Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 156



 A tiny voice came out from Naiya’s lips. In this helpless state, the person Naiya first thought of was surprisingly still the man who took everything from her. Lucius!

Lucius stood beside Naiya’s bed and looked at her small chest. The Alucard clan’s scarlet hexagram family crest on the back of Lucius’s hand on the table emitted a dark red light. To save the little bat that almost became a roasted bat, Lucius had to use this method.

Naiya’s hand clutched the corner of his coat. In this unconscious condition, she can only rely on her instinct to act. Her instincts told her to rely on Lucius in any situation. 


The light of the hexagram crest gradually became more intense after Lucius looked at her, “It may be a little bit painful…”

After that Lucius’s hand fiercely stabbed Naiya’s chest. Blood splattered everywhere. She let out a soft grunt of pain. Lucius’s arm fiercely grabbed her heart that was beating fast. This heart was given to Naiya by Lucius, so it didn’t matter how Lucius wanted to use it.

“How can you be called a vampire when you have no way to recover on your own after just a few electric shocks?” Lucius tightened his grip on Naiya’s heart. Almost making it impossible for her heart to continue beating. The circulation of blood was no longer controlled by her heart! Instead, it was controlled by Lucius.

Every single drop of Naiya’s blood was owned by Lucius. And he gave orders to them!

‘Repair your own body!’

The blood began to surge through Naiya’s body more actively than ever before. Naiya’s potential was something that even Lucius felt amazed at. There was more than this little vampire can do!

The scarlet colour overflowed from Lucius’s eyes, holding Naiya’s heart with increasing strength. At the same time, the flow of blood within her body began to accelerate.

“Even if her head was chopped off, her limbs were truncated, and her body was crushed into scraps, she was still able to survive. We are such monsters!”

Naiya hadn’t sucked a real human so far, so she didn’t possess the strongest ability of the Alucard family lineage…… Dead River.

If Lucius’s vampire species bloodline was evaluated as SSS level, Naiya was the S level vampire species bloodline. She was definitely above those brain dead idiots vampires in the eyes of Lucius. Those who only know to immerse themselves in the blood lust, which was controlled by the blood of the mongrel. They weren’t worthy of calling themselves, vampires.

As a vampire, Naiya was very good. The kind of wound where her internal organs almost got roasted was nothing to Naiya!

Although this method required violence and blood, this must be a process that every vampire should accept.

Destruction and rebirth.

When they’re reborn again, immortality will follow these dark creatures.

Naiya wasn’t controlled by the lust for blood. Perhaps her human heart and kindness will not let her change into an undead monster like Lucius. But self-healing wounds can still be done… As a matter of fact, under Lucius’s temporary catalyst, the blood in Naiya’s body began to flow wildly. It was providing new strength to every cell in her body.

The skin that had been burnt to charcoal came off and became tender and smooth again. Her body was once again renewed.

“Barely… Qualified.”

In the threat of crushing Naiya’s heart, she completed her own new life. Lucius withdrew his hand. His hand was stained with blood. But suddenly, the blood disappeared.

Scarlet eyes emitted a shimmering light in the darkness. Lucius gazed at Naiya’s heart exposed in the air. The ribs and muscles on it grew at an incredible speed and healed up. This seemed too slow for Lucius. So, there was no way out, and blood kept spilling out.

There’s no choice but to continue wrapping Naiya’s chest with white bandages after sitting on the edge of the bed quietly and waiting for her to wake up.


It was probably a few minutes later.

The self-healing ability of vampires should never be underestimated.

After Naiya’s eyelashes trembled slightly, she opened her eyes. Lucius sat by Naiya’s bed. He’s biting a candy in his mouth and looking at the awakened Naiya.


Naiya sat up on the bed after sorting out her messy memory, “I seem to have suffered a very serious injury.” She vaguely remembered being hit by Meyer. Her body almost exploded in general pain. If She didn’t have Lucius to help, she wouldn’t even have the strength to stand up.

“Right! You were badly injured. Try to feel the change in your body.”

Now the hands covered with the blood of the evil demon seemed to be non-existent. Lucius was sitting on the side of Naiya’s bed and surveyed her.


Why did she feel her upper body cold? She looked down and found her upper body exposed. She pulled the quilt on the bed immediately to cover her body. Flushed and glared at Lucius.

“You took my clothes off?”

She suddenly turned into that little wildcat again who bit anyone that touched her. 

“What else can I do to heal you? You suffered a heavy injury. You think you can recover fast enough?” Lucius looked dumbfounded at the little wildcat wrapped in a quilt. 

