Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 189


The young Lucius matured a little earlier than ordinary people.

Because Lucius stepped into the world earlier, he felt the responsibility of being a family member on his shoulders. During the day, the weak Lucius could hardly do much physical work. Because being born in a poor church, Lucius’s reading and writing education was given to Lucius by his caretaker, the old nun.

After a series of events that left Lucius’s life in tatters, Lucius took her sister and a man that could not even remember Lucius, wandering in the world without a home.

That man smokes, drinks, and gambles. He was jobless and refused to do anything. Therefore, he never gave Lucius any pocket money at all, even if he has money in his pocket. If he has money, he will lose everything in a few minutes due to his gambling addiction.

Sadly, you could not live in this world without money.

And so, Lucius was only good at painting due to the nature of being a vampire because there is no way to get any reflections on an object such as a mirror or photo. For his sister’s birthday gift, Lucius painstakingly learned how to paint.

Because of years of wandering in Western Europe, Lucius solely relied on the streets to sell paintings to maintain their lives.

Relying on the eye-catching appearance of the young Lucius, although he is self-taught, his artwork was very realistic and beautiful. Almost every time he sold portraits on the street, he always attracted the attention of most people. Yet, still, the money he earned was barely enough for Lucius and his sister, and he will not give a single penny for that man.

So it was probably because of the young Lucius, whose appearance was so irresistible that many people wanted to approach, so it caused a lot of trouble in those areas where the Mafia was allowed to exist, or there were many gangsters.

This is how Lucius’s escape skills were developed. Once, the young Lucius had a glorious record of escaping in the hands of hundreds of Italian Mafia.

Now, he touches this familiar canvas again, what he and his sister used to live on. He looked a little bit stunned, for he hadn’t painted for so long.

After skillfully making the color he wanted on the paint tray, Lucius looked at Naiya, whose body was a little stiff but did not dare to move.

The first stroke dyed the top of the canvas…

The hands that were once covered in blood were now able to make such gentle movements, and Lucius’s attention was concentrated fully on the canvas, gradually outlining the beautiful figure of Her Majesty.

If Lucius remembered correctly, Lucius learned to draw seven years ago…

Her sister was crying over her group photo with children adopted by the church because she did not appear in the photo and was ridiculed by the other kids as if she were a demon.

Lucius started to come into contact with this form of art. God knows how Lucius persisted in wanting to learn more about it. Without pen and paper, Lucius painted with branches on the ground. At first, the various works were horrible.

Finally, the nun who adopted Lucius gave Lucius a painting tool, which allowed Lucius to formally enter an artist’s world.

He doesn’t care about talent or anything. He only cares about his sister and how to preserve her figure so that she can stay in this world forever. To ease the pain of living as a vampire.

Yes… the young Lucius was extremely disgusted with his identity as a vampire.

The world of Lucius at that time was only two people, one was himself, and the other was his sister.

The two little vampires snuggled up to each other, in this world full of aliens, looking for each other’s heartbeat, breathing, feeling each other’s presence, in order to relieve this loneliness.

Despite all the effort and painstakingly learns how to paint from zero, during his sister’s birthday, after receiving his own self-portrait, her smile for Lucius made all of his effort worth it.

That painting is still preserved in Lucius’s body, so to see that smiling face again, no matter what it takes, it is worth it.

During his painting session with His Majesty the Emperor, Lucius’s thoughts gradually drifted away.


Unknowingly, more than an hour passed, and a painting actually took shape right in front of Lucius.

But… when Lucius looked at his work, he froze.

It was perfect.

Lucius thought it was the best painting he had ever done, except for his official debut, the portrait he gave to his sister.

At least the background is drawn vividly. Even the small details in the study are outlined, plus the color finishing, giving a real but with a little dreamy feeling.

But, standing by the window, the girl in the sunlight … is indeed very similar to Naiya, but Lucius can be sure that the portrait that he drew was not her!

As an emperor, Naiya is like a sharp sword out of its sheath, just like now, even if Naiya stood there for more than an hour in the posture of holding the sword, it was like a statue standing tall… Firm and rigid. Although she still felt the fear of standing in front of Lucius. Yet, the young girl in the painting was not her.


After Lucius finished the final outline, he instinctively lightly touched a gorgeous mole under the corner of the girl’s left eye…

The person in the painting appeared in front of Lucius.

There are some plain black long skirts, the skirts are dotted with white lace, and the deep jet black hair as deep as the night sky reaches the girl’s waist. The pale red pupils looked a little confused and a bit dazed. She put her hand on the edge of the window, giving people a sense of weakness.

The actual fact is that this is a girl who looks very similar to Naiya, but her dull appearance is not likely to be in front of the citizens as a majestic royal daughter, in front of Lucius as a whimpering and shivering kitten.

Plus the corner of the eye that a tear mole dotted down, the dull girl looks so beautiful yet still has a deadly feel.

Is it that Naiya’s appearance is too much like her?

In between the wandering, recalling the past of Lucius, what is presented in the painting is not Naiya.

Instead, it was Lucius’s sister.

If She were still alive now, she would have grown up this big.

Lucius can always control his emotions, even in the face of his greatest enemy, no matter how, Lucius could always deal with him calmly, But now, his hands are trembling.


At this moment, Naiya, who had been holding the sword, looked at Lucius as his fingers stopped moving for a full three minutes. After seeing the painting sluggishly for three minutes, she probably thought that Lucius had finished painting.

In the impression of Naiya, Lucius is always accompanied by blood, death, and he stood in that although gentle, yet he still has a smile.

After seeing that Lucius did not react to the paintings he has drawn, Naiya twisted his hands, letting a sigh of relief, and walked close to Lucius’s side and looked at the canvas.

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