Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 188


Ronin felt super excited today.

As the royal painter of the Central City, Ronin was responsible for painting the portraits of each generation of emperors and placing them in the palace’s council chambers to demonstrate their rights of being a royal family.

For generations, Ronin’s family has been painting for the Emperor. His father portrayed His majesty Dodran the Great in his youth, and today it’s his turn!

The young Ronin had a strange hobby. He believed that maidens were the most beautiful paintings in the world. Therefore most of Ronin’s works are based on some noble maidens as his models.

Today is the day where the opportunity finally came, a chance to paint a picture for the beautiful and powerful Royal Highness.

Ronin walked in the middle of the room full of oil paintings, excited beyond words.

Ronin was also a member of the male organization in the Central City, Her Majesty’s, and other royal’s personal guard.

In short, Naiya’s charm really made many young boys and girls in the central city fell for her.

According to a particular anonymous informant who did not want to reveal his name, at present, Her Royal Highness ranked first among the men and women of the Central City whom they wish to be associated with, exceeding the second place Starla by more than thousands of votes.

This shows how high the popularity of this little girl is in the central city.

Then Ronin suddenly received the Emperor’s instruction to get ready. He was excited to put on his best clothes, fixed his hair, and picked up his best painting tools.

But a small bat suddenly flew into the open window and perched under one of Ronin’s paintings.

Perhaps it was because of his good mood, Ronin did not drive away this small cute looking bat and instead smiles brightly at it, but when his eyes met with the bat’s eyes, the sparks that once resided on his eyes now turned pale …… dull …… and numb.

The bat changed into the figure of Lucius under the dark light.

Lucius’s scarlet pupils looked straight into the eyes of the young royal painter and said to him in a faintly seductive voice.

“Your existence, lend it to me.”

“Everything …… is …… according to, your …… will ……” he nodded dully.

“Then thanks a lot.”

Lucius showed a warm smile on his face and approached the young artist. His hand suddenly pierced the artist’s weak body, held his beating heart! Blood continually splashes on Lucius’s warm smile.

The painter’s body collapsed, turned into a puddle of sticky blood, swallowed up by the blood-colored ball around Lucius.

“I wish you a pleasant morning, Mr. Ronin.”

The beating heart on the palm of Lucius shone a scarlet glow. An unseen force held up the heart, and a scarlet glow flickered ominously around it.

The next skill that Lucius is going to use is probably the highest level skill that Lucius could master at the moment through his identity as a true ancestor.

It posed some issues, however.

Which is …… to replace the existence of a certain person.

A more reasonable explanation is that this skill is collective hypnosis that subconsciously altered the mind of all people who knew Ronin into Lucius. But only the appearance.

And it needed the person’s heart as the medium.

In general, it requires the knowledge of souls and psychics.

Lucius could use these skills, but he himself did not understand the principle.

This is where the perversion of the inherited memory comes in.

After successfully replaced the identity of the painter, Lucius walked into the palace. He officially became this young painter by the name of Ronin. Lucius glanced at the various drawing tools placed in this room.

Because it is a different world, Lucius won’t use them at all.

After he used a few despair points at the system to exchange for a set of the best drawing tools for earthlings, Lucius carried many tools and a drawing board he got from it.

Lucius didn’t really know why he did it…

‘Do I want to stay?’

Lucius did not think he will have such thoughts ……

It’s just kind of waste…

To let a creature that is about to disappear forever in this world, leaving the only trace in this world more beautiful.

Lucius prefers to think that this is a kind of selfishness because it has been so long since Lucius experienced empathy, a feeling of pity. —He was very selfish. He owned Naiya’s everything, every drop of blood, every inch of skin, every smile, every figure….. Everything.

Lucius did not like to share his belonging with others.

Including the opportunity to leave Naiya forever.


Following the path of the palace, those knights tasked to guard the palace did not seem to recognize Lucius, who was once regarded as the most wanted criminal. Some people even gestured at Lucius with respectful eyes.

The medium can’t last very long, only seven days at most. After that, the existence of this painter will disappear from this world forever, even if Lucius’s dead river could not find his residual soul.

Lucius continued to walk into the depth of the palace until he finally met with Emperor Dodran and greeted him a few times. Emperor Dodran ordered him to enter a room with such an elegant atmosphere.

