Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 147


It has been twelve hours since Her Royal Highness entered the Top Tower.

Those who initially eagerly waited realize that they were expecting too much. Usually, once others into the Top Tower Challenge, it took either a few hours or a few days…

Most of the civilians began to do their own thing, only those Patriarchs still waiting. Because the Majesty Emperor did not leave, they weren’t comfortable leaving.

“When will the Empress came out?”

Dodran the Great was panicked after he finished his lunch.

“I don’t know.” Don Quixote shook his head; the Top Tower Challenge was dangerous and unpredictable.

“Pretty boring. Let’s find some fun.”

Even the Emperor didn’t know what to expect. He suddenly saw the butler who had been standing in the shadows and remembered he was the one who picked him to be Her Royal Highness’s butler.

Yes, that butler!

The Emperor personally found one for Her Royal Highness, but how did this butler become a little more handsome? And his skin has also become a little brighter.

He didn’t care that much and waved his hand directly at Lucius, who was standing in the shadow of the bleachers.

“Oi! Young man!”


Lucius looked sideways at the Emperor, who was waving at him. Another glance at Don Quixote, who was beside him with a tameless face.

“Come on.”

Dodran the Great was like the oldest man in the neighborhood, completely without any Emperor’s grace.

‘What does he want to do?’ 

Lucius, who emerged from the Top Tower, walked to the Emperor with vigilance. 

“There is still one person left.” Dodran’s gaze swept back and forth between Lucius and Don Quixote. He said to Don Quixote, “Go, quickly get that old guy Lissner over. I have to pit him before dying.”


Don Quixote had no choice but to walk towards the back of the stand, where the Crowell family was there.

Lucius was wondering what this off-looking Emperor wanted to do.

“Your Highness, may I ask what do you want from me?” Lissner respectfully stood by the side of Dodran the Great.

“Just do as usual.” Dodran the Great looked Don Quixote moved another oversized table over after. He was pleased.

“This… must be wrong, right?” Lissner seemed to know what Dodran wanted to do.

“It is. Last time you win my 300 gold, I want to win it back today!”

Hearing these words, Lucius slightly froze. He had thought that this human Emperor would order himself to get drinks and such things. Who knew that Dodran the Great waved his hand at himself?

“Come, come. Pick one. Let’s play some rounds!”

Don Quixote and Lissner helplessly sat there.

Dodran the Great took something from Earth! A product of entertainment called mahjong. At this time, Lucius didn’t know how to react. Seeing these three guys have been seated, Lucius had no choice but to sit at a corner of the table.

“Little brother, you can play this?”

“I roughly understand, a bit.”

Lucius’s Dead River contained memories about mahjong gambling. That being said, this thing was really popular in a lot of worlds. Lucius vaguely remembered the banshees from the Scourge legion also liked to play this game.

Such a solemn scene like the Throne Succession Ceremony where the family heads from all over the Empire present here. Yet, it such a shame that Dodran the Great openly gambled with the head of the Empire’s most powerful family head.

‘Doesn’t he have a sense of self-restraint? ‘

Lucius threw nine cylinders out. The result was Lissner being barred.

Looking at the old man’s skillful movements, it seemed that Dodran the Great didn’t keep secret of his hobby. Lucius immediately felt that this Empire was hopeless, absolutely hopeless.


Just after tossing and turning for some time, Dodran the Great suddenly spoke, “I think I should open a bet.”

“What bet?” Lissner threw a one-cake out and was eaten by Dodran.

“Let’s bet on how many floors the little girl can challenge, huh? Wouldn’t that be more interesting? You guys are all going to die of boredom sitting here, right?”


Public gathering gambling?

And the Emperor himself organized it? What the hell is going on in this country?

Lucius did not say anything after he pointed out a card somewhere and threw it out.


Dodran, Lissner, and Don Quixote all together!


Lucius really had nothing more to say.

“Hahahaha! Little brother butler, you can’t play huh? You already owe us a total of more than 30,000 gold coins!”

‘ 30.000, huh?’

Now sitting at the same table with Lucius were the Emperor, the head of the first commercial family in the Empire, and the strongest knight in the Empire… which one of these three is not a rich person?

Money for them was nothing. The problem was that Lucius was penniless now. Human money means nothing to Lucius.

“Lissner you should form a chalk weave in the next bet, so the butler won’t be scared… With every 10 floor as the dividing line, the multiplier is 1 cited with a floor as the dividing line, the multiplier is a heart. I think the weighing should be familiar with this things, right?”

“This should be something the Vernet family was familiar with.” Lissner frowned.

Indeed, these kinds of things were within the Vernet family’s scope.

“This is an order!”

“Obey the order.” 

In the end, Lissner had to go to work without tampering.

As a result, the Emperor himself opened a gambling game to guess the most line of Her Royal Highness to be able to raid the first floor, inviting the attention of those bored family heads.

These rich nobles have nothing else but money!

As soon as the betting game was opened, almost everyone started to place their bets. Don Quixote stood on the side of Dodran the Great, looking at those respected old men, walking back and forth, and felt that there was something wrong with this.

“Your Highness, the bets they placed are all over ten million gold coins, and if they win, this seems to be a great consumption on your account.”

“Consumption?” Dodran the Great glanced at Don Quixote, “Let me tell you a supreme truth! This challenge plot… the old men didn’t just gather here to say something. The daughter was extraordinary, a hundred years rare genius. And such topics, opening a gambling game, then the last to win must be the protagonist of this world! do you understand?”


‘I don’t understand…’

This was Don Quixote’s inner thoughts, but he did not dare to say it out loud.

“Then we…”

Just before Don Quixote could finish speaking…

“The Vernet family presses 100 million gold coins to bet on Her Royal Highness being able to raid the 52nd floor!”

The Lotus Officer suddenly announced in a loud voice, and all of the surrounding Great Lords were in a bit of an uproar.

What is this?

The second family, Vernet, was provoking the first family, Crowell?

The pride of the Crowell family, Meyer Crowell, had captured the 51st floor of the Top Tower at the age of nineteen! Now, Vernet has bet the Empress one floor higher than him.

The meaning of which was really intriguing…


Lissner just shook his head, did not care.


In the corner of the stands, under the shadow covered by a lace umbrella, Starla sat in a wheelchair. She looked at Lucius, who suddenly appeared beside her.

“Do you think this is possible? She is only sixteen years old. Raiding on the 52nd floor… 100 billion gold coins is not a small amount for our family.”

“Of course, it is possible…” Lucius gestured to let Starla wait quietly.

Most people bet at 30 to 40 floors. No one dared to imagine 50 floors. Because she was too young to be able to break through the 50th floor of the Top Tower. If she does, then Her Royal Highness will become the strongest Empress of the Empire!

Everyone waited eagerly.

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