Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 190


The painting was stunning ……
Even for Naiya, who didn’t really understand much about fine art, she was amazed by this painting. She could almost feel the girl in the painting stood in front of her.
She knew wholeheartedly that the painter poured their hearts and feelings to be able to paint the painting of the girl so moving and realistic.
But then Naiya’s expression stiffened not long after she saw the painting.
She clearly understood that this painting is the entire emotions of the one that paints it, the painter. And that the feeling on that painting didn’t belong only to the painter, but perhaps also the other person he depicted in it.
The young girl in the painting that Naiya saw might be the sole reason why Lucius approached her because they looked similar.
That’s all!
And then what was her relationship with Lucius?
Such is the question that had been buried in Naiya’s heart.
Naiya really wanted to ask, but not before Lucius’s pupils faintly swept a glance at Naiya.
Naiya realized that her body was suddenly unable to move! The intense pressure surged Naiya’s heart as if the entire sky collapsed before her. All the fear that she had always felt since she saw Lucius surfaced in that instant! Just when Naiya couldn’t support her body and was about to fall to her knees under this pressure.
“Sorry, Your Highness, I slightly lost in thought.”
Lucius took out a cloth, and after enveloping the painting, he put it into his storage space, leaving no room for Naiya to respond.
“I’ve bothered you to be a model for so long, now Your Majesty, you can leave.”
Lucius gave the expulsion order in an icy tone.
Once again, Naiya was reminded of what kind of relationship she really had with Lucius.
She was not qualified to ask any questions to Lucius ……
Even though she knew that the reality was like this, bitterness still spread inside Naiya’s heart.
Without asking more questions, Naiya left in silence.
After Naiya left, Lucius again silently brush or outline the royal highness’s body.
Lucius has had enough of this remorseful memory ……
The feeling that death cannot be undone, Lucius has had enough!
Soon…. Soon!
Soon, we will be able to meet again.
This reminded Lucius that he could no longer slow down, and he needed to speed up the speed of the world’s extinction.
In the picture drawn with this killing intent, Naiya stood on the battlefield with her sword, stepping on the corpses of the ignorant challengers, the sky was dyed blood red, and the figure of Her Majesty seemingly jumped out on the paper.
This kind of scenery is not far away.
Tomorrow is Naiya’s enthronement ceremony!
Eventually, this royal highness will step on the bones of ten thousand people to walk up to the king’s holy temple.
And what Lucius has to do is just to ensure the continuation of all these events.
Lucius stood up in front of the easel and walked to the window. Through this window, he looked at the buildings in the palace…
Calm and peaceful.
The things that humans have always sought, to have a peaceful life, to find their loved ones, to form a family, to have peace and quiet retirement.
What a simple pursuit.
Once upon a time, Lucius’s pursuit was the same. After making enough money from painting, he bought a small house in a peaceful village in Western Europe. He spent his life steadily with his sister. Lucius even promised his sister several times that this wish will definitely come true!
But … the desire of man knows no bounds.
Anyone, no matter who, when they get something, they want something better … this desire, there is no end, non-stop plunder, non-stop deprivation, never know how to stop, never know what the word contentment means.
They could already own what they need, but still, they pursued something better, what they could not get, they snatched it from others!
This is the rule that no one could violate. To live is is to climb higher, a chance to step on more people underfoot.
No one wants to be bound by the rules.
The young Lucius did not kill anyone. Even if he had a gun in his hands, Lucius did not kill anyone. He still kept his patience and emotion until that moment came, which made him despair and completely shattered all his reasoning.
That day, Lucius realized that mercy turned out to be something so worthless in front of humans!
What about your own compassion?
What about your own compassion for humans?
How much is it worth?
It is estimated that even if it becomes valued as a physical object and thrown on the street, it will be ignored, stepped on by others, and thrown into the trash.
That day, Lucius really understood, as a creature called a vampire, the rules to survive in this world …
First of all was to show no mercy to any living person… because, in their eyes, your own lives are also worthless!
Memories, this painting outlined too many memories of Lucius, in addition to the only memories that could make his cold hearts feel warm.
So, that night Lucius learned how to kill…
Lucius still clearly remembered the knife in his hand, running through the so-called priests who were lustful and were deceived by his childish appearance, revealing disgusting parts of their body…
Recalling such a memory made his killing intent that was initially been kept deep inside his heart to be unleashed.
He did not suppress it, and there was no need to.
Because today … Lucius must once again put his blade against the necks of those humans …
“The guard force of the central city ……”
Lucius closed his eyes and tumbled into the memory of the river of death.
When Lucius closed his eyes and plunged into darkness, the resentment of a large number of souls rushed towards Lucius overwhelmingly.
But after he gave a cold snort, they all walked back in fear. 
Lucius read the memories of the humans that he had killed in Central City after coming to this world.
The central capital was the place where everything in the world converged, where there was the largest population and also the strongest people.
The guard force of the central capital was also the strongest in this world.