Every Emperor whose about to ascend the throne can choose the background of his painting that he is about to hang in the chamber to show off his majesty. It was said that; Emperor Dodran wanted to choose the female dormitory of the Royal Academy of Yangdu and a group of young, energetic, and beautiful girls as the background. However, the previous Emperor would break his leg as a warning if He really chose that background. And as the most appropriate choice, Dodran canceled his plan and made this Central City his background instead.

On the contrary, Naiya chose this unknown and small room not because Naiya had a high connotation or something like that. It’s purely because this little girl didn’t know what places of interest and historical sites there are in the city. She didn’t like being watched, so she had to choose this small room with the fragrance of books.

The sun shone in through the window, and faint dim light particles were floating in it. Naiya leaned against the window and looked at the scenery outside, leaving Lucius with a lonely back.

Although there are things similar to photos in this world, every Emperor will ask people to use traditional drawing paper before ascending to the throne, leaving the Emperor’s figure hanging on the chamber and passing it on forever for future generations to admire.

Maybe photos are very convenient, but after all, they are mechanically tossed out. For human beings who have souls, drawing scrolls with souls by themselves gives people a far different feeling.

Maybe Lucius has many souls, but today, Lucius will only use his own ability to draw ……


When Lucius walked into the room, Naiya did not turn around in front of anyone. The Emperor must always maintain a look that was difficult to let people approach.

“His Royal Highness, I will help you to spread the most beautiful scene in this world forever…”

Lucius opened his mouth, reminded Naiya of his presence.

“How troublesome.”

Naiya replied indifferently, but after seeing the person standing in the doorway, carrying a variety of drawing tools was actually Lucius. Naiya choked on her own saliva.

Cough… cough cough!”

The majestic emperor posture that she had maintained suddenly disappeared… This kind of unladylike appearance is her real self.

When Lucius first met Naiya, she was a wild girl, and now she is the same and will never change.


When Naiya asked, she felt something was wrong. Although Naiya couldn’t believe it, Lucius made it clear that he wanted to draw a portrait for her. —Maybe it was the fear of Lucius, which made Naiya realize that she was talking too much. Now in front of Lucius, Naiya shivers and dare not move.

The sharp claws of the little wild cat have been completely wiped out by Lucius, and she has no courage to even scream. Only able to obey Lucius’s orders.

“Of course I’m here to paint portraits for the emperor.” But Lucius didn’t seem to stray from his role as the painter. In his words and deeds, the expressions are so convincing, just like a court painter who respects the Emperor.

“For …… for me?”

Naiya astonished, the tone of her voice changed …… she felt a little flattered, Lucius, will actually paint for her? This, no matter how you look at it, is impossible, right?.

“I wouldn’t dare to disobey the emperor’s order, but excuse me Your Highness, is it okay for the emperor to maintain that posture?”

Lucius still maintained a warm smile as he looked at Naiya, who was leaning against the window. Naiya didn’t know what game Lucius was playing again, but this time Lucius seemed to be serious.

He, himself, will draw a picture for her ……

An indefinable feeling grew in Naiya’s heart, only to bring a smile that could not be suppressed on Naiya’s originally awe-inspiring expression.

“So …… is this okay?” Naiya stood by the window, hands folded in front of her body in a more ladylike pose.

If Naiya wears a gorgeous dress now, then it must be a noble lady from a prestigious family. Unfortunately, Naiya wears men’s clothing that highlights her heroism. This kind of feminine posture, on the contrary, has a kind of awkward feeling.

“Sure enough, it’s better to look like this.”

Naiya seemed to have noticed, and she pulled out the “indestructible lake light” and made a gesture of raising a sword.

“Well …… this study room doesn’t seem to be suitable for this kind of atmosphere.” Naiya again felt a bit distressed. But, she suddenly realized what she was doing. She still has so many questions for Lucius as to why he decided to paint for her?

Lucius’s gentle smile disguise was really too strong so that Naiya even forgot for a moment that Lucius was scary.

But after realizing his position, Naiya immediately put away her sword and glanced at Lucius timidly.

“No, Her Royal Highness, that pose is correct, it looks so heroic.”

 But Lucius doesn’t seem to know Naiya, telling the truth as a court painter.

“Is it…?”

God knows what Lucius is thinking now.

So Naiya’s feelings of shyness and anxiety gathered together in her heart, and she made her pose with a sword in one hand.

“Please stay like that.”

Lucius really set up the drawing board and started to adjust the paint on the palette.

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