Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 177


This monster was far more difficult than what the human imagined. —Or rather, its antennas were far more than what the human imagined!

Under the siege of ten of the strongest knights in the entire theater, the Dark Dragon’s Pupils, the butterfly-type infected being’s abdomen split open and countless antennas ejected from it! The Dark Dragon pupils did not react, and once again, the Empire lost several of its elite!


The antennas were flying, almost as dense as spider silk. It was impossible to get close.

Those Royal Knights weren’t just watching the show. They took out their spare magic cannons and aimed at the monster that had fallen to the ground, struggling to get up by its antennas-

The butterfly-type infected body seemed to have guessed the plan of these humans. The moment they raised their guns, a large amount of colorful phosphorus-powder-like snow fell in the theater as the infected body waved its wings, which were already riddled with holes.

On another occasion, this scenery will surely fascinate people, but if you know that the beautiful light that’s sparkling like starlight was from the monster’s body, it was absolutely horrifying!


“MY HAND!!!”


The sound of human suffering once again sounded from the theater.

The humans close to the butterfly-shaped infected body involuntarily inhaled or touched those phosphorus powder, causing their bodies to undergo deformation!

These things were indeed very aesthetically pleasing but exceptionally deadly!

They carry the Blacklight virus – all humans near the butterfly-type infected body are instantly infected with the Blacklight virus, and soon they too will become monsters!

The knights who were present after the divine potion incident during the day all knew what their ending would be like… Escape? Where could they escape to?

Letting themselves become monsters and kill their former friends and relatives? Isn’t it worth fighting to the death to prevent this from happening?


Seeing death as a victory…

That’s probably how it is.

They don’t have the determination of the Dark Dragon’s Eyes to look at death calmly. But, when facing death, people have always chosen to be a coward in order to stay alive, even though they will be scorned by others. Only true knight can carry their weapons in the face of death to protect their nation.

For everyone who wants to be a hero, now was the perfect time to become a hero!

Today’s battle was another scene that will be included in the Empire’s epic.


Now in the audience, the only one who can watch this epic scene as a spectator was Lucius. He was surrounded by a mess. The falling stones had killed a lot of people… Even so, Lucius still stood in the audience watching this scene intently.

This was a wonderful performance, but it hasn’t reached the most exciting part yet.

Lucius watched the butterfly-type infected that had struggled to get up and hissed angrily at the humans. The brave knights who aren’t afraid of death began their final confrontation with this infected.

‘Still haven’t reached the most exciting part.’

Lucius’s eyes turned from the tense battlefield to the person they were protecting behind the knights… Her Royal Highness.

Was she lost in her thought? Lucius felt that this is probably the most appropriate description of Naiya’s current appearance.

Lucius couldn’t see any glow in Naiya’s eyes.

That’s right… it was like grabbing a tiny sapling when you are falling off a cliff, the only salvation, the only hope.

It must be hard, falling just to find out that it wasn’t a sapling but a spider’s silk that was so thin that it was almost insignificant.

But this is not acceptable…

In this performance, in the script written by Lucius, Naiya was a great hero. An Empress who stepped forward at a difficult moment for mankind!

Now the human race is really in a critical situation, but the hero has no motivation. The scene was not perfect… What can we do about it?

To make the desperate Naiya become the mighty Queen again-

It’s very simple.

Wouldn’t it be enough to give Naiya a little more hope?

Even a tiny and false hope, even if it’s as fragile as spider silk, Naiya will definitely reach out and hold on to it because it’s her only hope!

“Listen, little Naiya.” Lucius clapped his hands, and scarlet silk threads appeared in his hands once again, connecting Naiya to the butterfly-type infected body that was hissing: “What is that child named Starla inside is thinking right now?”

Naiya still hasn’t accepted the fact that the monster in front of her was Starla. Naiya was now running away from the gradually collapsing reality that has been in her consciousness. Without light, it is all dark, and everyone around her seems to be as filthy and unbearable as herself.

But can this be an excuse for Naiya to escape from her commitment?


‘This is my last show. Can you help me end this show when I can’t stop it?’

Starla’s words rang out in Naiya’s head.

