a while since you last had supper. You should be starving, right? The good girl will be rewarded.”

A lollipop appeared in Lucius’s hand. He shook it at Starla.

Really, she’s being treated just like a child!

“I want to know the real reason.” Starla coldly replied Lucius. Although her mouth said no, her body was quite conscious. She ran over, snatched the candy out of Lucius’s hand. She tore open the packaging and threw it into her mouth before a few licks, then crushed it with her teeth.

Since the Blacklight Virus-infected Starla, human food will only make her vomit with nausea. But this Queen of Darkness also has basic human moral ethics. She did not go out to eat human flesh, even if she starved. The taste of human flesh and blood smells delicious, but she did not try.

So after a day and a half, she was so hungry that she almost wanted to cross that forbidden barrier and become a real zombie. Good thing that Lucius came just in time. That magic candy did not only limit her desire to kill but also make her full!

If Starla knew the ingredients were human souls, what kind of reaction would she have?

Almost dozens to hundreds of human souls concentrated up to the extent. 

Nothing that demons sell is normal.

Lucius threw another one to Starla. She reached out and grabbed it. Well, indeed, young girls who like candy are good young girls.

Only that smile on Starla’s face immediately stiffened and once again changed into a saintly state…

“Please tell me your reason for coming here …”

‘Can’t I check my goods? I want to know how the Blacklight Virus are doing.’

Starla wasn’t very good at it, and Lucius already knew it. 

“Reason?” Lucius pointed to the two motionless attendants behind him, who were controlled by Lucius.

“I went to your family’s tavern called ‘Autumn Sky’. The result appeared was a large number of people try to arrest me, is this the Vernert family way to receive guests? After serving well, after serving him, you would capture him in front of you and turn him into your human test subject?”

Of course, Starla knew what position Autumn Sky was!

‘Was this guy into that kind of thing?’

Starla looked at Lucius with a wary look. Because of the Imperial law, no men nor women under the age of fifteen can openly engage in the so-called sex industry. Still, there are indeed many perverts in the world who like this kind of stuff.

“It’s because they found out that you are a guy with three empty accounts and not much money to accept this kind of treatment. You’re in the blacklist, even if you die, no one will accept the responsibility.”

This can be found out?

But thanks to their blessing, Lucius finally found the head of the Vernet family.

“After you were caught by them, there was no resistance?”

Starla couldn’t believe it. The guy who could hold himself against the wall and abuse him at will would be caught by these few handymen.

“Do you think you were able to catch your own shadow?”

Lucius gave a shrug of his shoulders. It was impossible to catch one’s own shadow, right?

“So that’s how you found me? Through them?” Starla glanced at the two attendants behind Lucius, who had a blank expression. They hadn’t blinked until now. They should have been treated with hypnosis or something like that.

“Don’t be so cautious. I’m here for after-sales service.” Lucius snapped his fingers. The bodies of these two fell to the ground and passed out.

“After-sales service?” Although Starla had never heard of this term, she was able to understand it literally. Crap, when did demons become so dedicated?

“I just want to be rewarded quickly. By the way, a reminder that the Blacklight Virus is not something as docile as you think.” Lucius straightened the collar on his clothing.

Just now, Starla realized that Lucius was wearing a butler’s outfit.

‘Huh? this guy has a bad taste, or does this demon have a master?’

Starla did not dare to think of something else. Everything about Lucius wasn’t a good thing.

“Of course I know that …”

A bottle of virus that can turn people into tentacle monsters. This kind of bad thing was related to him. Starla didn’t dare to imagine something as horrible as complete control of the Blacklight Virus.

“What do you know? It can give humans power? The power to corrupt people?”

This was probably the only understanding that Starla has. After all, this young girl threw the infected body of the Blacklight Virus all over the Central City and unconsciously came to an end of the world earlier than Lucius.

“Well…” Starla had not really tried to let the infected body of the Blacklight Virus attack humans. Once the test failed, Starla either threw it away to the suburbs or directly extinguished it.

Not having seen the movie Resident Evil, Starla has no concept of zombie frenzy at all.

“Hell… is not so well created, Miss Starla.”

A bottle of existence flowing with dark red liquid appeared Lucius’s hand. 

‘Blacklight Virus……’

Starla immediately recognized the virus in Lucius’s hand.

‘What did he want to do?’

“Don’t mind getting this empty room of yours stained with some blood, right?”

Starla guessed Lucius’s real thoughts. Anyway, her important furniture and dolls were kept inside the basement, and Starla didn’t mind what he would do next.

Sure enough, after Starla nodded, Lucius pulled one of the two sleeping attendants and injected the Blacklight Virus into his body. The Blacklight Virus was too dense. His fragile body completely destroyed after the body twisted a few times and turned into a hideous monster!

‘This… is also a failure.’

This monster saw Lucius and directly opened his huge mouth, and pounced. 

Starla subconsciously raised her hand to finish the monster. But it was bound by a cage made of blood all around… The threads of blood between Lucius’s five fingers appeared. The scarlet eyes also glowed in the darkness.

Starla just watched what Lucius did. Sure enough, he could manipulate blood. Starla was not surprised by this. After all, the morticians also had the ability to make their bodies turn into blood and use blood as a weapon.

“Do you know what a virus is?” Lucius’s other hand moved slightly rhythmically, and another attendant who fell to the ground suddenly woke up, but in the next second, the raging monster’s muzzle pierced the attendant.

Then the two poor attendants turned into monsters together.


This time Starla could tell how terrifying the infectiousness of the Blacklight Virus really was.

After Lucius waved his hand, he let the group of low-level creatures turn into a puddle of blood. He smiled at Starla and said, “If you want to keep the virus at a range that was safe for humans, I think you should dilute it at a rate of 0,000001%.”

“…Thanks for the advice.”

She, after all, had underestimated this horrible virus. 

“And tonight I also want to charge.”

“What do you want?”

Starla felt that she had nothing to give to Lucius. He simply did not need any money, beauty, or anything… If it were true about his young girl fetish, Starla was quite confident in her appearance, but the airship experience confirmed that Lucius seemed to be completely uninterested in women.

‘Then what did he go to Autumn Sky for? Was it for the male staff?’

Starla maliciously speculated about Lucius’s sexual orientation.

“Of course it is to hire the ‘Mourners’. There’s a slight change of plan before you assassinate the Empress. I also want you to assassinate some other people. It should’t be considered assassination. I should say, it going to be open massacre!”

Lucius thought about it for a while, ‘There’s still a chance that the plan might change.’

He can’t let a group of men die in vain!

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