Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 149


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The record of the Top Tower’s fiftieth floor Raider once again refreshed. The one who was the most affected by this shocking news was probably Meyer. He had just made a new record with his sword two days ago. He thought that it was a record that no one could break, not even Don Quixote, the strongest knight in the Empire now!

But just two days later, how this impossible record was actually set? By a girl who looks younger than him, even?

The idea that men are stronger than women is the same in most things. In Meyer’s view, the girls are vases. They’re only able to be placed aside, beautiful but fragile existence. But now, a girl who was younger than him, don’t know by how many years, easily broke his record that took him almost a month or so to reach it.

It shocked not only Meyer but also Lisner, the Great Masters of the various families. The shock turned into an eerie silence. They may have witnessed the rise of the most powerful Her Royal Highness the Empress since the First Empire’s sword was forged.

Naiya stood there. Her dark ponytail fluttering in the wind. Her unperturbed eyes sweeping over everyone in a downward gratitude gesture. But only Naiya knew the secret. Her palm holding the Arondight was overflowed with sweat. Naiya was worse at facing so many people’s attention…

‘What should I do?’

Naiya stood expressionless. She found that the others were also in astonished look with an aggressive gaze at her. She didn’t know what to do for a moment.

‘If Lucius was around then…’

Naiya thought of it… Suddenly she felt a little ridiculous. At this time, the first thing she thought was relying on a man named Lucius. The evil devil who took everything away from her.

As the Empress, Naiya didn’t say anything. She continued to sweep her gaze over every corner of the stands. She hoped to find Lucius’s figure so he will tell Naiya what to do next rather than being here like a monkey surrounded by people.

“Don’t those eyes look so scary?”

The one breaking the silence was surprisingly the noble girls who came to watch. Their widened eyes curiously looking at Her Royal Highness. They’re just at the age where they like to get together and make unappropriated comments.

“More handsome than I imagined. Hmm…”

“Really?” said her companion.

For a woman to be described as ‘handsome’ was indeed a bit inappropriate, but for Naiya, it was very suitable…

The majestic Valkyrie Templar.

Her current appearance made it possible. This was her current image. The main reason Lucius selected men’s clothing for her was because this kind of clothing could bring out her cold and sharp image rather than flashy dresses.

Her Royal Highness should have the appearance of an Empress. Killing the enemies in battle was one of the ways. Maybe after today, there will be more admirers emerging from the Central Capital City. 

At this time, Naiya’s appearance killed the prince and princess fairy tale the naïve noble girls had. She had now replaced Meyer’s position.

But he won’t allow anyone to take that place. 


Lissner’s expression was dark after seeing Meyer lifted the black lance in his hand. It almost seemed like he was walking towards Naiya. 

“Father!” Meyer looked back at Lissner.

After seeing the determined expression written on his face, Lissner could only sigh silently, “Go ahead and prove that the Crowell family is the best, but our family has never been impulsive and reckless.”


Meyer walked down to the stand and went straight towards Naiya, standing at the Top Tower entrance.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but suddenly Naiya actually felt a cold and piercing killing intent! She raised her head and looked at Meyer, who was holding a lance, walking towards her.

‘Not him!’

Naiya can be sure that this terrifying killing aura was not likely to be issued by this young man… ‘Then… where is it coming from?’

Naiya gripped the purple-black sword in her hand. Her nerves were tense to the extreme. The surrounding chatter was blocked out.

After everyone’s astonishment, they all understand what they should do at this time.

Applause… For the Empire’s future and the most powerful Empress.

After instructing their subordinates to ask their own family, there were children among the family who had a similar age to Her Royal Highness. At least that way, they can get along pretty easily.

Everyone understood, clearly understood. The future of the Empire will be around the young girl named Naiya Dodran.

Naiya’s power has convinced everyone!

Many people began to go to congratulate Dodran the Great. Applause, cannon salute in the harmonious arrangement was heard, colorful paper confetti had fallen from the sky.

Today is a special holiday! The festival of the hymn for the birth of heroes…

But another hero descended at this time…

Meyer crossed the sea of confetti, celebrating Naiya’s glory. He walked towards the girl at the front of Top Tower, then saw a grey and white figure suddenly appeared in front of Meyer.

It seemed that his target was also Naiya!

‘Who is he?’

