Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 148


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Just when these family heads were feeling surprised by the bet made by the Vernet family, there were suddenly very abrupt screams from below.

Hearing these familiar voices, these family heads could not help but sweat a little. The reason was no other than the challenge of the Top Tower related to the next trend of the Empire will develop. Not everyone was interested in the issue, such as the noble ladies or those who only know how to have fun.

The problem was that this scream coming from the noble ladies who are wearing umbrellas and passing by the front…

After all, Her Royal Highness was also a woman. She was an excellent woman. The other girls would also feel jealous rather than worship even though they were both excellent. 

They cheered for it. Probably for the youth who took the black lance straight towards the location of the Crowell family.

Meyer Crowell…

The most outstanding genius in the whole Capital, and even the whole world. How can he not present at Her Royal Highness’s challenge?

The most dazzling new star among the Capital, but today’s spotlight was taken away by another person. Many people’s eyes were gathered on his body.

Including Dodran the Great.

He was now holding a few money bags in his hand, collected his somewhat proud smile. He glanced at the side, the strongest knight Don Quixote, “Say, what do you think of that Galactic pretty boy?”

‘Galactic pretty? What is that?’

Don Quixote heard this strange line. Having listened to strange lines for a long time, who the Emperor refers to should be Meyer, right?

“Very good,” The strongest knight nodded and gave an affirmative attitude, “He is the most pleased disciple under my tutorship. Not to mention his excellent talent first, just that willpower that strive on becoming stronger is something that few young people have now.”

Saying that, Don Quixote also glanced at Meyer in the distance. He also looked up at Don Quixote at the same time and finally bowed slightly towards Don Quixote, which was the respect of a disciple to his mentor.

The cold-looking strongest knight smiled for the first time.

Probably also because of complacency.

Even now, Meyer has a tendency to lead the entire young generation of the Capital, but he did not indulge in the feeling brought by this kind of worship. These noble girls showed their affection to him. But, he had never touched them… he just put himself wholeheartedly on becoming stronger.

This was definitely a mindset that was rarely found in young people.

“Is that so?”

“Not distracted by outside desires, he’s focused.” Don Quixote replied, “Then what do you think, Your Highness?”

“Huh.” Dodran the Great scratched his ears and said something that Don Quixote could never understand.

“Don’t you think it’s rare to find such an outstanding young man?”

“Heh heh…”


Don Quixote didn’t really know what to say…


On the other side, Lucius stood by the stands of the Vernet family, holding an umbrella for Starla, who had difficulty moving.

“I think you’re a bit too calm now.” Lucius suddenly said to Starla.

“What do you mean?” Starla was sleepy. She came here as a formality. The task entrusted to her by Lucius needing Starla to personally come over. Usually, she just stayed at home, not willing to go out.

“You see.”

Lucius pointed at the bottom of the stands at those noble girls who were screaming and glanced at Starla.

“Aren’t you supposed to be one of them? Those young girls in the prime of their youth, young and delicious and energetic.”

“Why do I feel like you’re talking about a dish?” Starla spat out. “Please don’t confuse me with those kids, okay? I’m already…”

Starla was about to say her age when she choked on something.

‘I’m already a hundred years old?’

This was like how most women don’t like to admit their age.

“Already a hundred years old woman, isn’t it? The see-through are seen through, that young child can’t raise your interest.” Lucius added to complete what Starla wanted to say.

“Shut up!” Starla glared at Lucius and had the appearance of wanting to bite him. The childish look disappeared after a few moments.

“But that kid named Meyer is a bit tricky indeed…”

“Oh? Even you as a saint have moved on that excellent person?” Lucius teasingly glanced at Starla.


This guy’s jokes can be divided into occasions?

The evil demons were so fond of teasing people?

Starla kept her mouth shut and didn’t follow Lucius’s words.

“He rose within three years. After recognizing Don Quixote as his mentor, he leaped to become the brightest new star in the entire Capital, and a few days ago, he successfully completed the challenge of the 51st floor of the Top Tower, completely establishing the status of the Crowell family in the Capital.”

“What status?”

“The number one status. Not only in business, but even their children are the best, which is a great boost to the reputation of the Crowell family.”

As the actual person in charge of the Vernett family, Starla still had a slight resentment about it.

“Concentrating on the challenge of the Top Tower, not being bothered by external things. Even I was not as good as back then. I hope his goal is to become a saint not becoming the next Don Quixote. The Don Quixote of the Crowell family.”

The thing that Starla was worried about was probably this.


“What do you want?” Starla found Lucius looking at Meyer from afar. That look made Starla’s heart restless…

“There are many different reasons for not liking girls. Maybe it’s like you said, obsessed with becoming stronger without caring about external things, but he’s still too childish.”


“He’s just enjoying that feeling of being looked up to by everyone. But the more he stood tall, the worse the fall.”

Starla suddenly remembered when she first met Lucius. He was also like this, looking at herself this way.

‘The devil found his prey’ kind of expression…

Suddenly, Lucius seemed to feel something. He whispered in Starla’s ear, “Her Royal Highness come back.” 

Starla stared at the number that was about to appear above the light door of the Top Tower with wide eyes.

‘How many floors was it? 40 floors or more? Then, Naiya would be qualified to inherit the throne indeed.’

Starla didn’t know how strong Naiya was. But to have Lucius the evil demon and a Mourner on her tail… she must be not that weak.

‘It can’t really be more than fifty floors, right?’

Sixteen years old beat fifty floors of the Top Tower? Then the record for the youngest Top Tower challenge broken by Meyer a few days ago will be set again!

And it was a super record ever!


The light emanating from the door caused everyone’s eyes to gather because almost everyone present had spent the most important part of their lives on breaking through this tower. This foreshadowing would represent the return of the challenger of the Top Tower to the table.

The light gate gradually emerged a black shadow, holding the Arondight, Naiya was unharmed. She stepped out of the light gate… However, at the Top Tower, in crimson font depicted in large words saying 52nd floors that made the whole Capital fell into a horrible silence.

This number was like a flood of ocean water. They struck everyone’s heart, completely stirring their calm hearts!

Shock began to spread almost at the same time. Today, they witnessed a miracle, an epic, a moment that will forever be recorded in the Empire’s history.

The opening chapter of the Empire led by Her Royal Highness the Empress, Naiya Dodran, to glory!

“A good show… has started, hasn’t it?”

At Starla’s side, the voice suddenly became rough. Under the shadow without anyone noticing, Lucius disappeared in place, replaced by a gray figure with a metal-made skull mask.

The black killers descend on this world…

A sharp blade popped up from the mortician’s sleeve. The sharp blade showed the reflection of the person basking in the glory this time, Her Royal Highness!

This was one of the few most glorious moments in the life of Naiya Dodran!

Only death unknowingly has descended upon the place.

The mortician estimated the distance between Naiya and the former genius of the Capital, Meyer. A rough chuckle came out from his throat. He adjusted the direction of the sharp blade. His body disappeared into the darkness, cutting off Meyer’s path to Naiya with disbelief.

‘The ultimate sacrifice to make the Empress aiming for the top… you will be the first one, Meyer Crowell!’

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