Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 171


The Dark Dragon’s Pupil members were completely unaware of Lucius, who was hiding in the corner of the room. Their attention focused on the dead mourners.

The ancient parchment scroll was picked up by one of them. They spread out the parchment scroll looking at what was written on it.

After reading through it, they all looked at each other in unison.

“The target of the mourners is indeed His Imperial Highness.” A dull voice issued under the veil’s mask.

“We must quickly tell the Emperor of this news!”

This organization was actually plotting to assassinate the Emperor and overthrow the reign. This could definitely not be delayed any longer.

“Wait!” says the First Dragon Pupil, all of the Pupil of the Dark Dragon raised their hands to stop their actions.

Hiding in the darkness, Lucius rubbed between his fingers, and a faintly untraceable light red mist emanated from below his cuffs. Lucius’s two eyes, tentatively named by him as vampire’s magic eyes, can manipulate the human spirit through eye-to-eye contact.

The pale red mist contains a hallucinogenic component that was disorientating. They did not notice that their minds had gradually begun to converge in the direction Lucius wanted.

Lucius’s lips opened and closed, and a voice resounded inside them in unison.

This voice began to narrate to them.

At first, the first dragon pupil felt his brain become a little sunken, but he did not pay too much attention to it. To clear the turmoil caused by the divine potion, he had been without rest for a day and a night.

It was probably caused by exhaustion.

This is something that is subconscious. People can easily ignore it.

The first dragon pupil pointed at the corpse of the mourners below who died tragically.

“Things don’t seem to be that simple. He used to be a butler at the side of the Empress. If he aimed to get close to the Emperor, then why did he choose to assassinate the Empress when she was at the Top Tower?”

“It could be that the leader of the mourners discovered that the Empress’s potential could threaten them, listed her among the targets.”

“To assassinate the Empress in full view of the public?”

“With confidence.” The first dragon pupil’s eyes faintly swept and passed several wingmen around himself. “I think your assassination skills is not only the best but also one of the best in the central capital. Although I do not want to admit it, but the mourners’ assassination ability is above us, their overconfidence turned into arrogance, which is why their mission failed.”

“According to the intelligence, the butler still followed the Emperor after that battle and even participated in a dance party with the Emperor. He witnessed the battle that hurt both sides. If the first purpose is to approach the Emperor, it was definitely a perfect time for assassination. If it were me, I would choose to do it at that time. Neither target would escape.”

One of them slowly said his thoughts. This incident was indeed too suspicious.

“This is why I stopped you. One person is enough to report to His Imperial Highness. Our mission is not over yet!” The first dragon pupil handed the parchment scroll in his hand to a person on his side. “Do you know whose room is the room above the secret room?”

“If I remember correctly… it should be, the second young lady of the Vernet family, Starla Vernet’s room. If that’s the case…”

This was the result that everyone has long guessed, but a part of them cannot be sure and cannot accept the fact.

“Yes… Starla Vernet, the only twelve-year-old girl, is most likely the one who is in charge of the world’s number one assassination organization, “The Mourner!”

“That… is that even possible? She is so young!” The twelfth Dragon pupil, who had been in the army for the shortest time and had the least experience, questioned the others’ guesses.

“If I remember correctly, you like her, right, twelfth?”

“I Just… like her song.” From the sound of the voice, it should be a relatively young teenager.

Even the assassins who lurk in the darkness will always have a tender part in their hearts.

“Forget that singer, twelfth, don’t confuse your judgment because of this!”


“This is why the mourners did not assassinate Her Imperial Highness after the party. Starla Vernet and the Empress’s private relationship seems to be very good. I can see that their relationship is not a disguise. That’s why the leader of the mourner was hesitant and did not choose to continue to assassinate the Emperor…”

“Because of feelings… is that… possible?”

“That’s the only explanation.” The first dragon pupil said indifferently. He then glanced at everyone present. “So tonight may be the last fight for the mourners, the show will be watched by not only the Emperor but also the the Empress… The Emperor is in danger.”


The Dark Dragon’s Pupil left a few members to start handling and recording the things in the room, and the rest left the place.


Lucius silently watched their every move, lifted his hand and looked strangely at the light red mist emanating from his hand.

“Strange, I only remember being able to change human thoughts in the subconscious, but I don’t remember this mist affecting human intelligence, ah.

In the pitch-black shadows, Lucius’s changed into a bat, and even those Dark Dragon pupils who stayed down did not react. Lucius then flew out of this underground chamber.

Lucius spread his wings. He passed through the window edge and into the moonlight. He crossed the high and low floors…

On the roof of a house, Lucius once again transformed into a human.

This is a very high building in the infected area. Lucius stood at the top, ushering in the evening breeze, looking at the opera house, which was very striking even at night.

Lucius can imagine the view inside.

Her Highness’s performance, and the world’s number one singer, no one would want to miss that.

“It’s about to start, Your Highness the singer, your real performance, it’s about to… start.”

The central capital has been peaceful for hundreds of years, and tonight, this view, which is so restful that it takes your breath away, will finally break.

Everything was within Lucius’s grasp.


Under the light of the moon, Lucius’s original bland expression suddenly changed.

A surprised expression came into Lucius’s face.

‘Who is it?’

Lucius rummaged in the pocket of his jacket and took out an insignificant nail.

This nail was one of the few things in the world that can make Lucius feel intimidated!

It sealed the ability of vampires like Lucius. Lucius was barely able to survive for more than ten years, all because of this legendary nail that once used to crucify Jesus!

Now it has become his weapon. Lucius also used it to kill many enemies …

Lucius’s finger touched the tip of the nail, and before Lucius’s skin even came into contact with the nail, his finger turned to dust and disappeared. Lucius’s entire arm also began to dust up, starting from the finger and gradually to his hand’s entire palm.

Seeing this, Lucius did not hesitate to pull out a knife and cut off his wrist!

Blood spurted, and this ended the process.

Don’t be fooled by the plain, unadorned appearance of the iron nail! The power it contains is something that Lucius cannot understand, and the ultimate attribute is probably…

The ‘Vampire must die’ attribute.

Somewhat similar to a werewolf.

This holy nail was deadly for vampire damage, and if Lucius didn’t inherit the Dead River, then Lucius wouldn’t even be qualified to hold it!

A red light flashed on Lucius’s broken wrist, and Lucius’s wound healed as before in an instant.

God knows who the person who forged this nail is, maybe a god, but the only thing Lucius knows for sure is that if this nail falls into someone else’s hands, he will have the power to kill Lucius!

The river of death will not give Lucius any help once this nail pierced Lucius’s heart… it will be his real death.

If this is the holy nail that once crucified Jesus, then there can’t be just one.

Sure enough, the nail in Lucius’s hand began to tremble, and the tip emitted a buzzing resonance.

‘Another one!’

Lucius scanned the entire central capital.

‘Inside this city.. Who the hell is it that held another holy nail?’

The feeling of uneasiness swept through Lucius’s heart.

But no matter what, the plan must still go on.

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