Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 146


In the scene of being burned by the fire, Lucius’s figure came out of the flames…

Holding the Yamato Blade in his hand, Lucius tore the clothes that had been scorched on his body, revealing a slightly slender upper body. His eyes became more and more scarlet.

“Even the fire of hell, this is just something simulated out.” He gave Yamato Blade’s scabbard a squeeze, the flame instantly disappeared. Only leaving Berial, the Inferno on the ground dying. 

“This world is a bit uncomplicated, huh?”

Yamato Blade pierced through the head of Berial, ending the life of the flame evil demon. Then Lucius’s trial on this floor was announced as over. The door to the next level also opened at once.

At the same time, Lucius also felt a strange power pouring into his body. Lucius wanted to make himself stronger as a vampire, so he had to devour more lives. But the Top Tower gave Lucius power from spiritual power…

Among the skills he possessed, there were several that require spiritual improvement. For example, the superpower called Vector Control. When Lucius was weak, he exchanged it to shield himself from ultraviolet rays. And after reaching the twelfth floor of the Top Tower, Lucius found that the original vector control was upgraded to the upper level. Perhaps if the tower was broken, the vector control could be upgraded to LV5, or maybe more.

This was something that needs to be exchanged for the lives of 100 million people in the system.

Lucius didn’t know what kind of existence the guy who made The Top Tower was. The Level 8 life form? Level 9 life form? Or a more powerful God?

In short, this was definitely not a building that this world would have.


Lucius stepped into the door that led to the next level. The scorching aura of the surrounding air didn’t diminish at all. It was still the same town that was burned by the fire, but the building of this town was not the architectural style of the earth, but the world where Lucius was now.

“Heh,” Lucius laughed lightly and looked at the young girl standing in the middle of the fire. 

“Is it you the opponent in this time? What a vicious challenge.”

The expressionless Naiya stood in front of Lucius, holding the Arondight. She was a life embodied by the Top Tower, the way Naiya should have been in Lucius’s memory.

Lucius’s fingertips touched the sharp blade of Yamato Blade… Instead of those unknown monsters, it was only Lucius’ junior. He can go against his first subordinate.

“If I killed you, then you had to be stronger.”

The Top Tower challenge is really vicious. If it was others, they must have encountered this situation, meet their loved ones or relatives, and they must fight them! No wonder the Saints were a virtue because they have already cut off family or friendship or love when they break through the top of the tower.

What this building wants to cultivate was not any saint but a simple killing machine!

The life that was manifested had no feelings. Naiya directly squeezed the great sword to cut Lucius down…

Lucius only slid to his side, dodged her slashing, and didn’t retreat. He got close to Naiya’s body and whispered in her ear, “I should be heartbroken…”

 After that, there was no movement!

Yamato Blade pierced through Naiya’s heart; blood splashed on Lucius smiling face. There was no mercy. Lucius gripped the hilt, the Yamato Blade turned a little, Naiya’s heart was utterly crushed by the Yamato Blade.

She fell in a pool of blood.

The body began to fade away, and all the surrounding scenery disappeared. Even if it is only a manufactured fantasy, the feeling of piercing the blade into the flesh was so real.

Lucius wiped his cheeks, blood splatters still remain. Looking at the finger stained with blood, Lucius gently licks it.

“It’s not normal that the blood of a vampire is so delicious.”

 The taste of the Naiya.

Lucius could feel the fragrance lingering on the tip of the tongue.

‘Even this tower simulates the blood scent.’

Lucius looked at the door to the next level, suddenly didn’t dare to continue to go on.

If the Top Tower challenge is the fantasy inside their own brain, even his own subordinates will become the enemy to stand in front of him.

Lucius couldn’t care less about his subordinates. If they’re no longer useful, he can throw them away. Lucius really won’t feel hesitant because he had no emotional bond. But… What makes Lucius afraid was family affection.

Even if Lucius has the determination to kill everyone in the world, but he can’t squeeze his sword into a single person…

It can’t be… She was so weak. She can’t be stronger than those hunters.

But Lucius didn’t dare to continue the challenge, the only thing Lucius feared.

“I choose to withdraw.”

The Yamato Blade was retrieved by Lucius into its sheath, and his figure disappeared into the Top Tower after being enveloped by the azure light.

The Thirteenth Floor of the Top Tower.

This is the floor that Lucius raided fell to the world’s lowest existence floor. But if you convert the monsters that Lucius met from the tenth floor to others, then the floor should be above the 40th floor.

 Lucius’s 10th floor was the 40th floor for ordinary people…

 The stronger the power, the more difficult it was to challenge this tower.

“How many floors were you able to conquer, Naiya?”


It was twelve hours after Lucius left the Top Tower.

Naiya had never been so tired, ‘what was going on in this world?’

Naiya cut off the head of a knight dressed as the First Order Knight with a slash. The Arondight was stained with a large amount of blood. Beside her lay hundreds of members of the Empire’s First Knight Orde. All of whom were killed by her.

Of course, she won’t be able to do it in reality.

After entering the tower and raided several floors in a row, Naiya realized the challenges were all creatures of the challenger’s fantasy. ꟷand she had no fantasies. At first, it was nothing but harmless little Magical Beasts that used to live inside the Beast Forest. And gradually, it grew into a terrifying giant Beast.