Meyer froze. A bad feeling suddenly emerged inside. Meyer quickly walked towards Naiya, but he also wary of the man whose body was shrouded in gray and white robes.

The sharp blade seemed to be tainted with dark red luster popped out. At this moment, Meyer suddenly understood his identity…


And the target was Her Royal Highness.

The Empress bathed in glory!

He can’t allow this to happen, not before he defeated her to prove his worth!


The lance in Meyer’s hand pierced violently at the assassin!

But Meyer’s invincible lance caught the wind! The mortician turned around and reached out to grab the lance that Meyer had pierced at him. The scarlet eyes under the metal skull mask were teasing him…

“Damn it!” Meyer held the lance with both hands, trying to break free the restraint. But at the next second… death struck the ignorant boy!

Meyer widened his pupils, trembling as he looked at the sharp blade that suddenly appeared right in front of his eyes and was about to pierce his skull.

“You are… too weak.” A rough voice with endless ridicule, each word stabbed deep into Meyer’s heart…

Meyer couldn’t react in time to resist the force of the impact, and his body was blown away fiercely.

This power was no less powerful than his own mentor, Don Quixote!

‘This guy!’

After he fell to the ground, he saw the mask on his face clearly. Fear appeared in the heart of the talented young man.


‘So he was a mourner?!’ 

Meyer’s expression changed.


Meyer shouted at Naiya, who was still standing in front of the Top Tower gate. There was nothing but death if they ran into the group of undertakers!

‘What is she doing?’

Meyer watched Naiya raised the purple-black sword in her hand. The sword aimed at the mortician! She wanted to fight with the Undertaker. The assassin that made people trembled to fear.

At this moment, Meyer had lost to Naiya, but this genius young man still couldn’t recognize the fact.

‘This isn’t over yet!’

Meyer struggled to stand up, but the Undertaker didn’t even look at him. He rushed towards Naiya!

The sudden change of scene attracted the attention of the family heads. On such a public occasion, these assassins who supposed to work in darkness openly assassinated Her Roay Highness?

Probably it’s because they sensed the danger. Her talent made the ghost lurking in the shadows fearful.

There was some distance between the stand and the entrance of the Top Tower. Don Quixote’s body moved the moment the gray-white figure appeared.

If the most dazzling new star of the Empire died just like this, it wouldn’t just become a huge blow to the Emperor, but also the whole world!

There was not enough time. Don Quixote was seconds away from reaching her.

The mortician had already engaged the Empress!

The battle of the assassins often lasted only a few seconds. This time it was probably because the assassination was too hasty that he met everyone’s gaze head-on. But this didn’t affect the assassination.

This wasn’t the first time that Naiya has fought with these guys. This was the third time!

With the help of Aarondight and the blood of the True Vampire, Naiya’s strength and speed were no less than Don Quixote’s! Not to mention the Undertaker in front of her!

The clash of the dagger and the great sword burst into a dazzling spark. The only person who knew her the best in this world was right in front of her!

The ear-piercing laughter Naiya had heard before.

The dagger cut through the purple-black sword and went straight to Naiya’s neck!

It was immediate death.

But the current Naiya was already a Knight Commander level existence who has reached the 52nd floor of the Top Tower!

When the dagger was about to pierce Naiya’s neck, her body burst out with power. The paper flowers that were falling all around were caught in the storm!

The storm with a dark red light shattered everything around and attacked every corner!

The gray-white figure was knocked back. Before Don Quixote arrived, he disappeared in front of everyone…

There was no way for him to kill Naiya.

There was no chance for the Undertaker to kill Her Royal Highness!

The second time! Naiya escaped from the hands of the Undertaker… For the second time… Even if it was a face-to-face fight! This was also impossible for the younger generation. There were only a few people in the world who can refuse the Undertaker’s gift of death!

Her Royal Highness the Empress of the Night Ball; the Lord of the West, Prince Lodhran… and the strongest knight, Don Quixote!

These people’s names represent the strongest pinnacle in this world, with the body of a non-saint but the ability of a saint.

Now, the strongest knight was standing there and froze. Silently looking at the surrounding scenery destroyed by Naiya’s storm.

Doesn’t that mean this little girl had the power to compete with the strongest knight, Don Quixote?

No one can be sure. But at least the Empire will prosper with the Empress’ reign.

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