Lucius did not dare to underestimate the technological power of this world, although he has not seen those so-called orbital cannons and other alchemical high-tech products. But from the battle of buried Golden City, it can be seen that the power of the strategic weapons used in this world to attack or defend the city could never be underestimated.
Comfortable humans without a sense of crisis are the easiest to kill because they were not ready to meet death, not yet come up with enough courage to meet death.
Unarmed and panic, as if a group of lambs walked straight to the slaughter.
Now this group of humans was in this state!
So, what Lucius wanted to do was to disarm them so that they do not even have the power to resist when the disaster came.
Tomorrow is the day when everything comes down.
And today, Lucius will personally perfect this immaculate plan!
A small booklet appeared in Lucius’s hand.
These are the relics left by the group of dark dragon pupils who died for their country.
Not only were there all kinds of wanted criminals recorded on it, but almost all of them had red crosses on their heads, but on the first side of this booklet, it was not those wanted criminals, but the important ministers in the central capital who controlled all kinds of resources and are second only to the emperor.
If they knew that they were on the emperor’s ‘book of life and death’ from the day they took office, I wonder how they would feel.
The emperor’s laws were strict enough to make people tremble. Their lives were tied to the empire from the time they took control of those resources. If they committed some unforgivable crimes, then the Dark Dragon’s pupil will personally clean up these sinners.
Today, the Dark Dragon’s pupil has been completely destroyed. The name of this organization also disappeared in history, not many people remember.
However, this information has provided a lot of convenience to Lucius.
For Lucius, if any of them were still alive, it would have been an obstacle to his plans.
An empire does not run on just one emperor. They are the most important parts to keep this empire running properly.
Lucius wanted to crush these parts and then let the empire, and even the world, fell apart.
This is a decapitation plan. Likewise, this is also a one-sided massacre.
The Yama Devil Blade was quietly sheathed in Lucius’s hand.
Lucius’s figure also turned into a shadow, hidden in the darkness.
As the head of the resident guard of the central capital, Alphonse was usually responsible for the maintenance of the magic cannons and crossbows above the city wall.
Most of them were very expensive alchemical equipment. Expensive also means that they are powerful.
But many people thought that these equipment were unnecessary ……
Because in the world where the empire unifies the world, who would risk their lives to attack the central capital?
This is the center of the world ……
So the city-breaking artillery and magic-guided artillery owned by the army were just furnishing at this point.
After all, no one even believed that anyone would presume to break through the central capital, a city with walls as high as 50 meters and magnificent to make people tremble.
It is said that the job for the knights was eating and drinking all day long. Alphonse had no excuse. They were right. The job as a guard was really lax.
And thus, it was a job with no future and no way out, and as a new knight, before they were even able to enlist, they must work in this knight order for a period of time, where even the rookies did not look up to, Alphonse as the head of the knight also felt dissatisfied by this fact.
But he had no choice because this was the emperor’s order. As an honorable knight, the implementation of this order was a necessary thing.
Just as he routinely guarded around the long walls above, watching those wailing newcomers knights, where they sluggishly maintained the insignificant part of the city’s defense facility.
The sense of danger of a battlefield that he had not felt for ages suddenly pierced his heart!
Alphonse subconsciously raised his hand, and he could feel the sharp pain on his wrist!
His raised arm was split in two by something sharp in an instant!
Alphonse widened his brown pupils and looked around to find the culprit who caused all this.
“Yo…human ……”
A dark red mist surrounded him. He readied his blade, and then he looks downward at the source of that voice, who once again said: “Before you die, do you need to pray to your gods?”

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