On the 40th floor, there was a large number of knights emerged. At first, Naiya had hesitation in her brain. But Lucius implanted Naiya’s brain with revenge obsession. To let the Valkyrie swing the great sword in her hands at the righteous knights. 

Now, it was the 50th floor.

Naiya’s injuries were hard to describe, with bruises all over her body, covered in blood… But, what exhausted Naiya the most was recklessly killing humans. Fortunately, Naiya felt that her power was strengthened by a point every time she cleared the floor. And at the same time, her body injury was also recovered.

This was also the reason why she had been fighting here all the time.

In Naiya’s current state, she might underestimate to fight against Don Quixote, the strongest knight in the Empire. 

Her mental exhaustion made her a little breathless. But when Naiya came to the 51st floor and saw the opponent, she felt like she couldn’t continue fighting…

The opponent of the 51st floor was the Knight Commander of the Empire’s First Knight Order, Kensel…

The Knight Commander stood in front of her with a sword. Before Naiya could speak, the knight’s sword attacked Naiya’s neck at a trickly angle.

Lucius was right. Naiya was human, after all. Even with a vampire’s body, she had a human heart.

Too weak! She’s too weak! The Avenger’s sword should not be weak!

Killing intent …

The killing intent from Lucius gushed into Naiya’s mind, and the drop of blood that Lucius buried into Naiya’s body violently spiraled out on her, who had lost her fighting spirit and suffered serious injuries.

The symptoms of waxing blood appeared in Naiya’s body. Her sword became ruthless… With vampire’s superb endurance, as well as the blood that Lucius embedded in Naiya’s body. After the waxing, Naiya defeated this guy in one fell swoop.

Once again, the Knight Commander was killed by Her Royal Highness, whom he served.

After Naiya cut off his head with a single blow, she continued to step into the next floor.

‘I must become stronger.’

‘Otherwise, I will be abandoned by that man!’


The monster on the 52nd floor was the same thing that Naiya was familiar with.

Crypt Lord!

The most terrifying existence among the magical beasts that invaded the Buried Gold City. 

Naiya adjusted her breathing, then greeted him with a sword!

Second kill.

The Crypt Lord doesn’t even have a chance to resist as now Naiya was in a state of bloodshed. The True Ancestor’s blood flowed in Naiya’s body, making this little vampire powerful to an incredible degree. Naiya’s eyes were scarlet, and the small sharp teeth under her lips became more and more prominent.

The Crypt Lord was weak in Naiya’s memory, but was he this weak? 

Naiya’s confidence skyrocketed after raiding the 52nd floor with absolute victory. If this goes on, she will definitely be able to raid the 60th floor and then directly ask for the Saint’s seat!

There was a possibility for revenge, and the motivation to hold the sword was restored again.

But when Naiya confidently stepped into the next level…

The flame that reignited in her heart was extinguished by a bucket of ice-cold water. Maybe it’s a coincidence…

The challenge on the 53rd floor…

The scenery was also a sea of fire, but it was not the village that was burned around it, but the cross…

In the distance, a wooden cross was engulfed in searing flames! Naiya’s eyes widened. She recognized it. It was the scenery in his dream…

“This… is… the scene in Lucius’s dream!”

‘So, the guardian of this floor is Lucius?’

Naiya felt her neck being strangled by something. She felt everything suffocated her… She cautiously surveyed the surroundings. The hot flame kept spreading towards Naiya but was dodged by her.

When Naiya walked into the frame, she finally found a figure. However, it was not the figure she was familiar with…

‘Who is this little boy?’

The young child was holding a young girl’s corpse that had been burned to ash, sobbing there. Naiya didn’t dare to touch this cute-looking child. He was too cute. She can’t even associate him with Lucius.

‘It’s impossible, right?’

But her instinct told Naiya that the boy was young Lucius!

‘Are you kidding me?!’

This time, Naiya couldn’t squeeze her sword. The sorrow carried by the sobbing voice amidst the flames penetrated deep into her heart… Now Naiya realized that the original Lucius, who was calm and unruffled in the face of anything as if he was omnipotent, also had such a weak side.

In the end, what makes that evil demon cry like this?

Struggling to look at the body that was burned by the flames, only the long hair that was as beautiful and dark as Naiya’s hair remained. 

 It looks quite frightening.

Just when Naiya approached, the crying stopped.


Naiya was about to open her mouth to ask. She looked at the other party’s eyes.

Lucius! It’s absolutely Lucius!

After locking gaze with him, she was 100% sure he was Lucius.


The cold words pierced Naiya’s heart.



Naiya’s body stiffened when she looked at Lucius’s expression of disgust. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly understood.

She should’ve understood this long ago.

Why this powerful vampire suddenly reached out to her weak self.

Naiya reluctantly smiled and felt pain in her abdomen. After returning to her senses, she realized Lucius had penetrated her abdomen with Yamato Blade in his hand.

This was the same scenery Lucius had in the Top Tower Challenge.

Naiya, whose consciousness was gradually blurred, didn’t resist. She stretched her hands. Her blood-stained hands touched Lucius’ cold face, and finally… her figure shattered…

Naiya declared her defeat on the 53rd floor.

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