Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 170


Lucius has always believed that vampires are always the best actors. They would deceive humans, revealing their most elegant side to hide the desire for their blood like a beast in their bodies.

After the humans ignorantly fall for it, they will painfully drink their blood!

Lucius does not know how good his acting skills, but now, Lucius had to play another role.

A role called the dying mourner.

The infected area cleaning that the knights did during the day and the boost brought by Her Royal Highness had caused morale to rise towards an unprecedented level.

Soon, the battle between humans and the infected changed to a one-sided situation.

There were hardly any infected in the entire infected area now.

Lucius leaned against the wall that had been turned into rubble. He dragged his heavy body while he was bleeding from the wound in his waist that the beam of light had torn…

His entire abdominal muscles were crushed and turned into ashes.

For a human, to be able to endure this kind of pain was simply a miracle. But for Lucius, who has lived hundreds of millions of lives, he was able to bounce around like a headless horseman after his head was cut off. Abdominal injuries were nothing for him.

Just for camouflage, Lucius held the wall and walked quickly towards the ruins of the Vernet family.

Lucius did not bother with the blood dripping on the ground.

Always leave some clues for them, right?

Let this group of righteous party pursue this dying mourner.


Their speed while chasing Lucius was not slow, but neither was the speed at which Lucius walked. By the time they reached the infected area, Lucius had already stepped into the Vernet family’s residence that had been reduced to ruins.

Using his memory, Lucius began walking slowly towards Starla Vernet’s room.

Starla Vernet’s room was in a more secluded place of the Vernet family, so it was still well preserved.

Lucius did not knock on the door because the owner has long since abandoned this room.

When Lucius opened the door, he smelled the fragrance peculiar to that girl’s body. Starla Vernet had lived here for an unknown number of years. Lucius looked at her room. The young girl had rearranged his room after he left. The dolls, the sky-blue bedsheets, and other things.

Although her soul is a hundred-year-old saint, her body is still a young girl.

Considering the time, right now, Starla Vernet should have been in the No. 1 Theater of the Central Capital City and became the first singer under the people of Capital City’s attention.

He doesn’t know if Naiya was pulled onto the stage by Starla…

But tonight will be Starla’s last performance, so there must be something special, right?

The plan for tonight was in Lucius’s mind. He walked to the bookshelf next to Starla’s bed, puts his hand on a book, and gently pulls it.

A dark passage appeared in front of Lucius.

Although Starla Vernet appears just like an angel, a devil is still a devil. Even if she wears the façade of an angel, she has no way to hide her sin.

Lucius smells the stench of rottenness at the dark passage.

Below, there were toys that this cute little angel usually likes to play with…

Human experiment!

Lucius stepped into the dark and humid passage; he manipulated the bookshelf again, so it moved to the original position.

The last glimmer of light disappeared.

Lucius’s figure sank into the darkness, and his scarlet pupils lit up in the darkness, exuding an ominous light.

Without lighting a lamp, Lucius walked down the dark passage.


Soon after, Lucius stepped into a pitch-black world!

Everything was black, the ceiling, the walls, even the floor.

A huge round table was placed in the middle.

What surprised Lucius was that apart from this, there were no other items here. No blacklight virus, no test equipment, no struggling experimental subjects. Everything seems to be empty.

But the smell of blood in the air indicates that the owner of this place has done experiments that violated human morality here.

Something seems off.

This place was like an ordinary underground warehouse. How can it be worthy of the reputation of the mourners outside the organization?

Starla Vernet must have anticipated Lucius’s plan. That’s why she removed these things. There was no way Lucius wants to ‘maintain’ the frightening reputation of the mourners outside.

Lucius raised his hand slightly and waved it on the table. He exchanged various experimental equipment with various strange shapes at a price of one thousand Despair Points in the system.

Vat with rolling bubbles, a green glowing witch’s cauldron, a glass jar with a distorted alien worm in it and a glass jar with the head of the predator, a dismembered Kyubi in a glass jar, plus a series of necessary laboratory props, with some weird liquids inside.

Then Lucius exchanged a cage in the corner with ten points of despair points. Using blood, he simulated several hideous and horrible zombies. Their hands were shaking the cage, and their rotten mouth is tearing towards Lucius to eat him.

Lucius placed a few more beds for human testing and used blood to simulate a few twitching humans tied to the bed.

After Lucius’s arrangement, this basement has turned into some evil scientist’s experimental base!

After looking at the arrangement of his work, Lucius put the most important thing on the table.

A bottle of unused blacklight virus!

The red liquid was poured into several containers by Lucius and packed…

These will become their evidence!

It was expected that when the Pupil of the Dark Dragon members arrives, they will describe Starla Vernet as the most evil witch in history.

Lucius felt as if something was missing. A blank old sheepskin scroll appeared in his hand, a breath of vicissitudes came to his face, then Lucius took out a quill pen and started writing on the sheepskin scroll with blood.

This world’s writing was like the Latin on Earth.

Lucius trampled the whole Western European continent, and as a vampire, how could Lucius not understand it?

After Lucius hurriedly drew the map of the inner city of the central capital, he randomly marked a few arrows and routes that he couldn’t understand. He then marked a series of words on it, including the ‘assassination’ experiment. The words “usurpation” ‘Kyubi must die’ were particularly prominent.

In short, it was a message of the assassination of the Emperor, disturbing the order of the central capital, and rebellion.

After Lucius’s special treatment, the dark red bloodstains appeared to age a few years. No one would even suspect that it was something that Lucius had just tossed out a few seconds ago.


The Pupil of the Dark Dragon members were worthy of being the shadows of central capital, the same organization as the Knight Order. After chasing Lucius’s bloodstains, they have been brought into Starla Vernet’s room.

Even from here, Lucius was able to hear the sound of them kicking open Starla Vernet’s door.

This kind of simple secret room was like a hole in front of this group of hounds loyal to the Emperor, and they easily found out the mechanism to open the secret room.

Lucius could now hear the sound of them walking neatly and carefully down the chamber.

The feeling of being close to the truth is very joyful, right?

Lucius could hear each of their heartbeats began to accelerate.

So now, as a dying member of the mourners, what should Lucius do?

Lucius once again changed into butler clothing. He glanced at the clone, who was wearing the mourner’s clothing.

The clone, the mourner, began to put away the parchment scroll on the table that was very ‘important’ to the mourners, and then he lay on the ceiling like a spider, without making a sound, and approached the entrance.


The Pupil of the Dark Dragon members left a few people outside to guard in case anyone escaped. The rest of the members all walked into this underground laboratory!

As they were shocked by the view from here, the mourners moved! Dragging his ‘wounded’ body, he leapt down from the ceiling and started to rush towards the entrance.

But the dark dragons, who had revealed their fangs, had no more conscience!

The moment the mourners’ body hit the ground, dozens of black chains ran through his body, blocking his steps as he tried to escape and then pulling his body back!

The chains’ blades were poisonous… The mourners were already ‘seriously injured’, and now he was finally dead again.

Well, it was indeed another death.

At the moment the mourners died, the parchment scroll he put into his chest fell out.

The thing called ‘truth’ was laid bare in front of the eyes of these dark dragons.

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