“Heal me?”

Naiya found that the wrapping cloth on her body was changed. Her body felt lighter than ever, and her brain was very clear. Every cell was emitting an active low chirp.

“Yes, want to know the specific process of healing you?

“No… Don’t want to!”

Naiya can’t imagine how this guy healed herself. In short, it’s very horrible and fast.

“Then check what was abnormal in your body first.” Lucius pointed to Naiya’s heart. “My treatment method is special. I don’t guarantee any side effects.”

“Side effects… Such as?” Naiya stared closely at him as if she was terrified.

“For example, the body grew some extra organs or something…” He shrugged.

There was some kind of excitement last night while making the blood speed up to enhance their healing ability. It’s similar to the cocoon being reborn. The vampire species bloodline that was too active may also appear to return to the ancient phenomenon well, for example, the growth of a pair of bat wings or something.


Hearing this kind of thing, she immediately exploded. She pressed her hand at her whole body after a random feeling and found that there is no growth of any extra organs. In addition to her small fangs becoming a little longer, there was no abnormal organ.

This made her relieved.



There was indeed something abnormal.

Hearing the weird sound, she flushed and covered her stomach. She didn’t dare to look at Lucius.

‘Why was I starving?’

The great hunger struck, making her close to collapse.

Usually, it was fine. Through the blood and breathing, she can take in the air nutrients to make her activities. It’s similar to photosynthesis in plants. So after excessive movement, there will be a lot of oxygen intake. After all, this world’s air was full of special energy, so that made sense. She could sip the northwest wind, and it would make her stomach full.

But now, she was starving!

The energy in the air and the hunger in her stomach weren’t proportional at all.

“Want to eat?” Lucius took out the lollipop he was biting in his mouth. He saw Naiya’s hunger and waved it in front of her.

“No, thanks.” Naiya shook her head. She hated sweets, but she starved to death!

Looking at her persistence, Lucius, who came to this world, felt tricky for the first time.

‘I Just pulled you back from the edge of life and death but now you want to starve to death.’

At the same time, this is also the first time since he came to this world to compromise with others. Lucius stood up at the edge of the bed. “Well… Let’s say you win over that Meyer’s for the only time this evening.”

‘What did he want?’

Naiya looked at Lucius in confusion.

The Empress’s room was huge with all kinds of facilities. Then he walked towards the kitchen.

‘He shouldn’t want to…’

Naiya froze.

“If you dare to refuse again, I will kill you!” Before Lucius walked into the kitchen, he instructed her.

That killing intent was abject.

“Lucius. I understand.”

Although in disbelief, she nodded.

Just like that, Naiya was sitting on the bed and slowly waited while carefully listening to the sound of burning flames coming from the kitchen, as well as the sound of pots and pans colliding.

‘He can cook.’

She came to the unbelievable conclusion that he was an evil man, but today… He’s cooking?

‘Listen to the sound, he seemed to be very skilled.’

She listened to the sound in the kitchen, not in a hurry, not like a novice at all. Now, Naiya really had nothing to fix Lucius’s image in her mind. He should’ve become a horrible, fearsome evil demon. But the hands of the blood-stained evil demon were holding a soup pot and spatula with an apron. Standing in the kitchen, cooking like a good man. 

The contrast is too big. Naiya can’t accept it.

But when she thought about it, who the hell in this world was qualified to see the demon’s gentle side?

Here, Naiya suddenly understood. Lucius was under a momentary excitement. It’s not her victory at all. It’s simply how she looked right now. She was a shadow of someone in Lucius’s past.

She should’ve known that.

But she bit her lower lip and felt unwilling.


At this time, Lucius came out of the kitchen with a plate of plain cooking without much fragrance and placed it on her bedside.

“Tasteless pasta vampires can eat. You’re starving. Eat this to fill your stomach.”

Naiya didn’t answer Lucius. She just picked up the very plain plate of noodles.

The reason why Lucius was so skilled was that once there was a little girl who had the same problem. She often cried for hunger.

But that person was not her. 

“I won’t have you say you won’t eat it! Even if you can’t eat it, swallow it!” Lucius threatened her.

And Naiya didn’t feel any horror, but instead, a trace of warmth flowed in her cold heart. With the hot temperature flowing into the body, her stomach gradually filled up.

‘So, what if it’s a shadow?’

 Naiya sneakily looked at Lucius. She hoped the time would pass tonight a little slower. Because only tonight, Naiya felt the happiness of becoming someone’s substitute. 

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