‘End… this show….’

Of course, Naiya had thought about it! She put out her trembling hand and looked at her little finger, which represented a promise…


Ending the show would mean killing… Starla, who had turned into a monster.

Until Naiya heard a voice.

“It hurts… it hurts… it hurts so much!!! ,”

The hiss of pain that almost suffocated her rang out in Naiya’s heart. Naiya jerked her head up to look at the butterfly-type infected body that was struggling incessantly in the distance…

Currently, the knights have abandoned the long-range weapons in their hands and used their knight swords to prove that none of the members of the Royal Knight Order of the Empire were cowards! The sword crossed with countless antennas, cutting it off, the dismembered antennas rolling restlessly on the ground… fishy green liquid flowed all over the place!

“It hurts!!!”

The butterfly-type infected being hissed, it carried an angry voice to Naiya’s ears, but it could make Naiya understand its meaning…

‘This is… what’s going on?’

The situation was not looking good. The knights who have been infected with the Blacklight virus have undergone various degrees of body mutation after the battle. For the sake of the Empire, when they are almost losing their mind, they had to turn the knight’s sword that has been with them for more than decades into their neck to end their lives…

But the wound on the infected body was recovering rapidly. The antennas keep pulling the broken human limbs and chewing them in its mouths to keep recovering from the wounds.


In Naiya’s ears, this painful hissing is especially clear.

Obviously, the voice has been distorted, and it can be described as harsh. It wasn’t as melodious as Starla’s voice, but Naiya knows that this… was Starla’s voice!

‘Starla is still alive?’

Hope was rekindled in Naiya’s heart… she supported her body and was about to stand up when…

“So…so painful! Nai… Naiya…”

Among the deteriorated voice, a cry with anger appeared with her name! It almost made Naiya ecstatic!

‘Wait…Starla, I’ll save you now!’

It was Starla’s next words that made Naiya’s body stiff.

“Kill me— Naiya… it hurts!!! Kill me! Please!”

Starla’s painful, sad cry embedded itself in Naiya’s heart, and those almost begging-like words… caused her sharp sword to pause.

Uh… so hungry… these things…delicious… must eat.”

After a few moments, what echoed in Naiya’s ears was only the naked desire to devour and kill! The Blacklight virus is gradually eroding Starla’s consciousness.

Now Starla was in pain…

The promise? The so-called promise to end this show… so that’s it.

Naiya’s little finger was trembling, and she raised her head to scan the chaotic audience and finally found the man.

He just stood there quietly, unfazed with the surrounding chaos, watching everything that happened in the theater. He watched Naiya’s eyes with anticipation. His expression seemed to be expecting something.

‘If you wrote this script….’

Naiya pulled out the Arondight…

‘You arranged all this…’

A dark-colored mist enveloped the entire body of the Empress.

‘All of these were what you expected…’

Tears flowed down the corners of Naiya’s eyes. Only the cold purple-black armor covered Naiya’s entire body, protecting the Empress’s last remaining weakness in it!

‘Then let me put an end to it…’

Her Royal Highness finally made her move… Her figure appeared in front of the knights who had protected her!

Naiya took a quick glance at the battlefield…

Identifying the corpses on the ground…

The Dark Dragon’s Pupil was completely destroyed… The First Royal Order of the Empire – will also be completely destroyed within a minute!

She can no longer let anyone be sacrificed because of this foolish farce!


“But Her Imperial Highness…”

“That’s an order!”

Naiya threw a bottle of dark red liquid into the hands of the surviving head of the Royal Knights…

The moment the black knight stepped onto the battlefield, all the knights unanimously stepped back under her order and chose to leave the battlefield.

Who dares to disobey the Empress’s order?


The butterfly-shaped infected body growling became even more horrifying after seeing Naiya. The flying antennae danced, cutting all the surrounding objects.

‘I’m so hungry…. eat… all of them. Eat!!! “

Naiya did not dodge. She walked towards the monster step by step. Under the jet-black armor, the tears in the corners of her eyes were already dry…

‘Right away, Starla… as promised….’

‘I will end this show myself!’

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