Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 178


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The purple-black light on the Arondight sword slashed through space! The tentacles that were wrapped around the infected butterfly body were all cut off, and thousands of tentacles fell to the ground, writhing and struggling!

This monster wailed in pain… curled up… it seemed to be afraid of Naiya, but its low growl meant that this monster was not afraid of anything at all…

It was the same when Naiya met Starla for the first time. She felt timid facing everything, but she realized that Starla was a hellish child after a while.

“Exactly the same, you haven’t changed huh, Starla…”

Said Naiya, but the sword in her hand did not hold back… Her heartbeat speed makes Naiya feel that the thing in her chest is like a giant drum beating quickly!

The blood of True Vampire’s ancestor… the power that the man gave to Naiya, filled her body in an explosive form, giving Naiya a terrifying power!

The knights did not die in vain. This armor, which possessed a spiritual power, became more and more furious!

Numerous tentacles split from the infected body, and from almost every corner, there was no way Naiya could evade this.

Naya didn’t mean to evade but to step forward! She used the sword to open the way, cut off the tentacles that hindered her, and slammed straight towards the body of the infected monster!

The big purple-black sword was stained with the blood of the monster, and it became abnormally demonic.

With Naiya’s swinging speed, people could only see a flash of the sharp purple-black blade. In the next second, the monster’s body has more wounds. The wounds were so deep that its bones can be seen from it.

If this continues, it will only be dismembered and die under the blade of Naiya’s sword!

No matter how it roars, no matter how it wails…

There was no difference. Naiya’s sword will never show mercy.

Death is something no living things want to face.

The infected monster was the same.

What was the most terrifying thing about the Blacklight virus?

It’s adaptability! Evolution!

As long as the Blacklight virus possesses good enough genes, it can survive in almost any environment. This was an evolutionary instinct!

Starla’s genes were a thousand times better than humans on Earth! The Blacklight virus has been dormant for such a long time in her body. The monster created by it cannot be just a tiny level 4 infection life form!

Evolutionary ability… When the pupils of the dark dragon surrounded it, it evolved countless tentacles to kill those humans. When the magic cannon targeted it, it let the phosphorus powder evolve with the ability of the Blacklight virus, infecting those humans…

Now, facing an almost unbeatable enemy like Naiya!

It… needed to escape!

Naiya saw what this monster was up to. With another slash of the sword in her hand, the huge pair of butterfly wings behind this monster were chopped off and fell to the ground!


So what if the old wings were chopped off? Butterfly wings aren’t meant for a fast flight!

The monster roared and was torn at its scapula. A pair of bone wings popped out behind it! This seemingly ridiculous wing was blowing a fierce storm!

Even if the Arondight chopped on the wings, there was no way to hurt it!

It finally flew… rising quickly, Naiya reached out and grabbed one of the creature’s antennas, trying to rip it off, but the antennae broke the moment Naiya touched it.

The infected body rushed into the sky because the old wings had broken off. It could no longer emit those phosphorescent powder with the Blacklight virus. Although this was a good thing, if this horror was allowed to escape, the consequences were almost unthinkable!

Naiya lifted a stone that collapsed in the ground, and the moment Naiya touched the stone, the stone surface became covered with a dark red stripe!

Now, instead of a stone block, Naiya was holding a patriot missile!

Naiya pushed hard under her feet and threw the stone with a sonic boom…

The monster’s flight speed was too fast, and it easily dodged the patriot missile that Naiya threw!

As long as it’s still in Naiya’s sight, she wouldn’t give up. There were plenty of ‘missiles’ on the ground anyway…

Hundreds of Patriot missiles firing in unison appeared in this distant world for a moment!

Naiya’s strange power can almost deter even vampires…

The continuous explosion in the sky illuminates half of the sky, almost halfway across the entire central city. Even Naiya could not understand why something made of stone would explode like that…

But she did not have time to think. Under such a dense explosion, the monster was only slightly wounded… and would recover in a moment.

The monster’s figure faded away in Naiya’s eyes. She leaped to the top of the theater, thinking about what she could do to redeem herself!

Otherwise, Naiya would never forgive herself for the rest of her life!

But what can she do? Although she was not human, she can not fly…..

There is no way to catch up!

Just when Naiya was anxious and almost frantic, she saw a building next to the Top Tower… The central capital and the world’s transportation hub, Sky Harbor!


The knight below, who seemed to have recovered, threw a golden key towards Naiya, and Naiya reached out and grabbed it.

“This is the key to open the military airship warehouse! Although I don’t know what’s in there, it should help Her Royal Highness… please bring us a miracle again!”

“Thank you… this… really helped a lot!”

Sky Harbor was not far from the theater, just a few blocks away. With Naiya’s speed, which can almost be described as almost instantaneous. By relying on Naiya’s extraordinary memory, and her identity that everyone knows… Naiya immediately rushed into the airship mooring warehouse.

It’s just the appearance of this airship… it seems…

Sort of…


Naiya swore that the way this airship was built was definitely not the way any of the craftsmen in this world had made it. Compared with the bloated airships, the dark black steel smooth lines and the light armor can’t be related to the word ‘airship’.

But, Naiya doesn’t have so much time to hesitate!

Naiya could still hear the voice in the monster’s heart. She did not enter the strange cabin but jumped onto the ‘airship’ and stood in the cockpit…

Naiya had never learned how to operate this ‘airship’, because of the endless tests and the knight’s code to never die with bare hands…

Make what you hold in your hand more powerful! And completely master it…

The black shell of the airship that Naiya stepped on was covered with dark red lines. A huge force burst out from the tail, and the ‘airship’ rushed out of the Sky Harbor mooring warehouse at an alarmingly fast speed.

‘What is this thing?’

Naiya was taken aback by the unnatural performance of this ‘airship’. She immediately mastered the operation method and the weapons it carried, which were as superb as its performance. It made Naiya chuckle…

‘Now I’ll be able to catch up!’

Naiya looked at the monster that was flying towards the outside of the central capital, getting closer and closer, and she could definitely catch up with it!


“Phew ……” 

Lucius actually has no problem with the show’s location expanding from the theater to the entire central city. Right now, Lucius is standing at the best viewing location in the central city, on top of the observation deck of the Sky Harbor…..

Several travelers looked at the dark red light passing in the sky and let out a cry of amazement, staring with unblinking eyes… the whole of the central capital was looking at the magical flying object in the sky.

“The F-15 fighter jet, with a maximum speed of Mach 2.5… It can carry multiple missiles and pipeline guns. It is the main fighter of a nation.”

Lucius lay on the mast of the watchtower, looking at the fading dark red light.

“Similarly, it is also one of the weapons that the owner of your armor once used, Naiya… Fly the plane to fight the little monsters, your Royal Highness. She who bears the name of a hero.”

Lucius felt that this is all he could do for Naiya…

After tonight, the Empress’s name will resound in the heart of everyone in the Central Capital.


In the midst of the night, the crimson of the missile explosion covered the entire sky, allowing all the world’s inhabitants to see the power of another world’s weapons.

“What a gorgeous firework.”

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