Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 145.2


The next morning was the day that everyone in the Central Capital was eagerly awaiting. It was the day to prove whether Her Royal Highness was qualified to inherit the throne or not!

The challenge of the Top Tower!

Today, the bottom of the Top Tower was livelier than ever.

At some point, the grandstand was forged, with the Lords of the highest rank families in the Central Capital standing on above and the adventurers or commoners standing on the flat ground below.

Crowds filled the area around the Top Tower… After all, there are so many rumors about The Empress. Human curiosity was strong, even if it ended up killing them.

The Emperor purged the Top Tower in front of the people of the Empire, a challenge that belonged to Her Royal Highness today.

Dodran the Great sat in the stands, yawning a little tiredly, not caring at all about his image. And the Empress had already entered the Top Tower three minutes earlier.

“How many levels do you think she will be able to break through?” Dodran the Great inquired to Don Quixote, who was on his side.

“It’s conservatively estimated above the 40th floor, definitely not below it.”

Don Quixote had a high opinion of Naiya, really high.

Because the Top Tower relies not entirely on personal strength but also partly on combat experience and skill. The challenges inside the Top Tower get harder as the challenger gets stronger.

“Then, let’s wait for the result. I’m too lazy to guess.” The Emperor said.

Last night, he went to the female dormitory to do some gentlemanly things and went to bed late. Hence why he’s a little bit sleepy. He’s didn’t really care about this challenge or the crisis of the Empire. Because in his mind, Naiya certainly had the qualification to inherit this throne.

So, why bother?


In another corner, Lucius also yawned.

Even vampires also have sleepy time. Not to mention this hot sunny weather, it was like a nightmare for vampires.

Lucius hated to bask in the sun, but there are people around and no other open space. Lucius looked at the walls of the Top Tower and the blue-colored light door emitting a shimmering light below.

‘A building that can give power to humans? And a building that has existed since history was recorded?’

The mysterious nature of the Top Tower was too secluded that almost no one knows the secrets of the building or why it can give humans a strong power.

Bypassing through the 60th floor of the Tower, one can look down on the Earth and become a saint above.

That was the only idea people had.

‘It looks fun.’

Lucius also did not want to stand here to dry, especially with humans everywhere. So his body turned into a black shadow and flew into the Top Tower in front of the people.

No one noticed Lucius’s trail. They only felt that after the black light flashed, everything was normal…


Lucius’s feet stepped on the interior floor of the Top Tower, scanning the surroundings. Not only the blue sky but even the air, as well as the flow of wind, exist, except that this world only has a high platform suspended in the air.

Lucius, who’s standing on this platform, can see more high platforms floating around in the distance. This view was similar to the Bloody Palace in Devil May Cry 4.

Endless challenges, endless trials!


Suddenly, in front of Lucius appeared two skeleton soldiers with decaying blades and shields.


He was familiar with these soldiers. They belonged to Arthas’s cannon fodder soldiers… Now… How did they appear here?

“Are you the first level of the challenge?”

The skeletons did not have any consciousness. They only knew how to fight and raised their decaying blades, and rushed towards Lucius. There wasn’t even a bit of killing intent. After all, it was a fabricated existence. How could there be such a thing as killing intent?

Lucius’s hand slightly reached out. Blood surrounded the two skeletons. In the next second, these two skeletons were crushed into pieces!

In the platform where the skeleton disappeared, the platform of the central chalk appeared with blue light, just like the existence of a teleportation array.


Lucius stood on top of the blue light faithfully. In the blink of an eye, appeared on a new platform.

This time Lucius faced two hunters… However, they were the second stage mutants of the blacklight virus on Earth!

Lucius could swear that there is absolutely no existence of hunters in this world.

‘Original pick, huh?’

It was the same hunter that had no resistance in front of Lucius. It was crushed and swallowed by the blood swarming up. 

Lucius entered the third floor easily. This time, the number of things that Lucius has to face began to increase! Five cave-dwelling evil demons and ten zombies! They hissed and pounced on Lucius, but the blood stripped their fictitious lives mercilessly.

‘This space… was surprisingly interesting!’

Lucius continued to the next level and began to wait to see what he would encounter.

There were more and more cave-dwelling evil demons and zombies… and in the sky were a few flying stone minerals!

Lucius felt that if he continued like this, he might encounter a frost dragon. But no matter what, they all turned into blood and disappeared in front of Lucius. 

‘Is the challenge of the Top Tower takes shape of the monsters that have been encountered in the challenger’s mind?’

Lucius slashed all the way up. He’s controlling the blood flow and tearing apart all life.

Along the way, he killed many of his own men. The hunters of the virus legion, the strange birds, the goliaths, and even the Black Watch appeared! Among the Scourge Legion on the tenth floor, it was really a frost skeleton dragon at the bottom of the floor, just like a SS guard.

Lucius used Yamato Blade to instantly split its huge body in two. After that, it fell into the ground into icy fragments and disappeared. He completed the challenge within 3 seconds.

After the twelfth floor, the difficulty obviously rose a lot. The area of the platform has also expanded a lot. The first wave was the steel torrent of the Black Watch Corps. God knows how this Top Tower could make tanks, aircraft, and even nano armors.ꟷMaybe the existence that created this Tower has long had the technology beyond these?

In short, Lucius was absolutely sure that the Top Tower is definitely not the current level of human technology in this world that they can overcome.

Black Watch Corps had a total of 300 people, 27 tanks, 3 nano-armor holders. All of whom was swallowed by Lucius’s critical Humiliation of the Dead River, not even leaving a single residue.

Lucius continued walking upward and confronted the monsters under his men. Whether it was the Scourge Legion or the Black Light Virus Legion, all kinds of monsters sprang out crazily. The difference was only the number.


Just as Lucius used Yamato Blade to split a huge Goliath into two and stepping into the next floor, he felt a sulfurous aura permeate.

The scene suddenly changed from the platform to a silent town.

Lucius did not know where this was and where the smell of sulfur came from. But the air around him suddenly became hot and dry!


Scorching flames fell from the sky, the ground shook for a moment. The roaring figure surrounded by flames that scorched everything, standing up with a body of at least six meters in size!

Lucius narrowed his eyes and finally saw the whole face of this creature.

It is a creature like a Qilin; only half of the body is a human body with a head similar to a bull. The blazing flame surrounding its body was the reason that made the air restless. The giant burning swords burned the entire town to crisps!

This beast doesn’t belong to his monster! Lucius was certain that he had searched for its existence in his own mind.

It turned out to be a creature imagined in Lucius’s mind… From the world of Yamato Blade, an intelligent demon named Berial the Inferno!

‘Damn! This top Tower is not only able to manifest the existence in reality, but also to manifest the creature in fantasy…’

‘Who exactly created this building?’

Lucius drew out the Yamato Blade, putting an end to his joking thought. Lucius finally decided to take this Top Tower seriously!

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